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Crisso and I met up with some of our friends today that we haven't seen in a long time, in particular Angie! (Hi!) We went to school together (and actually... I know there are a lot of Avatar: the Last Airbender fans reading this, right...? She did a lot of the designs for the show.)
Anyway, it was nice to catch up a bit and eat yummy things!

Some random outfits from recently.
Left: Pearls a gift from Char <3, Shirt from Banana Republic, Belt from Anthropologie, Skirt from BTSSB, Flats from Ciao Bella. I wore this to tea today.
Middle: Shirt from Kmart(!), Vest from Forever21, Skirt from Angelic Pretty, Bunny Bag from BTSSB
Right: Shirt from Delias(?), Belt from H&M, Skirt from Metamorphose (I wore this to work!)

I've been getting braver and more comfortable lately in working froufrou items into my everyday wardrobe. A big help was getting some of my skirts altered at the tailor so that the waist was more comfortable. I debated about it for a long time... but now don't regret it at all. I feel like it frees me up to wear them more and enjoy them more.

Those of you who are "larger" fans of lolita, did you notice the recent two LL size JSKs? this one and this one. They're slightly larger than their normal LL size. Most of you already saw them, but I felt I would be remiss not to mention them. <3

Also, this cute ruffled blouse from Kmart has been making the rounds. It comes in white, lavendar and pink! and it's $4. I have both the pink and lavendar, it's pretty fabulous, actually.

Well, back to cleaning the house!
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Some teas I got some samples of (they should be coming soon from Harney and Sons):
Fanciest Formosa Oolong
White Christmas Tea
Earl Grey Supreme
Vanilla Black
Chinese Flower
... and then I got a tin of Paris cause I liked it so much. :)
(Jocey, you're going to have to come over again sometime and sample teas!)

also, this Japanese froufrou interior store makes my head explode. If this was a store down the street, I'd be in serious trouble.

Just remembering what I was doing last Christmas/New Years... seems like it would be hard to beat, but I'm really looking forward to spending the holidays home this year. My family is flying out for the first time in a long time... and I'll have a house to decorate. This means a huge deal to me. I'm getting all verklempt just thinking about it. It was actually cold enough today to wear a sweatshirt AND a hat, people.
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I occasionally take Japanese tea ceremony classes (Edo Senke) with my kimono sensei, Mme. Akutagawa. (that's her in the pink kimono with the black obi. Her obi has tea items on it!) My kitsuke is more well practiced than my tea, though... (which is not really saying much) I don't think I've done tea ceremony in 8 months due to being so busy, and well frankly, my knee injury isn't really well enough to sit in seiza for that long -_-.

I didn't want to miss today though, because the Grand Master's son (of Edo Senke) was coming to give us special lessons. He came all the way from Japan and brought a team and a whole tea table with him. I mostly just watched because I'm so out of practice, but it was interesting! I wore my purple weeping cherry kimono at my sensei's suggestion.

I'm not sure if he did it intentionally... but doesn't the Grand Master's son's hakama/kimono coordination look like green tea? He had a snowflake embroidered as his mon on the back of his kimono. The snowflake is the symbol for our school of tea.

I thought AJ would appreciate this man's tea purse (Fukusabasami). Doesn't it look like a cow? Normally they're made out of decorative kimono fabrics, etc...

Here's a quick shot of my fan, Fukusa and Kobukusa. See the snowflake design?
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Adagio Tea TV video reviewed my Japan Ai tea!. Go check it out! :D Basically, the reviewer each week tries (on video) one of the user-created teas at Adagio.

Cute review! I like that he kept comparing it to cake. Personally, I think it's a bit subtle, ( a kindof toasted sweet oolong) since the oolong and other greens make up the majority of the tea, but I do have sweet tastes. We Majors grew up on Southern Sweet Tea.

(if you'd like to see pages or more information from my Japan Ai book, try Go!Comi's site.... and it's for sale here at amazon and your local book and comicbook stores!) BTW, I'm meeting up with Go!Comi next weekend (not this weekend) to go over my next book manuscript! (exciting!!)

guh... I had Curry House for lunch today and I bought a big box of mochi from Fugetsu-do for our picnic tomorrow. YUM
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one of my friends gave me some yummy Hatsukoi lemon green tea from Lupicia. Hatsukoi means "first love". The pre-brewed tea smells divine, like lemon candy! After it's brewed it's much more subtle with a little bit of a grassy hearty flavor from the green tea.
I'm having that this morning with my lemon cream yoplait. <3

Last night I looked through some older photos from my Japan trip from this spring. I'd temporarily forgotten about this. Mitch and I saw a random temple, and decided to go in. The monks there were really welcoming, and after a while I just sat on the platform and stared at their garden. The platform was in the sun and it was extremely peaceful. Unexpected things like this, I think, are the best parts of visiting a new place. That's me there on the right and one of the monks with a visitor on the left.

And now for something entirely different... Here's a true comic I did earlier in the week. (it didn't leave a lasting bruise. makes a funny story though!)
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so, Go! Comi (my publisher) had given me some flowering teas and when I did some massive cleaning out this weekend, I found them! So this week I've been having them at work, which is a real treat. I've also been mixing some teas from Adagio teas. (so far I really like gunpowderXvanilla-oolongXmandarin-green... assamXcream is pretty nice too.)

the first time I ever had flowering tea was when my girlfriends and I got lost in Kyoto, the first time I went to Japan. We were tired and hungry and couldn't seem to find a place to eat. We happened upon a small empty curry cafe with a big aquarium in the back and had spagetti, curry and flowering tea.

I have like an unholy amount of work to do (at work-work and also for my next book) before Christmas Eve, so it's little things like tea or something yummy to eat, or some new music that really keep me feeling positive. Mitch is a sweetheart and got groceries and is helping me out.

I'm listening to some kinda-mellow stuff like this today:
Lions and Tigers - Asobi Seksu
Unless It's Kicks - Okkervil River
Start a War - The National
Perfect Games - The Broken West
... and then several songs from Lenka (The Show, Trouble is a Friend, Knock Knock, etc...) and The Bird and the Bee (I'm a Broken Heart, Again & Again (Bossa Nova), Birthday)
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There's an interview with me up on comixology!

Oh, so... YEAY! Wendi Pini's going to be signing with me at the Kinokuniya booth at the LA Festival of Books! We're going to be dressed up all cute together. XD ( April 27th SUNDAY at 1:30-2:30 pm THIS COMING WEEKEND! )

I've been cleaning up, so I put away a lot of my winter kimono, too. Youta is helping:

I also went to kimono and tea ceremony class today. I got to wear my new Peony houmongi. I absolutely love the bright redish-pink, purple and blue accent colors on this kimono! The obi is one I got for like $20 used in Kyoto. AWESOME. The bow, again is fukura suzume (which I can remember now all by myself! YEAY!)
Also, tea ceremony was much easier to remember this time. I'm still really really beginner, but at least this time I didn't feel confusion at every step, so that's improvement!
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FYI, due to my server move, I'm having email trouble. *_* try to email me again if you are having trouble.

Weekend in Norcal with Marie Antoinette, Tea and Cake. IMG HVY )


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