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(... not sure if he really looks like rpatz though. whatever. I fear studying the matter further.)

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Monday is a holiday. I'm going to CRAFT THINGS. Things that are unimportant, lack true skill, are frivolous and will involve the use of rhinestones, ruffles or glitter.

I love this closet that was posted on Lolita Charm. I really need to keep cleaning out my closet (and my sewing stuff). I want it to eventually look like an adorable store (instead of a PILE). Except for one part of it, that will attempt to leave uncute-ified in case Mitch needs to have some closet.

Please see previous post for new sale items
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I actually got a decent amount of progress done today on Madame de Pompadour since today was a holiday (though not sure if it really counts as a holiday since I went to work yesterday...) For those curious, I had previously done all the undergarments for Lia, and had bought the fabric a long time ago... but I didn't start cutting or sewing on the actual dress until today. Sooooo,... today I tea-dyed some lace, made the stomacher and cut out all the gown and petticoat pieces (except the sleeve cuffs since I'm going to have to wing those from scratch...) ~~~~~ I think it's probably going to take me a couple more days and then I'll be done. But I may not have time for a bit to work on her again. We'll see.

anyway, tada! The stomacher! (minus the bows!)
I still have to find some striped white and blue fabric for the bows. (GRR!) But after the bows are on, the center seam on the lace won't really show. The larger lace is the same lace I'm using on the sleeve flounces, I had -just- enough to cover the stomacher, too. The smaller lace layered on top will be around the neck opening, too.

OMAKE, Youta making kitty bread out of Edward's face.
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ya'll, my friends are friggin awesome.

More later.
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Elves and Creepers! )
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For Julie:

It's Christmas!! YAY!
... word to elves in training, fleece is on sale at Joann's...! Mitch has agreed repeatedly to yellow tights, which is part of the reason why I love him. I am filled with GLEE.

A pretty plant that Mitch got me! He surprised me by showing up at work with it last week. I have no idea what it is, though!

I got my bareroot roses in the mail, but one of the branches cracked a bit, so I pulled this rose off. It's "The Prince". I really need to plant them, but I haven't had time. Saturday, for SURE.
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It's actually COLD this week. Wow. My toes are cold. Guess I better not wear sandals, huh? Having a hard time kicking the cat off my lap to get going.

Edward's feeling French lately.

random photo from the top of one of the FOX lot garages
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First day back at work on Futurama. I wasn't expecting it, but I'm actually really looking forward to working with the characters again. I seemed to remember my workflow for Storyboard Pro, too.
Other than my script, I got two presents,...

a box of the friggin adorable KidRobot Futurama chibi toys (I think Zoidberg and Bender may be my favorites...) I don't get all the Futurama toys/stuff that comes out, only my favorites. The only other item I have other than the DVDs and crewshirts is the Gender Bender Fairy.

and Crisso and Derek got me a CREEPER!!!

His job:

ok, I'll stop spammin ya'll with photos, now. (for now.)

amuse me

Aug. 13th, 2009 10:15 am
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dude, I have way too many little things to do that are adding up to a big pile of ALKJALKJASLKJL. I'm plugging away at it, but AGGGGGH. Aimee is a stress pile right now.

Please help your beloved by replying to this post with your very best 300, Star Trek or Twilight animated gifs and macros.


(sidenote, this hime half-wig is on it's way to me today. SWEET.)
TODAY'S TEA: Laduree's Marie Antoinette


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