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Last night I had a dream that Crisso and I were in this magical room that had magic spirits in it... kinda like in some of the Beauty and the Beast stories? You couldn't see them, and they couldn't talk to you, but you could talk to THEM and ask them to do things.
These spirits, their forte was creating beautiful gemstones, like for jewelry, but they could form them out of molten gems. So you and the spirit could converse about what color you wanted the gem to be, and how to shape the gem, and whether it had airbubbles in it an artistic way. It was a cool dream. I still remember the swirling molten gems.


Crisso and I went to Unique Vintage and I got this 40's-ish black dress and this retro 50's dot swimsuit. I actually haven't bought a swimsuit in like 8 years. MY GOD. This one was really cute though. I feel like I need to wear red lipstick and have a huge straw hat with it. haha.

I also bought this pattern the other day (Vogue 1162). In my stash I have an awesome teal Hawaiian scene fabric... so I'm going to do this dress up with that. The rose sleeves I'm going to do in white organza. I hope it'll look ok (style-wise) on me when I'm done. That's the trick in sewing your own clothes, right? You can't "try it on" to see if you like it. haha.
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I'm so going here when I get time.
And I'll wear an awesome dress.
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I made this dress from this Decades of Style 50's Diamond Dress pattern. My favorite part of the dress is the deep inset pockets at the waist. (The long zip front is pretty great, too.) I made it out of some Japanese chidori (plover) cotton fabric I'd been hoarding for a looooong time. I just BARELY had enough fabric to make the dress (like seriously, did not have an extra inch. KISMET.) I love chidori as a motif. It's usually seen as a late summer thing, so, very fitting right now, right?

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I had a shocking free moment today, so I drew a sketch of Amelia Pond and the Doctor. I love little Amelia in the show, she's marvelous right down to her wellies. (x-posted to doctorwho)

Click for larger
~ fave on DA

Secondarily and completely unrelated, here's a shot of my dress for Bioshock 2. Some of you will recognize the character, perhaps? (You can see me with the non-styled wig for it here. I'm not done with the costume, yet...)
I used a vintage 1940's pattern for it, which was pretty fun and interesting, actually. I think I might try to find some non-permanent ways to distress it because I actually kind-of like it as a "normal" dress. I'd like to do some more sewing from the 40's and 50's.
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