Jan. 18th, 2010

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a few fairy tale related questions for the ether today:

(1) does anyone know of any movies (or documentaries) that give a pretty good feeling of the actual culture around the time period Arabian Nights, Sinbad, Aladdin, etc...? It doesn't have to be a movie based on those tales, but just something that gives a feeling of that time and culture.

(2) If you were "the Beast" (from Beauty and the Beast the fairy tale) and you were originally human, and cursed to live as a beast for 100 years or something.... trapped in a castle... WOULD YOU:
(a) Try to live as human-like and civilized as you could given your limitations
(b) Screw it, live as a beast
(c) Try to live as a human most of the time, but go run in the forest as a beast periodically.


Teacups and cabinets under the cut )
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I actually got a decent amount of progress done today on Madame de Pompadour since today was a holiday (though not sure if it really counts as a holiday since I went to work yesterday...) For those curious, I had previously done all the undergarments for Lia, and had bought the fabric a long time ago... but I didn't start cutting or sewing on the actual dress until today. Sooooo,... today I tea-dyed some lace, made the stomacher and cut out all the gown and petticoat pieces (except the sleeve cuffs since I'm going to have to wing those from scratch...) ~~~~~ I think it's probably going to take me a couple more days and then I'll be done. But I may not have time for a bit to work on her again. We'll see.

anyway, tada! The stomacher! (minus the bows!)
I still have to find some striped white and blue fabric for the bows. (GRR!) But after the bows are on, the center seam on the lace won't really show. The larger lace is the same lace I'm using on the sleeve flounces, I had -just- enough to cover the stomacher, too. The smaller lace layered on top will be around the neck opening, too.

OMAKE, Youta making kitty bread out of Edward's face.


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