Mar. 4th, 2010

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Happy Hina Matsuri (Doll's day or Girl's day) (a day late... but I took this photo yesterday...?)
I have my rement hina set up at home. :) Which gets knocked over at least twice a day.

BELOW: The diamond shaped mochi in the middle is hishi-mochi. Pink for the flowers coming out, green for grass (kusa-mochi flavored with mugwort?) and white is for snow melting. The light green fluffy mochi to the upper right is a shigure (my favorite kind of mochi) and the still-rice-shaped pink mochi wrapped in a leaf to the lower left is sakura mochi... usually only seen in the spring around sakura-blooming time. These are from Fugetsu-Do.

Ponyo's out on DVD this week! I took this photo below while driving to the FOX lot... I thought it kinda looks like Ponyo's friend's house on the hill... you know, plus a couple million dollars.

Also... some of my rose are threatening to bloom. IS THAT OK? Can I leave the buds on...? All of these were planted in January. < /newbie >
I took photos of a few of the buds and flowers,... if you want to see, click the name of the rose. The tiny tiny Reine Des Violettes and Gloire de Dijon each have a small bud on them... as does one of the MYSTERY roses... and even my snowfountain weeping sakura has a tiny little bud on it.
Belle Storey, which was put in as a 5 gallon, is more understandable. There are sizable buds all over it... and of course the rosemary is happy.
This one below is a gallon-sized Sydonie.

I'll leave you with Mini Moni (Morning Musume) Hina Matsuri

Please see previous post for sale items.


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