Aug. 12th, 2010 11:39 am
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After I finish up with Futurama this fall, Mitch and I wanted to take a vacation to Hawaii. Mitch has been before (a long time ago), but I've never been.

If anyone has suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

I'm mainly interested in doing some combination of the following:
~~~ sleeping
~~~ seeing active volcano flow from a safe distance without spending a ton of money (Big Island)
~~~~ eating fabulous food
~~~~ finding a mask that really feels like Hawaiian folk art (to add to my slowly growing mask collection... I still wish I'd gotten a bigger kitsune mask in Kyoto...)
~~~~ likewise, I'd like to look at some traditional Hawaiian textiles and jewelry.
~~~~ assisted hang-gliding?? (ie someone experienced takes me up. I don't have to learn. Not too dangerous??) I'd like to feel like flying without the noise of a small aircraft. But also don't want to DIE. :)
~~~~ Seeing really pretty waterfalls and views that don't require really strenuous hiking to get to.
~~~~ safe snorkling in a really pretty place. Extra points if you don't have to take an expensive boat to get there. (ie awesome snorkling right off the beach for free = epic. But I'm open to boat-access only stuff, too.)
~~~~ a non-crappy luau.
~~~~ nothing that involves serious physical activity, getting lost in the forest, falling off cliffs or being eaten by sharks.
~~~~ Not really interested in barren rock formations (ie stuff that looks like the Grand Canyon) because we have a lot of that here in California.
~~~~ I don't want to go to heavy touristy areas unless there's some really big reason to go there. But at the same time, if it's TOO rural, (ie no restaurants) that's not as great, either.

After a very quick look in some guidebooks I'm thinking that maybe spending a few days on Big Island to see the lava flow and maybe do a bit of sightseeing and shopping and then spending the rest of our time on Maui which supposedly has lots of easy to get to beautiful waterfalls on the Road to Hana... as well as easy beautiful snorkling (and pretty beaches). I've heard Kauai is really nice, too.
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My mom really really wanted to go kayaking on Santa Cruz (one of the channel islands off the coast of Southern California...) I'd never been to the islands before and never kayaking either. It was really fun, even though I was really scared (at first and periodically) of falling in the very very cold water. I didn't fall in though! The water was really beautiful and clear and blueish green. Huge beds of seaweed, anemone and sea lions!

My family is flying back home early tomorrow, I'm so glad they were able to come out, I only get to see them a few times a year. Having them stay with me in my new place meant a lot to me.

one of my favorite things about the adventure was the fat bright orange and purple starfish. <3

Twilight! (technically when the sun and the moon can both be seen, two lights.)

at sunset, going home, Santa Cruz looked like NeverNeverLand. First star to your right and straight on till morning!
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Yosemite Camping Photos )
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Yosemite was gorgeous this weekend!

mostly... !

More photos later!
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Trip Home to Charleston, in photos )
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one of my friends gave me some yummy Hatsukoi lemon green tea from Lupicia. Hatsukoi means "first love". The pre-brewed tea smells divine, like lemon candy! After it's brewed it's much more subtle with a little bit of a grassy hearty flavor from the green tea.
I'm having that this morning with my lemon cream yoplait. <3

Last night I looked through some older photos from my Japan trip from this spring. I'd temporarily forgotten about this. Mitch and I saw a random temple, and decided to go in. The monks there were really welcoming, and after a while I just sat on the platform and stared at their garden. The platform was in the sun and it was extremely peaceful. Unexpected things like this, I think, are the best parts of visiting a new place. That's me there on the right and one of the monks with a visitor on the left.

And now for something entirely different... Here's a true comic I did earlier in the week. (it didn't leave a lasting bruise. makes a funny story though!)
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London Last Few Days (and stuff I bought) )
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back from London! EXHAUSTED! had fun! more later! :)
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This was taken in Gion this spring, on the same street we stayed at. The willows and sakura were so gorgeous!
Here's a short video I took of a Maiko I saw in Gion. ...
the onsen we went to covered in snow.
Was this really this spring? It seems like such a long time ago!
So much has happened since then! I'm so glad Mitch and I can go to London this Christmas. I love to travel so much.
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camping in yosemite photos )
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My mom sent me this postcard in the mail saying that it reminded her of me. :) ------ >

Go!Comi put up a blog post about our trip to Harajuku
(with some photos!) Also, check their blog for the last couple of days, they've been putting up lots of fun photos from their trip.

Go! Comi and I had been trying to think of some songs that we thought "felt like" Japan Ai on iTunes. If you like high energy pop, you will probably enjoy this playlist. :) There are 21 songs total, so make sure you listen on iTunes! :)
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underneath is burried more kimono and lolita stuff, but you can get a basic idea of what I got in Japan.
I love that Stitch is so popular in Japan, there is all kinds of really well designed Stitch items there that you can't find anywhere else. I got some fabric to make a Stitch skirt and lots of folders and silly things.

one of my favorites? a cat+boutique bag by SWIMMER and BABY ARIEL from Tokyo Disney Sea BENTO! XD ... I also bought a lot of cute cheap plastic jewelry. guh, should have tried on more cute things!

other happy things you can find in the pile:
- finally got the lightup LaPuta necklace.
- chibi RoV folder!! It seems that Animate will have a small RoV section until the end of time. YEAY!
- Oiran hair extension!
- fun weird scarves
- lolita pins
- Sanrio coffee-making-bear fabric (with matching buttons) for a skirt! :)
- icecream sandwiche stuffed bag with a tongue-out-embroidered face!
- Love*Com book (with merch guide and fun extra comics, etc.)
- My Twin Stars as Alice and the Mad Hatter notebook
- lots of crap. XD

back to work back to work...
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so... for some reason anytime I see BOSS coffee (it's a popular brand in vending machines in Japan), I always giggle. I dunno. It's coffee, and it's the BOSS!!
but... it got better. While we were there recently, Tommy Lee Jones was the spokesperson for BOSS. you'd think that him looking all "SERIOUS BUSINESS" on a coffee ad, which doesn't seem to have anything to do with anything, would be enough, but on top of that, he's advertising a coffee brand that has a big rainbow can...

and then... fullcircleagain found THIS COMMERCIAL (below)
whatever ad-guy had the idea to have TLJ go to a maid cafe is my hero.
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so it seems very grey, but it's simply because we bought these (cheap?) disposable cameras that make it look like photos from 1945 or something. haha.. oh well. It was actually really good weather for the majority of our trip. Gorgeous sun and pleasant breezes, and cherry blossoms everywhere. :)
I'm probably not going to post a lot of my photos and stuff, but this is from the Kamo River in Kyoto. :)
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Mitch and I just got back! Must sleep now... totally whiped, but we had a great time and here are a couple crappy disposable cam pics. :)


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