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"There's too much going on here; you're evil, you're asthmatic, you're a robot. And why the cape? Are we going to the opera? I don't think so. ..."

Just got back from Costume College!
I'm still kinda running a bit ragged, so if you need something from me, please be patient. It's probably going to take me a week or so to catch up.

Re: Costume College I had a really great time and I'm looking forward to going back next year. Of course now I have like 50 historical dresses I want to make... everyone's dresses were SO AMAZING, I was constantly in state of envy. :D :D I had a lot of fun hanging out with people, too. Some of you I met last year and then I got to know you a bit better online and then getting to see you more this year was really great. :) :) I learned a lot in the classes (I made neat angelina-fiber fairy wings and half an Elizabethan corset)... and had a lot of fun.
If you're interested in historical costuming, you really should try Costume College! :)
Here's a couple quick photos. :)

bauhausfrau and twjudy at the Gala

One of the many gorgeous dresses over the weekend (and so many Victorian and 18th Century! My favorites!)

Judy and I had a few of our costumes in the exhibit. That was pretty exciting. :D

Kay, I'm going to go read some rose books and take a bath now and do a great deal of sleeping. <3
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Hey Folks! Back in town but not caught up yet. Here's a quick snapshot of my work-in-progress 18th century zone-front gown from Burnley and Trowbridge's "“Quarter Back…Folded Front or Drawstring” An 18th century Gown of the Last Quarter" class.

What you see below is about 2 1/2 days' work,... starting from a pile of fabric. It's all handsewn! The gown still needs the rest of it's skirt, sleeves, petticoat and trim... and has a good deal of stitching left on it, but at least you can see how well the bodice is fit to my stays (corset) and can imagine how nice the final gown will look, right? :) The basic shape will look like this gown when it's done.

Fitting the bodice and sleeves (which we completed) is the hardest part to do (impossible) to do by yourself. So I'm really happy to have this done. Another weekend of work and I'll probably be done with it,... but not sure when I'll have time with Fanime next weekend and all.

My rough idea for the completion of it is a matching fabric petticoat, self-fabric buttons down the front of the bodice,... and am debating doing a self (frayed) gathered trim to show off the bright colors of the threads in the weave of the fabric... and maybe layer that trim with a dark metallic lace if I can find one.

It was a really really interesting class. The teacher, Janea Whitacre, taught us to drape (from scratch... no patterns) on each other to make our own gowns according to our taste and our body shape. And she taught us how to do this and finish the gowns in the historical way (ie construction like they did back then, hand stitching like they did, etc...) She brought a couple exact reproduction gowns to the class, too. It was really interesting to see the different methods of putting things together... and know that modification and mistakes were made back then, too... so we, as modern seamstresses can make mistakes and alter things..., and still be "historically correct"... knock this up in the "Call it battle damage" category of costume problem solving.
We learned A LOT and I'm gradually getting more comfortable with draping on the body from scratch. It's really just too bad that I can't drape -myself- without a second pair of hands.

Judy did a sherbet-colored stripe with a buttery yellow solid contrasting zone-front gown. She did the classic quarter-back style and I did mine en fourreau (where the back is cut as one solid piece and pleated to shape to the body).
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I got some changeable silk taffeta downtown today. (You can see it below.) It's teal shot with fuchsia! It's going to be for my zone-front anglaise 18th century gown class that I'm taking with Judy. I guess it'll look like a mermaid gown! (or something!) My criteria for the color was that I basically didn't want to get pink (because I'm making two other pink gowns) and Judy thinks I look good in teal.
Check out the weird Japanese candy I got at Marukai... I think it's gummy candy that you make yourself and dye. I was suckered in by the rainbow packaging.

Here's a few full-bloom sakura that I saw near San Pedro street. I actually parked just to get a photo of them. :)

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I had a blast at Gallifrey Doctor Who Convention! Sadly I've been threatening to get sick for the past week so my energy level was kinda low, so no 4 am Lobbycon for me. Kinda sad about that actually. I feel like an old woman. This week I plan to sleep a lot and read bad novels.
<3 I got to touch the real "wee beastie" Doctor coat fabric, played with OOD and saw the cheerleaders of Rassilon. Huge thanks to everyone who hung out, went to my panels, bought my art, listened to my bad karaoke and were generally awesome.

NOTE: am behind on things... if there's something important email me again.
But here, have a couple pics for now!

(I swear, I'm going to adopt you girls. <3 )

Crisso (as Rose), Mitch (the Doctor), me (Pompadour) and Judy (clockwork droid, not seen here) did a skit to Annie Lennox' Broken Glass. All of us have had a pretty busy/harsh month, so we didn't have as much time to prepare, make props or rehearse as we would have liked. We had fun though and did NOT fall off the stage or on each other, so I consider that success. <3

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I spent the morning pulling some very stubborn weeds. But it was nice. The weather's really pretty right now and an occasional breeze would blow by. I got a replacement Sombreuil rose for the one I dropped a rock on (lol). I put the poor baby that I half-killed more towards the back with a little tag sticking up and some rocks around it. It rather looks like a grave. Everyone tells me it will probably live though. We shall see! It's replacement is a rather large fellow from David Austin (same rose) with LOTS OF THORNS. Ah, Sombreuil, you will wound me this summer, won't you?

I spent the rest of the day watching Twelve Kingdoms and Battlestar Gallactica while working on my Madame de Pompadour dress. I had to take out a lot of stitches and then restitch in order to make the back a bit more comfy. Added the lace into the collar area and double checked the side pleats... so... I think the next time I work on it, I can put in the sleeves and the lining,... which really makes it start to feel like a dress! Still have to draft the sleeve cuffs, get some fabric for the bows and work on the wig and choker.

Today, second attempt at making mom's yeast bread! This time I leveled up and did cinnamon rolls. (+50 housewife points!) My mistake last time was not letting the yeast rise twice. These things are SO YUMMY you guys.

Today was "useless craft day" so Crisso, Michelle, TrueMee and Jocelyn came over. Besides the cinnamon rolls, I made cucumber sandwiches, guacamole, Michelle made punch, Jocelyn made brownies and pirate tea,... lots of good food and drinks! While we consumed we played with making clear resin charms (filled with glitter and stickers). We'll see how the charms turn out once they cure. Basically you put down a layer of clear resin, put stuff in it, and then put more resin on top. Very pleasing. It's a long cure resin, too, so it doesn't get hot or have strong fumes.
Also made big paper pompoms and prize ribbons. Very relaxing girly day.

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it's getting there!
I'm not wearing my corset cause I did this too late in the evening to be bothered with that,... so it'll fit better once I do that. Plus it's not tacked into the lining yet, at all. (it's just my hand on my hip holding the fabric down)

Though, I'm frustrated at how it pulls/constricts my shoulders. It fits "fine"... I'd just like it to fit really well. Since I've only made one gown like this before, I don't know if it's user error, pattern error, if that's just the way these gowns are. (I mean everyone does joke about t-rex arms). ... It seems to me like maybe my back piece needs to be extended. Unfortunately I don't have a local friend to drape with and my dummy really needs to be padded out, too.
The fabric is a bit fragile and frays easily... I'm going to have to be careful with it.

bah, not feeling very elegant and courtly at the moment, but I'll share it with you anyway.
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I actually got a decent amount of progress done today on Madame de Pompadour since today was a holiday (though not sure if it really counts as a holiday since I went to work yesterday...) For those curious, I had previously done all the undergarments for Lia, and had bought the fabric a long time ago... but I didn't start cutting or sewing on the actual dress until today. Sooooo,... today I tea-dyed some lace, made the stomacher and cut out all the gown and petticoat pieces (except the sleeve cuffs since I'm going to have to wing those from scratch...) ~~~~~ I think it's probably going to take me a couple more days and then I'll be done. But I may not have time for a bit to work on her again. We'll see.

anyway, tada! The stomacher! (minus the bows!)
I still have to find some striped white and blue fabric for the bows. (GRR!) But after the bows are on, the center seam on the lace won't really show. The larger lace is the same lace I'm using on the sleeve flounces, I had -just- enough to cover the stomacher, too. The smaller lace layered on top will be around the neck opening, too.

OMAKE, Youta making kitty bread out of Edward's face.
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I'm trying to do much better about spending for the rest of the year. I love this simple Innocent World JSK though (been staring at it for months...) and I would totally wear it as a "normal" dress. And it's on sale. :( I based This dress on it... and I love this pale pink KidsYOYO coat... but it's rarely ever wintery here. (it's 65 degrees F today.)
SO ... I don't need the IW dress or another winter coat, right? RIGHT?

I need to sell some stuff regardless. On the cutting list:
my sunlight Super Dollfie 13 boy, some of my Momoko 1/6,
some size 11 lolita shoes, AP Macaron skirt in black, my hot pink BABY snow dot ribbon JSK, pink BABY usakumya furry headdress, my handmade AP white replica JSK, my handmade cupcake skirt, my handmade alice pink fabric skirt, my pink Utena costume, my Miwako costume,

anyway, here's my Madame de Pompadour fabric and flounce lace:
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You guys, where can I get some non-scratchy wide lace to use for the sleeve flounces on an 18th century gown? I hate the stuff I used for my Lia red gown and I want something softer for my Madame de Pompadour. Doesn't have to be a perfect match, but something pretty and soft. I'll probably need to go downtown at some point, but I thought I'd look online first if you guys have any suggestions.

RE: MARKER TUTORIAL. I found my FLIP camera, so I guess I can put it on my gorillapod? (... hmm... wonder where I put that...) so when I'm not all sarsy anymore, I'll do that!

Still dizzy, but I'm feeling better and my brain is functioning, which is nice. I hate feeling useless! For a few days there I couldn't concentrate, read or draw, which is pretty irritating. Anyway, on the way up, I guess, thanks for the well wishes, you guys!
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Day 15, Commission for bauhausfrau in her fabulous 18th century pink pirate outfit. Tried to base the background on the loose paintings of that period... but the pale colors of the markers don't really scan that well! done in COPIC markers and white Prismacolor pencil. SAKURA micron ink.
~ ~ Fave on DA

Click for Fullsize

Today kinda bites.
Besides that, I have a lot of stuff that needs to be done (besides work.) I wish I had time to sew some cute skirts right now. I have the cutest fabrics sitting around... but I can't see me having any time to sew at all until after New Years, and even then, my Madame de Pompadour gown has to come first.
So exhausted... not enough hours in the day and not enough sleep at night.

Accepting offers of cheer and macros.
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TODAY'S TEA: Harney & Son's Caribe

~ Dragonaut ~

Dragonaut V.1 comes out from Funimation today! I really like how the artist draws the chicks, frankly. They're very appealing.

completely unrelated ...
Thanks to jubilima, I ordered some Fugawee Martha shoes in bone (offwhite) with these goldish ribbon buckles. This is so I can have something passable as period shoes to wear with my 18th century dresses. I'd love to get some pink fabric ones eventually,... but bone will go with most of my dresses fine.

Zoidberg eating Morbo's giant ghost cake. (cake is from PORTOS of course.)
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My pink fabric came! (I want to make a Robe a l'anglaise with it..)
oh my... it's rather perfect.
I don't think it's too bright at all and I'll be adding hotpink ribbon flowers to it, I think. Unfortunately, I don't know when I'll have time and my Madame de Pompadour has to come first.
but... aaaah... this fabric fills me with glee!

Also hot pink,... still my toenails from my birthday pedicure! Wow! These are my new SAS sandals. You may scoff but they are the MOST COMFORTABLE THINGS EVER and they last forever. My last pair I had for at least 10 years.

While speaking of comfortable, if you want a super super soft soothing nightgown, I highly recommend Land's End. They never let me down. I was so relieved when I got my new one in the mail recently... it's like a cloud!

A few more cloud photos under the cut )
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TODAY'S TEA: Fortnum & Mason Earl Grey Classic (while eating raspberries in vanilla yogurt + granola)

1913 Un Loup En Cage - Costume de "Maya" par Worth
~ lamodeillustree

So what should I embroider on my tokko-fuku (long biker-gang jacket)? Mine is going to be hot pink. (duh). I'm thinking koi swimming upstream and cherry blossoms. :)
I'll probably get my Japanese friends to help me pic some characters to write/embroider on it later, but I don't have time for much right now. Still will be cool if I can do anything.
Hoping to wear it to this if I get it done in time.

Dude. it's a NINJA SONG.
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Costume College 2009 photos )
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Tennant and Stewart's Hamlet will be airing on PBS this spring! (click for more info from PBS)
RSC says: "Produced by Illuminations, the screen version of Shakespeare's great tragedy will retain the quality and tone of the critically acclaimed stage production but filming has taken place on location. All key original members of the cast have reprised their roles in this special 180 minute production, alongside the same creative team."

Some books I broke down and finally bought from amazon... To save money, I got some of them used. I'm particularly excited about the Ribbon Trim book. Elizabeth Reed recommended it in her Costume College class (which I greatly enjoyed.) It's funny,... I generally don't like doing tedious sewing-related tasks. But I like pleating and I like making ribbon trims and ribbon flowers.
Here's a couple sample trims I made during class:

... I must say, going to Costume College has me utterly ITCHING to make more 18th century gowns. I went so far as to obsess over some fabrics this morning wondering which I should make first (even though, CRAZYLADY, you already have some fabrics!!) More on this craziness later.

--- ARCADIA DOLLS ------
So I haven't bought any doll stuff in a long time (yay!), but I'd really like to get some of the Arcadia Dolls' Circus stuff. I'm a fan of their stuff, and I love this style.
My favorites are The Illusionist, the military inspired boy's outfit, this awesome girl's outfit, and the ballerina outfits. But, I seriously cannot afford to get all of those. I'm having a really hard time narrowing it down. I THINK I like the AC014 more than the ballerina girl one?? I already have a really cute tutu for my Yo, so you could argue, that I don't need one for my SD-sized? though it might be cute to have them matching.
and I wonder if the Illusionist one is too close to this 4d set I have for Edmond?.

Thought's please. :>
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am back from Costume College! (preview above... no more right now, sorry)
Judy and I had a GREAT TIME. So many beautiful gowns, I was in heaven! At times I felt like I was living in 18th century France... <3 Now I just want to make like 5 gowns. I learned a TON, everyone was really nice and I got to meet some folks from online that I admired! :D I'll post more about it later with photos, etc.

In the meantime, ...

progress on my Vampire Hunter D Sword

photo from shipperamy of me at my SDComicCon booth with tako-san. (Thanks, Amy!) Tako-san is a gift from AJ. I keep him as a cute-ness factor for the booth and moral support. Tako-san, truly, though, is a seiza chair (made to ease the stress off your knees when sitting seiza... which is fabulous because it's adorable, and I have bad knees.)
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Made some Lia progress today. The lining is now mostly attached and the gathered trim is done (at least for the dress itself.) The sleeves are pinked, but they're just pinned in place to see how they'll look for now. Wasn't sure about the lace, but Cheryll likes it... and I think I do, too.

Had dinner with Annie and Jinyo at Ye Olde Kings Head ... which is fabulous at the very least for being called Ye Olde. XD Lots of London nostalgia. Had a Newcy Brown and Shepherd's Pie and some type of custard pudding... plus great conversation. So yay!

I also got to stare at the ocean right at sunset, which is pretty much one of my favorite things in the world. I'd apparently temporarily forgotten how calming the ocean is for me.
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1913 Journal des Dames et des Modes Costume Parisiens "Costumes pour un ensemble" by Boutet deMonvel ~ from lamodeillustree

Random thoughts:
---- I'm going to Fanime, Anime Expo and ComicCon (as usual) but....

---- I'm going back to DragonCon this year. XD

---- I'm going back to Costume College, too. I love that it's featuring 18th century this year! I hope I can get into the Robe à la Française draping class... and hopefully some of the big-bouf-wig classes. That would be fun! (kinda wish I'd signed up for stomacher embroidery, but oh well...) Judy's going, too, and we're both going to the Gala (also 18th century themed). I'll probably wear my burgundy Robe à la Française with a different petti and stomacher.

---- left-over chicken korma is SO GOOD.

---- my scalloped pinking shears came! I ended up getting them on ebay, actually. Look for Fiskars 9791 Fabric Scallop Pinking Shears. Goodluck! I pinked and fraychecked my sleeves, dustruffle and maybe about 1/3 of the trim. Got some stray fraycheck marks though. I hope I can remove them later.

---- watched Orlando with Tilda Swinton. Boy... what a GORGEOUS movie. Makes me want to dress up in a white frockcoat with a boofy hat and go to Iiiindiiiaa. I wonder why the movie is so hard to find for sale?

---- ........ you know with all the book stuff and packing so that we can move, I really haven't had a break at all. I wonder when my brain will decide that enough is enough. ha.

---- all the paid-for garage sale stuff went out in the mail today! *WHEW!*
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I still have some things to add, and the gown isn't sewn to the lining yet... but yeay! it looks like a dress! No CUT FOR YOU.


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