Apr. 3rd, 2010

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I might go go play in a flower field tomorrow if I can find someone to go with me. Or maybe even if I can't. I got at lot of cleaning done today and figured out some Kaguya-hime details... so I can go play in a field, right?

I forget what kind of trees these are. You see them all over Southern CA this time of year.

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I spent the whole first half of the day cleaning the house and finally packing up the Christmas decorations. They'd been in a pile in the dining room,... so don't think that I actually still had a Christmas tree up... but... yeah. I also cleaned up the various-piles-of-random-crap in the garage. A lot of work! I still have probably a couple more hours of work to go before I feel like I'm kinda done, but yay! Progress.

GARDENING: Later,... I spent like 3 or 4 hours going to the plant nursery and then weeding in my yard, fertilizing a few things and planting a few things.

The nursery lady, who is SUPER NICE, said that she thought it was unlikely that my now-blooming-white sakura tree is SECRETLY pink... and I just can't bring myself to call the landscapers and ask them to replace it with a pink one. The white tree is really pretty and it has a hummingbird nest in it. I don't want to pull it up. So white it is! I think I may get a pink tree next year to go next to it though... even if that is a tiny bit off-balance. We'll see. Anyway, here's my white sakura: (If you're curious what the whole tree looks like right now)

She also warned me that I was over-watering my wisteria and camellias... so I'm going to try and figure out the irrigation system better this week.

Specifically I wanted to get a couple plants for my local hummingbirds, so I got some more penstemon and some salvia lemonii. Also got some catmint, dahlberg daisy (golden fleece) and some santa barbara daisy (erigeron karuinskianus). I also got some Italian basil (YAY!) to add to my pots-of-herbs section.

This is Gloire de Dijon such a giant bloom on such a little plant! That's the whole plant you guys.

Here's what my weeping sakura looks like right now

Here's my Lady Banks rose! This is one of my nostalgic favorites... they always covered things in Charleston.

It's so funny... my dad always jokes about my mom staying outside working in the yard until it starts to get really dark. And that's what I did! Just putting around the nursery for a while was super relaxing with all the good smelling plants... and then planting them in my yard later and weeding, etc... it was super relaxing, too. I actually kinda like weeding. I think it's a hereditary disease. A lot of the plants I bought smell really yummy too, like the basil, catmint and dahlberg daisy. My thyme is doing really well... maybe in a few more months it will have filled up all the cracks in-between my patio stones. and the rosemary smells so good, too!

I love the little old lady who works at the nursery, too... she's so sweet. She wished me a Happy Easter. You could tell she really meant it. Have a great weekend you guys.


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