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Finally getting caught up a bit!

San Diego Comic Con was pretty chill this year! Nothing really epic happened and nothing really horrible happened. I got to hang out with people and see a few more people than I normally do. I'm looking forward to going back next year and going for more days. I kinda alternate with SDCC at being "UGGGH, COMIC CON, it's so STRESSFUL" to being "YAY! COMIC CON!!!"

I didn't do a booth this year, which was a good idea, just too tired from working on Futurama and it gave Crisso and Derek more space.
Here's Derek at his part of the booth though. DRESSED AS TONY STARK. Derek's another one of my coworkers. :D He has an awesome ninja comic (and is a ninja. No really.)

One of my best friends (and a director on Futurama), Crisso with her Haminals (and JAYNE HAT).

Speaking of Tony Stark... my beloved AJ made a Stark-ette with some girlfriends (AJ's the brunette in the upper left) and then Derek the same year decided to do Tony Stark, so then we had THIS:


Randomly, next.... The REAL grail diary.


and then, later, I saw more Futurama cosplayers! Awesome, dude. Actually, I think this is the first time I've ever seen someone cosplay Amy. Rock on fellow nerds. <3

Some folks combined their DBZ free hats and... that other pink horny thing (Galactus).

We got to sit up front and be backstage for the Futurama panel.
This is us backstage. Derek (dressed like Tony Stark, HURHURHUR) on the far left, my director Stephen Sandoval in the middle.

I wanted to be there to support Crystal, it was her first time on a panel ever... and she had to sit next to Matt Groening and David X. Cohen and be on a huge screen in front of thousands of people! Haha! There were so many people on the panel though that each person didn't get to say that much, but a great boon for Futurama fans to get to see so many people who made the show at once! They should have given them 2 hours.
That's Crisso on the far right there. The episode that they did the table read for in the panel, and then the episode that they showed a whole act from were both directed by Crisso. :)

I had dinner with Tony Stark

SOOOO, a this year for masquerade, AJ, Cheryll and Judy (my cosplay buddies) wanted to do Bioshock 2. I really like the designs from Bioshock, but I just can't play scary games, so this was more of their thing. I went along to help out and hang out, basically. :) There was a lot of last minute stuff to be done with Bioshock at the con.

You can see Cheryll's behind-the-scenes write-up on their Bioshock 2 costumes here on GamesRadar. Check it out, it's got some pretty hilarious and awesome photos. (Make sure to notice there are 3 pages.)

I have a few extra photos, though. :)
(working in the room on getting stuff done)

testing AJ's rig

Judy's Big Daddy wouldn't fit in the hotel room door.

Masquerade went pretty well, we won Best Worksmanship, which considering the competition was pretty darn spiffy. There were a few very scary moments backstage (trying to get on stage) where I wasn't sure if we'd make on stage due to the huge size and unweildiness of AJ and Judy's costumes... but... they DID make it! And then we went to have street pizza afterwards.

haha. actually I think this is the only photo of me full-body from the con in Doctor Lamb.

BACK TO THE CON.........
DUDE, it's friggin STAR FOX. The 13-year-old in me squealed.

Some lovely steampunk ladies. Explorer chic!

Toy Story Legos! :D

I'm usually busy at SDCC, so I don't actually walk around with Mitch that much in his 300 costume. This time, I did though. It was really fun/funny.

FRIGGIN AWESOME THRONE OF AMAZINGNESS (also known as the Throne of Odin.)

This is basically what would happen every five minutes or so. And most people didn't realize I was "with" Mitch,... so they'd often stand next to me and say all kinds of hilarious stuff. (like "OH MY GOD, I have to get his phone number". or just generally stand with their jaws open.)

Then we had fun taking EPIC photos with Oscar.

This guy was AWESOME. He ran over to Mitch, took his shirt off and posed.


Then Oscar, Mitch and I went to get some DELICIOUS FOOD. I can't believe they let Mitch in the restaurant. Kudos to you for being awesome, restaurant. This is that art nouveau steak house near the con.

Later, Mitch put some clothes on.

and as we were leaving... somehow perfect, the Pope.

I'll leave you with the bubbleman.


SIDENOTE: you can see some more photos at Fireflypath. and you can also see a ton of photos on the flickr group.

I hadn't been to Labyrinth for a few years and I was determined to go this year even though I was really busy. I didn't have time to make anything complicated/new, so ... we just threw some stuff together.

I apologize, I really didn't take that many photos. But what I love about Labyrinth is the whole atmosphere of the party... it really feels like a faerie court or something. Everyone brings out faerie or masquerade related costumes, it's charming. The venue was really beautiful this year, too. I just wish it wasn't right inbetween AX and SDCC. (MY EYES, they BLEED.). Some year I'll actually finally do the dragon-faerie I've been wanting to do for like 6 years. haha. (right.)

detail on the (also last minute) gold decor on my Mme de Pompadour dress

My mask and wig

Tony with his awesome Moon and Stars outfit (with Mitch)



I think this is just about the only photo I have in my dress. ;)

Guys on stilts

mitch goofing off with the suit of armor

A couple more photos from flickr to give you a general idea.
These guy's tiki costumes lit up. It was such an awesome idea.
Labyrinth of Jareth 2010

I love this photo. It shows what a wide variety of stuff you see at Labyrinth... it's a cheerful steam dude with a lady in a giant pink hoop dress of doom.

JoEllen looking lovely with her necklace booth.



the skeksis!

more of the venue



some of the entertainment
Jugging Elves
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