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Day 25, advent art-wise... that's all you're getting from me for now, folks! Gotta spend time with my various families. :) Hope you enjoyed all the art!

homemade red velvet cake, yeast rolls, and icebox cake...

me, my mom and my brother

Merry Christmas!
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DAY 24
Happy Christmas Eve everyone!
I wanted to make a drawing for Tony for Christmas, so I did this. (though I probably should have drawn Tony himself on trapeze!)
on DA
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good christmas movies?

suggestions that are good clean fun for the whole family please!
Classics welcome, regardless must be out on dvd/netflix
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TODAY'S TEA: Houji-Genmaicha from Den's Tea

Some Etsy sellers I've bought cute stuff from lately...! ------------
adorapop - lovely romantic jewelry
cottonblue and beautifulwork - adorable Japanese fabrics
stitchduchess - cute and clever crosstitch designs.
woollyduck - felted sweets
kristaface - cute sparkly resin jewelry

thanks for the sugarcookie snowflakes guys! You guys are adorable. <3

Some photos from this week,:

It's been really cold this week (for Southern California...!) I was shocked to see ice on my sidewalk and snow on the surrounding mountains! Luckily our heater got fixed. Either way I'm enjoying wearing my jackets. WOOT.

Here's my current desk. To the left (what you can't see) is a traditional animation desk. We don't use that -too- much anymore, but we still use it.
On my desk (shown) A few rement, some of those cute kidrobot Futurama figures, a karaoke bunny, Lilo and Stitch paper holder... ... my stuffed sakura tofu (the big square thing with legs and a smile. :) )... he has a squishy fake bread on his head. a bunch of tea... and lots of model sheets.
I do my drawings on the cintiq you can see on the right there. I tend to put reference pictures on the left monitor. My desktop backgrounds are Doctor Who and Sugar Sugar Rune.
Started thumbnailing storyboards for my second season 6 Futurama show. Thumbnailing tends to melt my brain,... but it's really fun, too. I can already tell I'm going to have fun with the acting in my sequences... now if I can just get those shots right!

Here's a pic from my tree this year. Noble Fir is my favorite. This little angel is from my grandma's tree. And then, being the animation dork that I have, a good 60% of the rest of the ornaments on my tree are Disney ornaments. my Lilo and Stitch one... and the whole tree itself. I ran out of ornament hooks so I didn't put my red ball ornaments on... I might leave them off. The white look is pretty.
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please see previous post for new artwork.

Show me your Christmas Decor this year! :)
Or show me links to your favorite Christmas decor (photos or blogs welcome!)

Me... I want to decorate my house with more stuff but I don't want to spend a ton of money... so I think I'm going to go the ELF route. We'll see...
Some Tutorials:
Paper Pom Poms
3d Paper Star/snowflake
simple paper snowflakes
Paper Ornaments
folding German Paper stars
Glitter Snowflakes
more crafty ornaments
Making an elf entrance

I'll leave you with some pretty awesome animation from Gobelins.
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what I did today:

(err... Happy Thanksgiving...?)
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Elves and Creepers! )
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Some teas I got some samples of (they should be coming soon from Harney and Sons):
Fanciest Formosa Oolong
White Christmas Tea
Earl Grey Supreme
Vanilla Black
Chinese Flower
... and then I got a tin of Paris cause I liked it so much. :)
(Jocey, you're going to have to come over again sometime and sample teas!)

also, this Japanese froufrou interior store makes my head explode. If this was a store down the street, I'd be in serious trouble.

Just remembering what I was doing last Christmas/New Years... seems like it would be hard to beat, but I'm really looking forward to spending the holidays home this year. My family is flying out for the first time in a long time... and I'll have a house to decorate. This means a huge deal to me. I'm getting all verklempt just thinking about it. It was actually cold enough today to wear a sweatshirt AND a hat, people.
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For Julie:

It's Christmas!! YAY!
... word to elves in training, fleece is on sale at Joann's...! Mitch has agreed repeatedly to yellow tights, which is part of the reason why I love him. I am filled with GLEE.

A pretty plant that Mitch got me! He surprised me by showing up at work with it last week. I have no idea what it is, though!

I got my bareroot roses in the mail, but one of the branches cracked a bit, so I pulled this rose off. It's "The Prince". I really need to plant them, but I haven't had time. Saturday, for SURE.
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It took 5 hours to buy cellular shades at Lowe's. 4 out of the 5 hours were spent with the lady inputting things into the computer while I spun in a circle and tried not to be rude. EPIC.

I did buy some bubble lights though, cause this year I'm going to have a TREE. TREEEEEEEEE. Cause you know, now that Halloween's over, it's NOW MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR. CHRISTMAS/NEWYEARSTIME, BABY.
(would you believe, Mitch has never seen bubble lights before? I think perhaps his childhood might have been slighted... slightly...)

Mitch dug a BIG HOLE for my camellia this morning. This involved violent use of a pick-axe because the ground had so much clay and stones. I sat and sipped soda and "supervised". (truth be told, I think he enjoyed it on some level. lol.)
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- tea rules.

After playing with a lot of mixes from Adagio teas, I made a blend that reminds me of the Japan Ai book trip. It definitely has a green tea taste, but it's light and the mandarin and vanilla oolong give it sweetness. :) Plus oolong always gives me nostalgia. Maybe you'd like to try it?

- work is going well and I am slightly ahead of my BattlePlantm. This week I'm going to kick ass! RAR!

- I got out my one Christmas decoration for this year. A ceramic Christmas tree that we had at my house growing up. So it reminds me of family. I'll always love this little thing! People don't understand my love for the ceramic tree! :>

NOTE: This year I'm not sending out Christmas cards.
Thanks for your understanding! I'll send some cool ones next year.

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still love my plaid skirt. (fishface, fishface!)

so... is anyone else a fan of "The Snake the Cross the Crown" group? I really like their folk-bluegrass-rock sound. I'd never heard of them before and I'm not really sure how I found them, honestly,... but I love their WHOLE album, Cotton Teeth. My favorites are "Cakewalk", "Behold the River", "Hey Jim" and "A Brief Intermission"..... Apparently their previous albums were really more indie/alt rock and all of the sudden they really wanted to change their sound. I get the feeling listening to Cotton Teeth that they were really inspired. It feels GOOD.
They're on heavy rotation for me right now with Vampire Weekend.

I'm a huge fan of Zoolander, right? I saw a mini-hansel today.

also, Christmas is in full swing apparently.


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