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shamelessly stolen from orange_crushed

NOTE: you can vote on this issue here, maybe LJ will take note of people's concerns.
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Last night I had a belated birthday party at The Edison.
Mitch, Crisso and Derek had never been, and I hadn't been for a really long time. The evening turned out just absolutely lovely. It was nice to spend time with friends and wear pretty clothes in such a gorgeous location. I love my friends THIIIIIS MUCH.
I finally got to wear my Masquerade Theater JSK (which is inspired by Phantom of the Opera) and my new vintage fur stole I got at Coco.

Mitch got us a hotel downtown to make a mini-break out of it which was really fabulous. We haven't done something like that for a while. Then we spent this morning in Little Tokyo just goofing around. The weather has cooled down a bit this weekend and there's a delicious breeze. I even planted some irises yesterday morning because the weather was so nice. Anyway...
More photos later. <3 I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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So, I had a really cute conversation with my mom yesterday. My mom knows about all my geek hobbies and such and knows I have a website. She's able to send emails for a couple years now, but only a couple weeks ago figured out how to send an attachment.

She called me and was telling me about this man in South Carolina who made really cool topiary trees. (I think she was talking about Pearl Fryar) She was all, "He started just making topiaries because he liked it, and now he's on the WORLD WIDE WEB, Aimee!"
Me: "Mom. I'm on the World Wide Web."
Mom: "When you search for him on google he comes up! He has his own website!"
Me: "I have a website. Mom, why don't you try searching for me on google."
Mom: "... ok... I'm searching... AIMEE! You have 10,500 search results about you on google!" (note: actually 27,600 for my maiden name)
Me: "yeah, mom. I've been on the internet since um... 1994 or something and I do a lot of things."
Mom: " D: You're like sort-of famous or something!"
Me: "Yes, your daughter is on the World Wide Web."

(I thought it was also funny that being on the WWW and google was more impressive to her than the fact that there's been a documentary made about Pearl...) I love my mom.


Aug. 27th, 2010 08:35 am
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Hello daaahlings,

um... so, Mitch's cellphone, after being literally taped together for a year or so (both our cells are pretty old... mine has a dark corner for a year. haha.) well, his finally bit the bucket yesterday. He HAS to have a relatively advanced phone since all his reminders and schedules are on it. (He used to have a palm pilot back in the dark-ages. hurhur)

Point is, he got a DROID (droid 2 I think?)

I really like APPLE stuff, but my family uses Verizon, I hear bad things about AT&T's coverage... and Mitch is pretty set on the DROID.
Tell me that Mitch and I will be perfectly happy using DROIDs?
I want to look up constellations, I want to have a GOOD drawing app, I want to be able to post pictures directly to LJ, TW and FB from my phone, I want to have videos and mp3s synch from my iTunes program onto my phone. Is all of this sort of thing possible on the DROID, too? (I worry about stuff like this, which matters when you're drawing...)

aggggh... I hate even thinking of paying for a data plan. *____* But you can't get smart phones really anymore (like just for an organizer purpose) without getting a data plan.
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Last night I had a dream that Crisso and I were in this magical room that had magic spirits in it... kinda like in some of the Beauty and the Beast stories? You couldn't see them, and they couldn't talk to you, but you could talk to THEM and ask them to do things.
These spirits, their forte was creating beautiful gemstones, like for jewelry, but they could form them out of molten gems. So you and the spirit could converse about what color you wanted the gem to be, and how to shape the gem, and whether it had airbubbles in it an artistic way. It was a cool dream. I still remember the swirling molten gems.


Crisso and I went to Unique Vintage and I got this 40's-ish black dress and this retro 50's dot swimsuit. I actually haven't bought a swimsuit in like 8 years. MY GOD. This one was really cute though. I feel like I need to wear red lipstick and have a huge straw hat with it. haha.

I also bought this pattern the other day (Vogue 1162). In my stash I have an awesome teal Hawaiian scene fabric... so I'm going to do this dress up with that. The rose sleeves I'm going to do in white organza. I hope it'll look ok (style-wise) on me when I'm done. That's the trick in sewing your own clothes, right? You can't "try it on" to see if you like it. haha.
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Hey guys, so, I just don't need all of these (I had a box) so if anyone wants them? I opened the box/bags to see which each one was, but other than that they are brand new. $5 shipping, I can combine. I don't want to ship internationally, sorry, it's just too much trouble for a small item right now. PAYPAL ONLY.

All of these $3 each:
Nibbler (2) ONHOLD
Mom (2)

Sal $15 (he's going for about $30-$50 on ebay because he's a rare chaser)

SIDENOTE: I'll probably be putting up some ABJD doll items, some kimono items, some lolita items and a few other things, soon. HOUSE CLEANING TIME!
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some outfits from recently )

Some lovely early Kodachrome tests (thanks sarahbellum!)
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I'm so going here when I get time.
And I'll wear an awesome dress.
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I'll be attending and doing a panel at Mission Viejo 2010 Readers' Festival September 25! My panel will be at 3pm. If you can, come out! As usual, if you have one of my books, I'm more than happy to sign it for you and do a little sketch in it, and I welcome questions about Japan Ai, costuming or animation.

And just a reminder, I'll have 4 pieces in Sweet Streets 2. I'll be attending the opening party on Sept 11th. (6%dokidoki and lots of other awesome folks will be there as well.)

Make sure you watch Futurama tomorrow night! (Thurs) it's my second and last episode for this year! (There will be two more episodes I Assistant Directed next year.) I can't wait for you guys to see it. WATCH.
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My mom is a little computer challenged. This morning was her first time sending me photo attachments on her own.
" I wanted you to have photo of 3 generations of watering pots. The old one was your great grandfather's watering can. Next, the one you gave to me and the one I gave to you."

She just mailed me the watering can on the far right. She wanted it to look like the one I'd given her and the one her grandfather had. :) She took a photo of all three before mailing me mine (for my birthday.) But you know, the oldest one still looks pretty great, doesn't it.
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I made this dress from this Decades of Style 50's Diamond Dress pattern. My favorite part of the dress is the deep inset pockets at the waist. (The long zip front is pretty great, too.) I made it out of some Japanese chidori (plover) cotton fabric I'd been hoarding for a looooong time. I just BARELY had enough fabric to make the dress (like seriously, did not have an extra inch. KISMET.) I love chidori as a motif. It's usually seen as a late summer thing, so, very fitting right now, right?

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So thanks to some recommendations, Mitch took me on a date to Little India today (in Artesia). I really enjoyed it, even though I just took a relatively quick walkthrough. I'd like to go back and explore more later. But I got a really beautiful silk saree, some cheap blingee bracelets (that fit!) and some lovely mermaid-like teal shoes that ALSO fit. (Fellow nerds, isn't the saree a little Kendappa-o?)

My larger footed lady-loves, the store I went to for shoes is Miss India Fashion, 18375 Pioneer Blvd. I imagine there are other gems in the general area, too. The store owners were very helpful, too... and actually they had awesome shoes that go up several sizes larger than what I wore (!)

We also went to The India Restuarant (17824 Pioneer Blvd) and it was really good. (and we got some random Indian snacks to try at a grocery store). I really like exploring different things, so this was really fun for me. :)
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My mom says that Susie Brodie was a fine woman. She was related (a bit removed) to my grandfather on my mom's side.

Susie Brodie Peach Cobbler

1 cup sugar
1 cup self rising flour
1 egg
1/2 stick margarine melted

Beat egg and add to melted margarine
Mix sugar and flour
Add a little peach juice to make batter more creamy
Add 1 tsp vanilla

Mix all together and pour over 4 cans of light peaches in 9 x 13 pyrex dish
Cook 350 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes until brown but not real dry.
Serve with dollop of ice cream

And here's a couple awesome photos from my Dad's side of the family.
Bess was my Meemaw (my Dad's mother). She loved roses, camellias, hydrangeas, rhinestone jewelry, Hummels, Wheel of Fortune (and me). She tatted lace. Isn't her dress great?

Arizona Watenbarger Denton was Meemaw's mom. She got up a sunrise and milked the cows, got the chicken eggs, and started breakfast. They lived on the side of a mountain in the sticks of TN. She was still slinging chicken necks the week before she died at 85. I love that someone wrote that these plants were "her treasure".
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~ Please see my prev. post if you haven't already: SDCC and Labyrinth photos and Give me Hawaii tips!.

I'm going to pimp some sellers today!

~~ Free People has put up Rose's Boomtown Doctor Who Scarf - if it's not exactly the same, it's pretty darn close.

~~ QutieLand -
they do custom-sized lolita items. It takes a while and they're simply the go between between you and the seller. So quality varies from seller to seller. I've personally been happy with KidsYoyo and DearCeline. I've heard Surface Spell is really good, too. I don't like to buy direct replicas for obvious reasons, but there's a lot of other fun stuff on this site. I think it's particularly good for taller or curvier lolitas who need more options especially when it comes to coats and blouses (items that typically run very small in "Brand" items.) I got this KidsYoyo coat from them.

~~ Blasphemina's etsy and also her dress site.
~~ IamChubbyBunny Hello Kitty Headbows. :)
~~ MissMonster monsters and mythical creatures (accessories, clothing, etc.)

They do custom items to your size and their stuff is inspired by several different types of cultural dress... plus they just make items with beautiful style and flow to them.

Some of my favorite items from them:
Blue Lotus 2-in-1 dress
Red Pocket Long Skirt
Blue Cloud Long Skirt
A Perfect Indian Skirt Pants
Blue Cloud Scarf Vest (with Pockets)
Aegon Silk Chiffon Dress

Also on Etsy:
~~ Faerie Market has some gorgeous foresty plant scarves.
~~ Ayca has some interesting scarves and sweaters, too.
~~ magdalinen beautiful natural style floral necklaces and scarves.
~~ eoncreative really fun sushi and edamame pillows.
~~ Warm Country Meadows cute mini terrarium necklaces
~~ Swirlyhats Swirly doctor suess-esque hats for kids.
~~ ScrumptiousDelight adorable food stuffed animals and hats
~~ NervousSystem really interesting weblike necklaces and jewelry.


Aug. 12th, 2010 11:39 am
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After I finish up with Futurama this fall, Mitch and I wanted to take a vacation to Hawaii. Mitch has been before (a long time ago), but I've never been.

If anyone has suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

I'm mainly interested in doing some combination of the following:
~~~ sleeping
~~~ seeing active volcano flow from a safe distance without spending a ton of money (Big Island)
~~~~ eating fabulous food
~~~~ finding a mask that really feels like Hawaiian folk art (to add to my slowly growing mask collection... I still wish I'd gotten a bigger kitsune mask in Kyoto...)
~~~~ likewise, I'd like to look at some traditional Hawaiian textiles and jewelry.
~~~~ assisted hang-gliding?? (ie someone experienced takes me up. I don't have to learn. Not too dangerous??) I'd like to feel like flying without the noise of a small aircraft. But also don't want to DIE. :)
~~~~ Seeing really pretty waterfalls and views that don't require really strenuous hiking to get to.
~~~~ safe snorkling in a really pretty place. Extra points if you don't have to take an expensive boat to get there. (ie awesome snorkling right off the beach for free = epic. But I'm open to boat-access only stuff, too.)
~~~~ a non-crappy luau.
~~~~ nothing that involves serious physical activity, getting lost in the forest, falling off cliffs or being eaten by sharks.
~~~~ Not really interested in barren rock formations (ie stuff that looks like the Grand Canyon) because we have a lot of that here in California.
~~~~ I don't want to go to heavy touristy areas unless there's some really big reason to go there. But at the same time, if it's TOO rural, (ie no restaurants) that's not as great, either.

After a very quick look in some guidebooks I'm thinking that maybe spending a few days on Big Island to see the lava flow and maybe do a bit of sightseeing and shopping and then spending the rest of our time on Maui which supposedly has lots of easy to get to beautiful waterfalls on the Road to Hana... as well as easy beautiful snorkling (and pretty beaches). I've heard Kauai is really nice, too.


Aug. 11th, 2010 10:45 am
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For all you GLEE fans out there, with AJ's help, I made this "GLEEK" embroidery file.

Take it for free, share it with your friends, whatever, just don't charge people for it or make "for-sale" items with it.
One of my director's daughters really wanted this on her backpack for school so we made it.

Creative Commons License
Gleek Embroidery Logo by Aimee Steinberger is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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