Feb. 15th, 2010

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I spent the morning pulling some very stubborn weeds. But it was nice. The weather's really pretty right now and an occasional breeze would blow by. I got a replacement Sombreuil rose for the one I dropped a rock on (lol). I put the poor baby that I half-killed more towards the back with a little tag sticking up and some rocks around it. It rather looks like a grave. Everyone tells me it will probably live though. We shall see! It's replacement is a rather large fellow from David Austin (same rose) with LOTS OF THORNS. Ah, Sombreuil, you will wound me this summer, won't you?

I spent the rest of the day watching Twelve Kingdoms and Battlestar Gallactica while working on my Madame de Pompadour dress. I had to take out a lot of stitches and then restitch in order to make the back a bit more comfy. Added the lace into the collar area and double checked the side pleats... so... I think the next time I work on it, I can put in the sleeves and the lining,... which really makes it start to feel like a dress! Still have to draft the sleeve cuffs, get some fabric for the bows and work on the wig and choker.

Today, second attempt at making mom's yeast bread! This time I leveled up and did cinnamon rolls. (+50 housewife points!) My mistake last time was not letting the yeast rise twice. These things are SO YUMMY you guys.

Today was "useless craft day" so Crisso, Michelle, TrueMee and Jocelyn came over. Besides the cinnamon rolls, I made cucumber sandwiches, guacamole, Michelle made punch, Jocelyn made brownies and pirate tea,... lots of good food and drinks! While we consumed we played with making clear resin charms (filled with glitter and stickers). We'll see how the charms turn out once they cure. Basically you put down a layer of clear resin, put stuff in it, and then put more resin on top. Very pleasing. It's a long cure resin, too, so it doesn't get hot or have strong fumes.
Also made big paper pompoms and prize ribbons. Very relaxing girly day.


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