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SIDENOTE: Yesterday I finished two more pieces for my Kaguya-hime artshow... and I recorded some tutorials while I was doing that... so as soon as I have time to edit them, I'll put those up. But I'm not sure when I'll have time.
Haha.. maybe next month. Anyway, I am working on it for you guys!

Green Tea Sakura KitKat. SO DELICIOUS.

Pudding I ate before watching Iron Man 2 (YESSSSSS. I want to see it five more times, but I won't.)
What I wore for Michelle's birthday. :)
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I miss mister donut in Japan.
matcha cake donuts with choco frosting... frankie pies...

Last time I went (Spring 08 with my husband) the sakura were blooming down the street and we'd go to Mister Donut almost every morning before hopping on the subway to start our day.

photo from kuishinbomeow

Going to New People this weekend really reminded me of going shopping in Tokyo. It made me feel all nostalgic! I don't know when I'll have the time or money to go back to Tokyo, again... and I'm super grateful to live in California where I have access to so much stuff...
but Mister Donut, can you feel my love from across the ocean?
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so, lately I really like cucumbers. It's great for hot weather like this. It was 103 degrees F this week! Also, I always think of kappa when I eat them. (They are one of my favorite weird mythical creatures... "Kappa may even befriend human beings in exchange for gifts and offerings, especially cucumbers." Well of course, cause cucumbers are awesome!
I started small with cucumber sandwiches thanks to Judy. It's pretty hard to screw those up. :D (You just soak the cucumber slices in white vinegar and sugar for a bit, and then put them with mayo on white bread.)
cucumber sandwich @

But Senka Cafe in Little Tokyo puts cucumber slices on their egg salad sandwiches. (SO GOOD!) So I thought I'd try. My sandwich looks pretty good... but it's missing some flavor. I'm not sure what I should try to add next time? (suggestions welcome!)
Mine is basically 4 boiled eggs + 2 tablespoons mayo + 2 tsp sweet relish + some salt and pepper. Then I put that on some lettuce and cucumber slices on bread. I don't like celery or onions really (I know, weird.)
egg salad sandwich @
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I was feeling nostalgia for our London trip and needed some chicken korma. <3
Mitch took me to Tandoori Grill. We tried the lamb naan and Old Monk Indian beer tonight, too... both were great. I like a strong flavored beer. I love the sauce on their korma so much that I get extra rice to make sure I use up all the sauce. XD

Wore my Queen union jack shirt with my regimental stripe Metamorphose skirt. The boots are from Sheik, which has pretty affordable trendy shoes in my size! <3 (size 11) (thanks TrueMee!)
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Made some Lia progress today. The lining is now mostly attached and the gathered trim is done (at least for the dress itself.) The sleeves are pinked, but they're just pinned in place to see how they'll look for now. Wasn't sure about the lace, but Cheryll likes it... and I think I do, too.

Had dinner with Annie and Jinyo at Ye Olde Kings Head ... which is fabulous at the very least for being called Ye Olde. XD Lots of London nostalgia. Had a Newcy Brown and Shepherd's Pie and some type of custard pudding... plus great conversation. So yay!

I also got to stare at the ocean right at sunset, which is pretty much one of my favorite things in the world. I'd apparently temporarily forgotten how calming the ocean is for me.


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