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I'll be attending and doing a panel at Mission Viejo 2010 Readers' Festival September 25! My panel will be at 3pm. If you can, come out! As usual, if you have one of my books, I'm more than happy to sign it for you and do a little sketch in it, and I welcome questions about Japan Ai, costuming or animation.

And just a reminder, I'll have 4 pieces in Sweet Streets 2. I'll be attending the opening party on Sept 11th. (6%dokidoki and lots of other awesome folks will be there as well.)

Make sure you watch Futurama tomorrow night! (Thurs) it's my second and last episode for this year! (There will be two more episodes I Assistant Directed next year.) I can't wait for you guys to see it. WATCH.
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Hey folks!
This morning I want to show you guys the etsy shops of two Futurama coworkers, Crystal and Tricia!

Crystal's Jewelry

I've been friends with Crisso for years. She's worked at Disney, WB, the Simpsons and currently is a Director on Futurama. In her free time lately she's been making beautiful jewelry!

Tricia's Artwork, "onelittleelephant"

Tricia is another one of my friends and coworkers on Futurama and has also worked for Disney and the Simpsons. She does beautiful and cute illustrations in her free time.

Please check them out! <3
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The first episode that I Assistant Directed on Futurama will air this THURS! WATCH IT!

Attack of the Killer App
Thursday 10pm / 9c

"Fry posts an embarrassing video of Leela online."

If you go to the Comedy Central Futurama site they have a preview from my episode (the one coming this Thurs) "e-waste delivery" video up (it's the first video right now on the upper left corner). Ironically, my computer at work doesn't have flash 10.1 to view it. HAHA.

I hope you guys like it. I'm really proud of what we did on it.
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Mitch is one of the two finalists for ACP's Kamina contest! Thanks you guys! So Mitch'll definitely be wearing his Kamina on Saturday at Anime Expo and going to the movie. :)
Huge thanks again to Oscar for taking such cool photos of Mitch's Kamina. :D

I need to decide which day I'll wear my Fujimoto (assuming I'm able to finish him. At least my fabric came in this morning!). Anyone wearing any Ponyo costumes any particular day? Is Sunday still a slow day at AX? (or should I try to go on Friday?) I think Mitch would kinda like me to wear Leeron with him on Saturday, so, just trying to figure stuff out. (but I could just wear Leeron later in the day)

Thanks all of you for watching last night! Hope you liked the first two episodes!

Last night I went to the Futurama premiere on the FOX lot. It was fun to see the first two episodes on the big screen in the Zanuck theater and watch it with all my coworkers, the writers, the voice actors, etc. A nice start to the airing season!

Next week (THURS, same bat time, same bat channel) is my first episode, ATTACK OF THE KILLER AP! YOU BETTER WATCH.
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from ryoko.
Are you guys excited about the Doctor Who finale this weekend on BBCUK? I am!

I'm also, of course, REALLY EXCITED about the ONE HOUR FUTURAMA premiere tomorrow night! 10 pm PST, 9 pm C. On Comedy Central! I can't wait for people to see. Here's one of my favorite sneak-peaks they've shown from the CC blog recently,... Civil War Bender. HURHURHUR.

Yesterday I went to Lowe's and confused the employees again. :) If all goes well, I'll have a working water-mister for Fujimoto! WOOT. And it looks like I probably WILL get my fabric in time. (Amazing!) We'll see, if I get this done, it'll be a minor miracle. :)
Mitch is preparing for AX by working out while watching Gurren Lagann. Irritatingly, I re-aggravated my knee pretty bad this week, which is putting a damper on my own work out schedule.
Wow, this post is really geeky, but hey, they mostly all are, aren't they.
Ah well, see you at AX in a week!
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Sunset Halo
Originally uploaded by Merry Calliope
There's a crew-only Futurama premiere on the 24th at the FOX lot. That's cool. Mitch and I will go. I'm looking forward to everyone finally getting to see the new episodes!

I'm actually really looking forward to it. I won't be doing any selling or panels this year, I'm just going to hang out and cosplay. I did a rough muslin of my Fujimoto (Ponyo) suit pattern last night by rubbing off a pattern from a suit-jacket I have that fits like I want. Little iffy on the finishing bits of it (esp the collar), but I think I can figure it out by looking at my existing similar garments.
Mitch is excited about wearing his Kamina costume again, and if I'm feeling brave I'll probably wear Leeron. (Leeron's scary purple jumpsuit requires a certain amount of hutzpah to wear.) Regardless, just looking forward to the con.

- I really wanted a slightly candy-color for Fujimoto's wig, but I'm having a horrible time finding one. The color is rare... all places that have the color are either japanese or chinese (which has language barrier or shopping service problems).... and so many stores say " you can have this wig in any color" but then you ask them about 4 different colors and they can't get them in any of them. :\ What I really want though is this wig from Airily, that's the color I want. But it's sold out. :( :( :( :(

Just a reminder that I will not be doing any panels or selling at SDCC this year. My last Futurama deadline is right before the con, and I just need to take it easy this year. I will be GOING to SDCC, but mostly only on the weekend.

I probably haven't mentioned it on here but I'm going to be doing Bioshock with my girls for SDCC masquerade this year. You can see some of their insane progress work on HCC's journal. I'm mostly just there for moral support, handling and feeding them, but I will have an outfit. It just won't be an outfit with robot parts or mutations. Instead, I'll be wearing this 40's dress! It's actually my first real vintage pattern, I'm looking forward to messing around with it. And I'm sure I'll end up wearing the dress as a non-cosplay every-day dress, too. I like this style. I'll try to do a really nice clean job on it.

Figured out I was actually UNDERwatering my lavender and camellia. I've been getting so much conflicting advice about how much to water that I was getting really frustrated. But one of the ladies at the nursery said that I should be doing a deep water (of about an hour or more) about once a week or once every two weeks. I did a deep water last night of the camellia and problem lavenders in particular, and already this morning the camellia's leaves look perkier, so it definitely was an underwater issue. I think I was watering too frequently, too shallowly. So I'm going to have to figure out the irrigation systems more and set up a once a week deep water, and have the other days just water the lawn only. I think it can do that. Overall I'm starting to get the hang of watching the plants for signs of what's wrong with them. So hopefully I'll get it all figured out eventually. I've only killed a few rogue plants. All the agapanthus, morea, roses(!) and trees are doing great and there's this one variety of penstemon that just does fabulous for me as well as one variety of lavender (grosso) that seems to be really happy, too.

Broke down and preordered Milky Planet skirt in yellow through a shopping service. It's so Candy Land! I figure the skirt will be the safest bet for me considering how ridiculously short this line appears to be. I'll figure out some way to modify it though to make it work if it's short, because this print is THAT AWESOME. I'll have to figure out some cute way to make a bodice to go with it. I loved the scallop on the JSK... so maybe I'll do something kind of like that (but with a white cloud scallop...?)
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Hey everyone, we're in JUNE now, do you know what that means?

The NEW season of FUTURAMA airs June 24th at 10pm(9pm Central) on Comedy Central!

And even better, they're showing the first two episodes back-to-back that night. Both of which are rad episodes which have jokes that make me snicker to myself. :)

WATCH and get all your friends to watch, man!

The first Futurama episode that I Assistant Directed (with Stephen Sandoval as Director), 603, will airing be the following Thurs, July 1st! My other episodes are 610, 616 and 623. I am SUPER PROUD of the work that we all did on all the episodes (not just these). They look GORGEOUS and they're really funny. It's rare that I feel that proud of a tv show I've worked on. I can't wait for you guys to see them.

Comedy Central has been showing sneak peaks of the final full color show... but also some of the preproduction storyboards and character models, so keep watching their blog for more! I think it's pretty awesome that they're showing storyboards, it's rare that this type of stuff is shown.

This shot below is from my first episode, 603,... and it's actually from a section that I storyboarded. :)

And here's a couple more teasers from Stephen and my show, too:

click for larger
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Mitch, Crisso, Derek and I were invited to go to the Annie Awards last night to help represent Futurama and Rough Draft. It was fun! We went to the pre and after party and I saw some people I hadn't seen for years... and some of the guys I went to school with got nominated, which was pretty surreal! I guess we're adults now, huh?

The campus was really lovely. (UCLA's Royce Hall)

(as you can see I caved and got that H&M dress)

The event was hosted by William Shatner (YAAAAAAY!) and lots of the announcers were pretty fabulous, too,... like June Foray, John DiMaggio and Seth Green.

Futurama won "Best Animated Home Entertainment Production"!
They really didn't need us... but it was nice that David X. Cohen asked us to go up with him and Matt Groening! (We decided not to go up.) I liked the nod they gave to the artists, too (even then, done in a funny way.) So many productions just don't really give a crap about the artists, but the Futurama guys do.

Also, Eric Goldberg won "Best Character Animation in a Feature Production" for Louis on Princess and the Frog and did a shout out for hand-drawn animation. ( you can see the rest of the nominees and winners here )

me, Mitch, Crisso and Derek
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just fair warning... I'm going to be pretty busy with work at least until the end of the month trying to meet our storyboard deadline.

So if you email me or something and don't get a response and it's important, try me again. Because at times like these, I'm liable to overlook stuff and then it gets buried in my inbox.

Thanks for bearing with me <3
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TODAY'S TEA: Houji-Genmaicha from Den's Tea

Some Etsy sellers I've bought cute stuff from lately...! ------------
adorapop - lovely romantic jewelry
cottonblue and beautifulwork - adorable Japanese fabrics
stitchduchess - cute and clever crosstitch designs.
woollyduck - felted sweets
kristaface - cute sparkly resin jewelry

thanks for the sugarcookie snowflakes guys! You guys are adorable. <3

Some photos from this week,:

It's been really cold this week (for Southern California...!) I was shocked to see ice on my sidewalk and snow on the surrounding mountains! Luckily our heater got fixed. Either way I'm enjoying wearing my jackets. WOOT.

Here's my current desk. To the left (what you can't see) is a traditional animation desk. We don't use that -too- much anymore, but we still use it.
On my desk (shown) A few rement, some of those cute kidrobot Futurama figures, a karaoke bunny, Lilo and Stitch paper holder... ... my stuffed sakura tofu (the big square thing with legs and a smile. :) )... he has a squishy fake bread on his head. a bunch of tea... and lots of model sheets.
I do my drawings on the cintiq you can see on the right there. I tend to put reference pictures on the left monitor. My desktop backgrounds are Doctor Who and Sugar Sugar Rune.
Started thumbnailing storyboards for my second season 6 Futurama show. Thumbnailing tends to melt my brain,... but it's really fun, too. I can already tell I'm going to have fun with the acting in my sequences... now if I can just get those shots right!

Here's a pic from my tree this year. Noble Fir is my favorite. This little angel is from my grandma's tree. And then, being the animation dork that I have, a good 60% of the rest of the ornaments on my tree are Disney ornaments. my Lilo and Stitch one... and the whole tree itself. I ran out of ornament hooks so I didn't put my red ball ornaments on... I might leave them off. The white look is pretty.
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Working for Warner Bros and Fox over the years I've gotten to see a couple of the backlots and sets. I always think they're charming. Here's a couple from FOX today. (I only go down to the FOX lot for table reads and screenings...)

I can't tell you anything about anything, of course... but the Futurama table read for my next episode was GREAT. It's SO FUNNY. I can't wait to start drawing it and already have my eye on a couple sequences. I can't wait for the episodes to start airing so I can see ya'll's reactions.

More FOX lot photos under the cut )
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It's actually COLD this week. Wow. My toes are cold. Guess I better not wear sandals, huh? Having a hard time kicking the cat off my lap to get going.

Edward's feeling French lately.

random photo from the top of one of the FOX lot garages
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First day back at work on Futurama. I wasn't expecting it, but I'm actually really looking forward to working with the characters again. I seemed to remember my workflow for Storyboard Pro, too.
Other than my script, I got two presents,...

a box of the friggin adorable KidRobot Futurama chibi toys (I think Zoidberg and Bender may be my favorites...) I don't get all the Futurama toys/stuff that comes out, only my favorites. The only other item I have other than the DVDs and crewshirts is the Gender Bender Fairy.

and Crisso and Derek got me a CREEPER!!!

His job:

ok, I'll stop spammin ya'll with photos, now. (for now.)
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Well, my first table read for Futurama is this Friday!
(table read is when all the voice-actors sit around and read their parts out-loud for the first time with a bunch of writers, execs and directors there.) I'm looking forward to getting the script and seeing what kind of fun stuff we'll get to draw. (I'm hoping for martial arts and/or dancing! Cause I'm crazy! <3 Obviously, I can't tell you anything about anything.) Anyway, I'm both excited and apprehensive. Mostly excited though.

"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration."
- Frank Herbert (DUNE)

After the read, I get a break for about a week, I go to Dragon Con (I'm a guest this year! Please check my confirmed Dragon Con schedule here if you want to find me!)... and then right when I get back from ATL, I start full on Futurama.

ALSO, World Television Premiere of the 'Futurama' movie 'Into The Wild Green Yonder' on COMEDY CENTRAL Sunday, August 30 At 9:00 p.m PST. (Be sure to double check the time. I never keep track of these things.) I worked on the original Futurama series as well as all four of the "movies" as character layout ... and I'll be starting back on the new Futurama series as an Assistant Director.
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Mite bit stressed,... but mostly ready for battle!
I have some preview images from some of my friends, too, so please read this post!

(SIDENOTE: I'll be going to the Kanon performance tomorrow night 6:30 PM at Royal/T (see Kanon in this youtube vid SHE IS AWESOME.)

comiccon sketchbook @
I'll have this new sketchbook for sale (24 pages with 15+ new not-see-before drawings .... including several preview images from "Cosplay Ai" my next book due out this spring!) The new sketchbook is LIMITED TO 50 COPIES

---- and as always I'll have copies of Japan Ai and my previous sketchbooks for sale. If you buy something, I'll do a sketch for you!

(row 800...go towards the back of the convention center, right across the aisle from Missmonster). You can see my banner on the right here. :) I'll be at the convention for the entire time (including preview night), but due to the Doctor Who shenanigans on Sunday, you're unlikely to find me much at the booth on Sunday except a couple hours before dealers' room close. Other than Sunday, if you come by and I'm away from the booth, my fellow booth mates can try to txt me to bring me back. I'll do my best. <3

UDON Capcom Darkstalkers book @ aimeemajor.comI'll also have some artwork of Felicia in the Udon Darkstalkers Tribute Book which will be sold at SDCC booth 5112 and online.


FRIDAY: 12:45-2:15 Animation Panel — Walt Disney Pictures, Disney•Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios present a director panel with previously unseen footage from its upcoming animated slate, including Toy Story & Toy Story 2 – Double Feature, Beauty And The Beast, Toy Story 3, Prep & Landing, The Princess and the Frog and Ponyo. Special guests include Lee Unkrich, Kirk Wise, Ron Clements, John Musker, and Hayao Miyazaki. John Lasseter hosts the panel, with Patton Oswalt moderating. Hall H
(For more ANIMATION goodness, please see the bottom of this post for stuff from Eric Goldberg.)

FUTURAMA:: will be having a panel on SATURDAY 1 pm Ballroom 20 (with the Simpsons immediately following) (I'll be working on the new Futurama as an Assistant Director! I probably will not be attending the panel as I'll need to be manning my booth, but go check it out and support the show! Crystal or Derek may go (also D, A.D. on Futurama))

TORCHWOOD/DOCTOR WHO:: SATURDAY 7:30-10:00pm Key talent from introduce the last episode of the five part series Torchwood: Children of Earth and an advance viewing of Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead, the first of four specials starring David Tennant. Room 6A

SUNDAY: 10:00-11:00am Doctor Who: actor David Tennant, writer/executive producer Russell T Davies, director Euros Lyn and executive producer Julie Gardner discuss their creative process and experiences working on BBC AMERICA's Doctor Who with exclusive clips and a Q&A session. Ballroom 20

Immediately following the panel, Tony Lee (IDW Doctor Who comics) will be having a signing (SUNDAY 11.30-12.30) at the IDW booth #1705

SUNDAY 2:15-3:45pm Being Human/Torchwood: Being Human creator Toby Whithouse and cast members Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow and Aidan Turner, are on stage to give an inside look at BBC AMERICA's U.S. premiere sci-fi drama about the lives of three twenty-somethings and their secret double-lives – as a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost. Following that actor John Barrowman, creator/writer/executive producer Russell T Davies, executive producer Julie Gardner and director Euros Lyn talk about the making of the epic five-night television event Torchwood: Children of Earth as well as take questions from the fans. Room 6BCF


Also at my booth (G-9) my friends Derek and Crystal will have new stuff this year!
Crystal has a new exclusive DEVILED stuffed Haminal! And she'll also have regular Haminal and Musubis.
Derek has a new Marishi10 book out this year, too! What can I tell you, it's a female ninja comic drawn by a real ninja.
Crystal Chesney-Thompson's Deviled Haminal Stuffed Exclusive and Derek Thompson's Comic Con Sketchbook @

I heard Eric Goldberg (master animator of the Genie and Fantasia 2000's Rhapsody in Blue, etc...) was going to be doing a lot of stuff this year at SDCC and asked if he'd give us some details::

Eric Goldberg's Comic Con Sketchbook @"Thought I would pass along a pre-San Diego Comic Con plug for my various attempts to become the world’s most hard-to-avoid animator. First, I will be part of the panel discussion, hosted by the illustrious Don Hahn and sponsored by, celebrating the teachings and years of inspiration to Disney artists by Walt Stanchfield, whose class handout sheets are now lovingly compiled into a two-volume tome, Drawn to Life: 20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes. Alongside me on the dais: Glen Keane, Tom Sito, and Ruben Procopio.
Thursday, July 23, Room 32 AB, 3:00 – 4:00 PM (Note the time change from previously published posts)

Then, my new collection of sketchbook cartoons, Enjoy It While You Can, Kid, is debuting at the Con, courtesy of Stuart Ng, who also happens to be the publisher. (What a coincidence!) I will be shamelessly signing and plugging it, as well as copies of Character Animation Crash Course!, at these times and locations, all a hair’s breadth away from Stuart Ng Books at Booth 5012:
Thursday, July 23, 4:30 – 6:30 PM, Booth 5022, hosted by Creative Talent Network
Saturday, July 25, 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM, Booth 5022, hosted by Creative Talent Network
Sunday, July 26, 12:00 – 2:00 PM, Booth 5019, hosted by Flesk Publications

Thanking you for your kind indulgence,
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ok fine.



with twitter... I tried it once before and got scared of the stalker-ish-ness of it... but I'm going to give it another shot because everyone says I'm supposed to. Tell me what's up, flist? If someone "follows" you, is it rude not to "follow" them back? Or am I going to get a million updates about people's cereal if I add everyone back? haha... &___&
(please don't be offended if I don't add you back... I'm worried about SN overload... I'm basically really worried about THIS. so bear with me.)

The facebook one is easy, I'll be using that page only for "OFFICIAL BISNES" :)

Livejournal is still my blog/socialnetworker of choice because I can choose in HTML how things look, I can have long posts, I can filter and add images, etc. But a lot of people don't use LJ, I guess? (I hate Myspace...)
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Thanks for coming out you guys! I had a really great time!

I'll also be at the Japan LA party tonight.

I drew and gave away this sketch. A really cute lady came up to me and asked me if I was dressed in lolita. (I was impressed! Apparently her daughter is into lolita. <3) Got to see Brianna, Jinyo, Victoria and Christy, too! <3 And then Julie got there, so I drew her! Julie always dresses so cute.

By the way, I signed some more copies of Japan Ai and left them at the B&N in Orange, so if you weren't able to make it today, if you go by there sometime soon you can probably get a signed copy! I do little sketches in them, too.
Barnes and Noble Booksellers
791 S. Main St., #100
Orange, CA 92868

Here's me and Julie at the signing. My dress is from Sweet Rococo.
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Since we moved and then had all kinds of "moving issues", (I still don't have access to my main email, btw....) I've been kinda under the weather mentally... so Mitch took me out to teppanyaki last night, even though we are trying to save money. It was so yummy! I love my husband! Today, I have a more positive outlook.

BTSSB's and Black Peace Now's San Fran store is opening August 15th!
I'm so there! It's the weekend after my birthday, too.

I got some My Melody Sanrio folders a few months ago and just now refound them... aren't they cute? The text on them says, "Please let me linger a little longer, in my dream of strawberry fields..." They're slightly transparent and oh, so soothing! The fans are from Swimmer. I also finally decided to order this dark pink hime-ish wig from Cyperous that I've been drooling over for months.

I went to Film Roman (the Simpsons) to have lunch with a few of my friends/previous coworkers that I hadn't seen in a while. (Hi, Luis!) Wore my Anna Lou Union Jack cuff. Did some errands. Got some frozen yogurt. <3
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So I guess since several places online have announced it, it's ok for me to tell you guys! Futurama is coming back! I'll be going back to work on it in a bit! :)

---- completely unrelated, but my internet at home is completely screwed. I can't get online at all. (I'm borrowing a friend's computer to type this) I won't have internet until next Thurs at the earliest. So please call me or email Mitch if you need me (since he can check his email at work). SORRY!


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