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I'm kind of refining my loli/egl wardrobe a bit lately. Expect a sales post within a day. <3
I'd been debating about these items for a while, I finally decided to order them today. (It's too bad that Alice and the Pirates doesn't make larger size blouses, I really love AaTP style lately... it's a nice combo of what I like...) I still love sweet stuff and am keeping a most of it, but I want to try some ETC style, classic/otome and elegant gothic... or just coordinating things in a more casual way. I'd like to focus more on getting things that I can wear more often, too, instead of just to special events.

It's funny that people often say that taller or older girls shouldn't wear sweet and should go more gothic... but most of the time, that's just not me. Like this kind of (Mana) gothic is just not really my style most of the time. It's too dramatic and I feel like I have to somehow fit my personality around it when wearing it. (This is partially my own perception and how I feel in the clothes because there are plenty of cheerful goths who are my friends.) And I love my Atelier Boz coat, I feel all powerful when I wear it,... but most days, I'm a little too Dory for that. But lately... I really love stuff that is a little bit more elegant and a little bit more gothic... some of the Alice and the Pirates or darker sweet stuff is soft and romantic enough that it just feels gorgeous with out making me feel like I have to break out the black nail polish. <3

I ended up getting the Qutieland KidsYOYO coat in pink, thanks for helping me decide! I've wanted a clean shaped coat in this color and style for YEARS and I've been happy with KidsYOYO quality. I got it without the capelet or other stuff, just wanted to keep the cost down and keep the look classic.

Please note the blue black set in the lower right corner. It's so romantic! Am I crazy for really loving it? The white bow KidsYOYO blouse and the F+F cravat black blouse are to wear with some of my more gothic stuff like Vampire Requiem, Alice and the Pirates (unknownname) skirt and my Atelier Boz coat.

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