aimeekitty: (Default) interviewed me recently about Japan Ai! French, actually, is the only language that Japan Ai has been translated into so far!

You can read bde's interview (in French) here.

If you would like to read the basics of the questions in English, please click here. )

OUI!! Je suis un enorme gateau! HA HA yaaaaaay. (Pardon, I don't know how to make the accents on my keyboard.)
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Random Shennanigans (non-SDCC) under the cut )
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Fake-cut to VHD WIP photos

Japan Ai Book Signing and ART DEMO
Sat, June 27th @ 11am (THIS coming weekend!)
Barnes and Noble Booksellers
791 S. Main St., #100
Orange, CA 92868

I'll be signing copies of my book, Japan Ai, and talking about Japan, cosplay and animation.
I'll also be doing an art tutorial (sketch to COPIC color).
I'll give the original art away by -Rock-Paper-Scissors- method! So please come out!
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Japan Ai Book Signing and ART DEMO
Sat, June 27th @ 11am
Barnes and Noble Booksellers
791 S. Main St., #100
Orange, CA 92868

I'll be signing copies of my book, Japan Ai, and talking about Japan, cosplay and animation.
I'll also be doing an art tutorial (sketch to COPIC color).
I'll give the original art away by -Rock-Paper-Scissors- method! So please come out!

On a sidenote, I finally got a cure account.
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Adagio Tea TV video reviewed my Japan Ai tea!. Go check it out! :D Basically, the reviewer each week tries (on video) one of the user-created teas at Adagio.

Cute review! I like that he kept comparing it to cake. Personally, I think it's a bit subtle, ( a kindof toasted sweet oolong) since the oolong and other greens make up the majority of the tea, but I do have sweet tastes. We Majors grew up on Southern Sweet Tea.

(if you'd like to see pages or more information from my Japan Ai book, try Go!Comi's site.... and it's for sale here at amazon and your local book and comicbook stores!) BTW, I'm meeting up with Go!Comi next weekend (not this weekend) to go over my next book manuscript! (exciting!!)

guh... I had Curry House for lunch today and I bought a big box of mochi from Fugetsu-do for our picnic tomorrow. YUM
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Japan Ai has made the annual "Top Ten Great Graphic Novels for Teens" from the American Library Association (YALSA)!!
~ read more at Anime News Network

Just as a reminder, (I know, I know)... but seriously, every sale helps me make more books. I love to make books. Making Japan Ai (and the work I've been doing on my next book) is some of the most rewarding stuff I've done in a while. I want to keep doing it. So please make your friends buy my book. <3 If you haven't seen anything from the book there are several outtakes on Go!Comi's site here
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- tea rules.

After playing with a lot of mixes from Adagio teas, I made a blend that reminds me of the Japan Ai book trip. It definitely has a green tea taste, but it's light and the mandarin and vanilla oolong give it sweetness. :) Plus oolong always gives me nostalgia. Maybe you'd like to try it?

- work is going well and I am slightly ahead of my BattlePlantm. This week I'm going to kick ass! RAR!

- I got out my one Christmas decoration for this year. A ceramic Christmas tree that we had at my house growing up. So it reminds me of family. I'll always love this little thing! People don't understand my love for the ceramic tree! :>

NOTE: This year I'm not sending out Christmas cards.
Thanks for your understanding! I'll send some cool ones next year.

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I'd like to get something out in the open.
A very sweet lady came by to talk to me after my Japan Ai panel at PMX. She was curious though about some rumors she'd heard about Japan Ai on the internet, specifically that the book had plagiarized and/or not credited people properly. She'd read Japan Ai didn't understand how that could be true, since the book was mostly my personal experiences. I have also had people email me saying similar things, to which I asked, "have you read the book, or can you tell me what specific things I plagiarized." The response is always "no, I haven't read the book, and no I don't know what specifically plagiarized... but I heard 10 people say it..."

JAPAN AI did not plagiarize anyone.

I tried very hard to be thorough and credit and link to any sources I might have used for the book and then some. There has been no "second corrected printing/edition" of the book. There has always been one version of the book and the credits in the book now, were always in the book.

In fact, due to the format of the book, it's almost ridiculous to think that I plagiarized someone's information. The book is a diary of my personal experience in Japan (with more information for people who would like to delve further into various aspects of what we did.) I can't plagiarize my memories. It is not a "all about Japan" book, nor is it "this is what lolita is" nor is it "all about Super Dollfie", etc...
The book is, in the end, an outpouring of my fascination with Japan and my happy memories from a very special time.

There have been some very specific rumors that started when I was trying to find out more about the history of lolita in Fall '07. I just wanted to learn more about it. Several people assumed that since I had a book coming out that had something to do with lolita, that I was planning on using this information (without crediting people) in my book.
Problems with this:
- I credited appropriately people in my book
- my book isn't about lolita history -at all-.
- my book had already gone to press at that point. In fact, the same week that this came up, I got my physical advance copy of Japan Ai. There's no way I could have changed or included information that they are accusing me of at that time.
- the people accusing me of this hadn't read my book (They couldn't have. it wasn't out yet) and had no factual basis.

So please, don't just believe crap rumors you hear on the internet, and even better... don't go spreading around crap rumors. If you're still curious or want to discuss it with me further, I'm totally open to email.
And truly, the book speaks for itself. Go to your local book store and read it.

And for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, have some Doctor with cake and tea. :)
Thanks for your support, guys! I'm going to keep working hard!
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So, I missed it...
but JAPAN AI was on last night on Heroes!
If you pause it on the scene where Hiro appears in the comic book store, you can clearly see the JAPAN AI banner on the right. (you can see a screenshot here, thanks levityinbrevity !) I'd known that it was possibly going to appear on Heroes, but I didn't know it was going to be on last night!

Also, FYI, On the 2nd Futurama DVD, The Beast with a Billion Backs, ....
A couple parts I remember drawing/working on:
- The part where Fry's girlfriend, Colleen, in her police uniform, beats the crap out of the Professors in slo motion.
- The professors escape prison with Pazoozoo
- "Thus sayeth the Tentacle" segment with Fry talking to Leela through the Planet Express building window. (and Leela trains 3 blasters on him)
-parts of the date montage with Yeevo (Zap shaving his legs! XD)
- Colleen stays with Yeevo
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I got this adorable letter today. It, and finding a leopard print pimp cane *cough*, have made my crappy week much less crappy. :) Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Dear Aimee,
I am 9 years old, and my friend and I are huge fans of your book "Japan Ai". We are manga geeks.

Your biggest fan, (____)
P.S. Are you going to make another book like "Japan Ai" ?


So, Enrico Casarosa's adorable travel diaries are really inspiring to me. He is a storyboard artist at PIXAR. I'd been busy and didn't realize his new book was out yet! I'm so going to order it on Monday at my local comic store. Check it out!
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My mom sent me this postcard in the mail saying that it reminded her of me. :) ------ >

Go!Comi put up a blog post about our trip to Harajuku
(with some photos!) Also, check their blog for the last couple of days, they've been putting up lots of fun photos from their trip.

Go! Comi and I had been trying to think of some songs that we thought "felt like" Japan Ai on iTunes. If you like high energy pop, you will probably enjoy this playlist. :) There are 21 songs total, so make sure you listen on iTunes! :)
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Part two interview with me on Comixology. (part 1 is here)

I'm trying to spend this week doing relaxing things. Today, this fabric won me over, so I'm going to make a skirt and watch Dr. Who and eat guacamole. AWESOME.
The skirt... I'm going to model it on the pokadot Angelic Pretty skirt, below. I've always hated rick-rack (the trim you see piled with my fabric) but Angelic Pretty has changed my mind. It does kinda look cute, huh? (don't kill me, Judy!)

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There's an interview with me up on comixology!

Oh, so... YEAY! Wendi Pini's going to be signing with me at the Kinokuniya booth at the LA Festival of Books! We're going to be dressed up all cute together. XD ( April 27th SUNDAY at 1:30-2:30 pm THIS COMING WEEKEND! )

I've been cleaning up, so I put away a lot of my winter kimono, too. Youta is helping:

I also went to kimono and tea ceremony class today. I got to wear my new Peony houmongi. I absolutely love the bright redish-pink, purple and blue accent colors on this kimono! The obi is one I got for like $20 used in Kyoto. AWESOME. The bow, again is fukura suzume (which I can remember now all by myself! YEAY!)
Also, tea ceremony was much easier to remember this time. I'm still really really beginner, but at least this time I didn't feel confusion at every step, so that's improvement!

Japan Ai

Apr. 21st, 2008 08:56 am
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Japan Ai: A Tall Girl's Adventures in Japan BOOK SIGNING
LA Festival of Books in Westwood at the KINOKUNIYA BOOTH on April 27th at 1:30 pm THIS COMING WEEKEND!

FANIME JAPAN AI Panel, Saturday 11 am: Panel Room 2 (San Carlos (H)) at Fanime Con May 23rd-26th, San Jose, CA.

I'll also be attending Anime Expo and Comic-Con San Diego, plans TBA.

The Manga Spring 08 issue from TokyoPop has a couple illustrations by me in it (for a Gothic and Lolita article). Check it out!
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Borders Express at the Fox Hills Mall in Culver City on Saturday, April 19th, from 2 to 4.
LA Festival of Books in Westwood at the KINOKUNIYA BOOTH on April 27th (sunday) at 1:30 pm

NEW SKETCHBOOK: I may not have time, but I'm considering doing another sketchbook this year for Comic Con International (SD), this time of mostly new sketches. I'll probably just do whatever strikes my fancy, but would you like to influence my fancy?
What type of stuff would you enjoy seeing me draw for a sketchbook (for sale for Comic Con SD). no copyrighted characters obviously. :) So you can say something like "dude, draw lots of mermaids" :P or sugar-covered witches or geisha or whatever.
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so it seems very grey, but it's simply because we bought these (cheap?) disposable cameras that make it look like photos from 1945 or something. haha.. oh well. It was actually really good weather for the majority of our trip. Gorgeous sun and pleasant breezes, and cherry blossoms everywhere. :)
I'm probably not going to post a lot of my photos and stuff, but this is from the Kamo River in Kyoto. :)
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I'm now obsessively planning out my Japan trip.
We are leaving this weekend and I have to check and double check that I have all my reservations and all my addresses and more stuff than I actually need. I'm really excited but there's a lot of stuff to do, and when I get back I'll be really busy, too. I'm glad I got to be lazy and sit outside a lot this week. Sitting by Balboa lake with the sun and the breeze and good company was absolutely lovely.

My VOLKS YoSD Lin joined me for my book signing this past Saturday. :)
We saw Miguel Ferrer in the book store.
(I quietly squee-ed in inside)

Sitting with me (that's my blue skirt) in Van Nuys... the clouds are starting to get ominous!

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The signing was fun yesterday! A lot of little girls thought I was Cinderella because I wore this Angelic Pretty blue mermaid dress. When a little 6 year-old girl asks if you are Cinderella, you say yes. :)

Also went out to the cherry blossoms with Oscar and lots of people! It was fun! I wish I could have stayed longer! I can't wait to see all the photos from Friday and Saturday!! .... Poor Oscar had to keep me from falling several times because my rocking-horse shoes are too big for me. I'm still hoping to get my Rose Chocolat shoes (I ordered white Aris ones) before I leave for Japan. If they fit me well I'm going to order some boots, too. I hope they fit. When I tell companies my foot length, they often make shoes too large. *_*

Friday, I was dressed up as the Apothecary from Mononoke (again, not Mononoke Hime!). I met up with slave to anime at the Van Nuys park to foof around in the cherry blossoms (yes, again). The peak was definitely tues-wed. I'm glad I went out a lot this week.

some fun stuff at the Friday shoot... we went and tromped through a big field. I felt like I was on a trek to exorcise demons. haha. at one point I was laying on the cherry blossoms and Jason tried to shake some blossoms on me. Well they were REALLY WET and I got blossoms stuck all over my face. So I'm sure he's going to have like 5 shots of the very-serious-business-Apothecary laughing hysterically with blossoms all over her face. XD (I think the resulting shot though will be pretty neat.) When I took off my costume later, sakura petals fell out of EVERYWHERE.
I had a yakidango for the first time. I'm shocked that it took me so long to try one. Basically they are grilled mochi on a stick... with a sweet soy sauce on them. It was YUM.

I came home to find some tea samples from Go!Comi from Adagio Tea. I'm trying to make some tea blends... so they sent me like I dunno like 40 different types of tea samples. It's crazy!! Right now I am mixing some oolongs, peach and vanilla, we'll see what happens!
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Go! Comi has a limited number of signed editions of Japan Ai. Go check it out! The really fun thing about it is that they are including postcards with it and they wrap it up all pretty-like.
They also have up some of my Water Lily 07 sketchbook (also signed)

another picture from the Gothic and Lolita Bible Release. I like Lynleigh's in the background. She looked so cute. (I have this fabric, too! XD)

anyway... back to sewing my cake dress!
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I went to Kyodo System Japanese Language school today in LA. Kyodo System in LA is a lovely school that teaches Japanese, but also ikebana (flower arranging), calligraphy and tea ceremony. I sat in on the ikebana class this morning. They were making arrangements from peach brances and irises! If you live in the area, you should check it out.

Here's me with some of the kids. :)

Upcoming Events:
Japan Ai: A Tall Girl's Adventures in Japan BOOK SIGNING (I'll be there either in costume or in lolita fashion!)
Barnes & Noble - The Commons at Calabasas Park
4735 Commons Way
Calabasas, CA 91302
March 15th, from 2:00 to 5:00

Japan Ai: A Tall Girl's Adventures in Japan BOOK SIGNING
LA Festival of Books in Westwood on April 27th at 1:30 pm

I'll also probably be attending Fanime, Anime Expo and Comic-Con San Diego, plans TBA.
May 14th, I'll be talking at a middle school in LA.

If you know of a group or convention that might like me to come talk or give a signing, please contact my publisher about it ( ).

look at my new glasses? I love bunny, grass and moon motif.


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