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Oshogatsu Little Tokyo 2010 )

New Years

Dec. 31st, 2009 05:17 pm
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2009 Costume Year End Review here
Happy New Year Oiran drawing

Tomorrow I'm going to be in Little Tokyo for Oshogatsu.

I always have these romantic notions of staying up to watch the sunrise on New Years (click to watch on youtube), maybe someday I'll actually do it, but I like sleep too much, and I'd pay too dearly for it this week. But I'll leave this picture here,... and dream of wearing froufrou things with friends and watching the sunrise. We'll do this one day, my friends.

More New Years Thoughts Under the Cut )
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Rose Tyler - The Stolen Earth )

WELL. IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN. I know I'm not going to have time to complete any more costumes this year,... so here's the Year End Review.

Le Chevalier D'eon,Blade of the Immortal, Gurren Lagann, Firefly
Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, Disco Doctor Who, Bosozoku Aimee and Circus, Wolverine
Black Butler Sebastian and Circus vr, Rose Doomsday and Updated 10th Doctor, Rose Stolen Earth, Kitsune.


- overall I had a lot of fun this year even though I didn't do a ton of complex costumes. I think perhaps the highlights for me was Costume College with Judy (pretending to be fancy 18th century ladies), dressing up in Sleeping Beauty and going to the Atlanta Aquarium, seeing how happy Mitch was in his Kamina costume, and scaring the minds of Doctor Who fans everywhere with a sequin-covered TARDIS that dances.

- Used a crapload of rhinestones to make my first fancy Disney Princess Dress.
- made a bright purple jumpsuit O_O
- put my husband in a confetti dot see-through shirt and convinced my coworker to moonwalk as a TARDIS
- didn't compete at all this year and only performed in one masquerade as a lark.
- went to Costume College for the first time in a long time, really enjoyed it. Decided I wanted to do more historical
- finally wore my bosozoku unicorn wig.


- didn't do ANYTHING for Halloween.
- really really meant to do my ELF costumes this year. Bought all the stuff, did the muslin, made the hat. Didn't finish.
- did a TON OF WORK on my Vampire Hunter D costume that I'm really proud of. I learned a lot. But got overbusy and put it off. This year, for sure. I don't actually have that much left to do on it.
- meant to make my Doctor Who Madame de Pompadour costume for Dragoncon, but there was just -no way-. I'll have it done by Gallifrey.
- meant to drape my own Robe a la francaise pattern... but I need someone to partner with, so I haven't done it yet.
- meant to make Mitch a Prince Philip costume and/or Phantom of the Opera.
- really want to get more photoshoots with Doctor Who, Sleeping Beauty and Chevalier.
- lots of other stuff. :P
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Fave on DA Oiran New Year (larger under the cut) )
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I'm really happy that this year I'll get to go to Oshogatsu (Happy New Year) in Little Tokyo this year. Come out on New Years Day!

There will be:
Taiko drum and Koto performance
Caligraphy Demostration on Japanese Kites
Japanese Swordmanship Show
Japanese Folk Singing & Dancing
Mochitsuki (pounding of sweet rice)
Origami demo, Kite Making, etc.

Also the LA Kimono club will be there and will be doing a Miss Kimono LA contest. The contest sign up is 11 am, and most of the Little Tokyo celebrations start at noon. I'll be there to support kimono club in furisode ( probably this blue sakura one...) and I'm hoping to dress up one of my friends in furisode, too.

Kimono group photo session will be at Noguchi Plaza in JACCC before 1pm.
La Kimono Club Oshogatsu info.
Little Tokyo Oshogatsu info

DRAWING FOR TODAY, Thumbelina (~ on DA)
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slightly belated Happy New Year to all my Chinese buddies! (yes, it's a cow. sorry! XD)

Yesterday work was going well and it was a beautiful day, so I went outside for lunch and had a hotdog and a Beard Papa by the fountain. (I've been really good at the gym this month, so it doesn't count, right?)
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Thanks for the awesome year, you guys. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I'll be out of town till Jan 4th.
I included some steps for making this one in the cut if you want. :)

Larger image and work progression under the cut )
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thought stolen from animeangel.
I'm doing this writeup now, because I'm pretty sure that I won't be COMPLETING any more costumes before next year. Though I'll be starting my 18th century undergarments and Lia from Chevalier soon.

So... I'm pretty happy with my cosplay from this past year! My only major costumes were Medicine Seller, Saionji and my steampunk... all three of those I'm really happy with. I did more than last year but I didn't get burnt out.

--- Ayame from Fruits Basket.
I love him and had been meaning to do this for a while! I will probably rewear it some next year.
--- The Medicine Seller from Mononoke
The moment I saw this character I was totally enamored. <3 <3
--- Saionji from Revolutionary Girl Utena
Made pretty much entirely to take kissy-kissy photos with AJ and Judy. I'm really happy with how this costume turned out.
--- Risa from Lovely Complex
I adore Love*Com,... I relate to Risa so much! Imagine my joy when Cheryll said she loved it, too!
--- The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler from the Idiot's Lantern episode of Doctor Who
all bought except my dress. AJ and Judy got me hooked on Doctor Who and it was downhill from there.
--- Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood --- YEAY (again, mostly bought)
--- Spartan from 300
This was my present to Mitch last year, he really really wanted to be a Spartan. I didn't make anything but the cape. :)
--- Mme. Cardea - Original Steampunk / Doctor Who costume
um... YEAY. :D My first Victorian. I'm really happy with how it turned out.
--- Rose Tyler from The Impossible Planet episode of Doctor Who - all bought items. :)
--- Captain Hammer's Bitch - Dr. Horrible --- THESE ARE NOT THE HAMMER
--- Christine from Phantom of the Opera
This is kinda ghetto, all leftovers from other costumes. One day I'll remake it.
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Mitch and I have been married for 6 years, today! :) I'm very grateful.

the lovely Lindze has a lot of new stuff in her shop. She sells adorable character-based hats, and now super cute hoodies and more. Check out her site:

Had a charming time with Char and company at Oiwake last night (for the fabulous Char's birthday). Thanks to those of you who came, it was lots of fun. I haven't done karaoke in a while. :)
Oscar is staying with me for a couple days, too. Yeay! I plan to have a pretty laid-back/lazy New Years Eve. I'm burning pumpkin candles and wearing sweatshirts.

New Years day I'm going to attempt to dress in furisode again and go to Little Tokyo in the morning for the LA Kimono club and my sensei Mme. Akutagawa.

I'll leave you with some pretty art sites------------------
--- Really interesting illustrations! Lovely ladies with blushed cheeks! Seiko Ohmori
--- Kumi Ito's Fantasy World (traditional Japanese based art... but super cute
--- Otome No Bara Community has been posting some great retro Japanese maiden art.

... mostly unrelated, but this Meta casual outfit ... I would so wear this!.
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Tristen Citrine's site is back
! It looks great!

photos from this weekend:
When we make curry, we make A LOT OF CURRY. The little pancakes are Dorayaki, which are very easy to make!

and then me in furisode. It's my first try, and the obi was extraordinarly hard for me to do, on my own, on my back. *_*
more pictures in furisode:
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----- :D I made this for AJ for christmas.

Also, AJ is marching in the Pasadena RoseBowl Parade tomorrow...
AS A STORMTROOPER! XD Other lovely friends are going to be on the floats too!

----- sooo... Mitch and I went back to this store called En and bought two kiri tansu ((isho-dansu) kimono dressers made out of kiri wood). I really like the drawers on these things! They'll come this Friday. They weren't super expensive, and I've been wanting to do something like this for a very long time. We are not those who redecorate very often, so for me this is big treat! :)
---- And extra fun is that I guess you can say that these tansu are an anniversary-item since we got them on our 5th anniversary! We got some chinese chests on our honeymoon, so I dunno, seems fitting!

----- One of the main things I got from my Mommy Vi when she died was a beautiful painted screen with geese on it. It always hung in their dining room, and I have such lovely memories of sitting in that room for Christmas every year with the whole family. I'm really not sure whether it's Chinese or Japanese, (I think she and Big Low bought it on one of their trips) but this past year we put it on the wall in our bedroom. It's really lovely with muted taupey tones. So I'm going to redo the bedroom around this painting, basically.

----- I'm debating whether I should try to maybe make a new comforter in indigo? (see this example) (I could attempt to do some resist dieing? it doesnt seem very hard at all.) It seems like indigo and tan would look really nice together. Then I could get old woodblock prints (for cheap on ebay) with blue accents in them.

----- After that we went to The Raymond in Pasadena for our 5th anniversary dinner. It was absolutely lovely.

----- Tomorrow I'm going to attempt wearing furisode for the first time and go to Little Tokyo for the New Year's day celebrations! :)

----- tonight I'm going to attempting making soba again, and maybe some curry and other assorted foods. (also Chocolate Chip Cookies!)
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1. Loose weight
2. Drink Less
3. continue learning to sew better
4. Start to learn animation controls in Maya (have pretty much mastered basic modeling)
5. Maybe start learning Japanese (long shot)
6. Do my own film (and do an assload of development and research that I soooo love to do, but can also use in portfolio)
7. Do comic for he who must not be named
8. clean house more and do more chores to make sweet husband happy
9. find a life drawing class near me and attempt to go at least once a month
10. unpack all our crap, throw a bunch of stuff away and start over at new condo with organizing and decorating
11. get a few of my best animation production cels and/or production drawings framed
12. attempt to finish all outstanding commissions and/or refund money (including comicbooks)
13. mess around in Painter
14. find and purchase Alichino and Plants Doll (and other mangas I may like)
15. sell more of my crap that I don't use anymore
16. finish my AX and Fanime costumes (well that's a given)


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