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hey, my modded Steampunk Nerf gun got featured on DA! cool!

It is kinda amusing to me though that I work very hard on other things created from scratch... a toy I repainted on a lark gets featured. haha... doesn't matter, it's cool. :D

"The suggester wrote, "Nerf Maverick Steampunk Mod by ~aimeekitty is one of the most impressive customizations I have ever seen, and certainly the most astounding modification of a Nerf gun that I have ever laid eyes on. The gorgeous colors that call to mind the fantastic nature of the genre, the realistic tarnish and battle damage effects, the additions of bulk that look like they were always meant to be there; all of these are flawlessly executed to create a practically seamless piece that is stunning to behold.""

aw geee. :D

moving on though...
I'm trying to decide what to work on next, actually. This past week I've just been trying to focus on getting back to my work schedule and trying to clean the house a little.
I've got fabric for a few casual skirts and such...
I've got my Madame de Pompadour (Doctor Who) fabric sitting around... (I'm still not sure if I want to try draping my own ala demode,... or whether I just want to use the JPRyan pattern again... I was pretty happy with it...)
and I still need to finish Vampire Hunter D... (gah...)
and then I still want to do that comic of orangecrushed's...

I'll need to start repacking some stuff soon since we'll be moving again mid-oct... but there aren't really any conventions until spring! (I MADE IT THROUGH CON SEASON! SWEET!)
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(note, this was crossposted to DWcosplay, however, there are more photos in this post below. :) )

additional Doctor Who Steampunk photos under the cut )
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OMG! We got preview shots back from Ed Pingol!!
I have nothing coherant to say. WHEEEEE!
previews and even more over here....!

Also, I did a quick writeup of my character's persona over in DW-Cosplay if you're curious!. I'll update my website later. (I'm a DORK!)

some DA love here: 1, 2

[ profile] ajmeow, [ profile] ziggybecket, [ profile] discofish, [ profile] kitkat_nap, [ profile] kuronosho, [ profile] mognetcentral, [ profile] positivespace, [ profile] twjudy and me :)
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some fashion stuff I've been inspired by lately:
CherryBlossom Girl
Skin Graft Designs
porkshanks' DA

Been working on my steampunk design. I'm having a lot of fun playing around with it. ^_______^

I just bought the patterns.
I'm going to use some of my left-over-from-a-project-I-will-never-complete fabric for the skirt and jacket. Huzzah! I'm going to take the design from my fobwatch and embroider it (I hope) on the back of the jacket and add some small golden clock movements. I'll wear the victorian corset I made a while back underneath.

BELOW: Some of the other things shown are just little accessories I've gotten to put all over it when I'm done. ... the little glass ball and vial of sand glow in the dark. The gold clockwork item (to the middle left of the skirt) with the blue bead is a necklace. There's also a naval sextant in there (far bottom left). (LOVE!)

The gun is a Nerf gun that I'm going to mod. (it has a night light, too!) I started it last night. Man, Nerf guns are way cooler than when I was a kid. I'm impressed.
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so, on my quest to find something pretty to get my mom for her birthday, I decided to stop procrastinating and get myself a few pieces on ETSY I'd been admiring for a while. (they were all really affordable, too!) It's pretty rare for me to buy jewelry other than super super cheap plastic heart stuff. :) I'm looking forward to these!
here's what I actually got:

in the order (roughly) of the images in the above image:
CatherinetteRings <-- wire rings in both steampunk and girly. bought rings and the necklace for mom.
torque <-- filigreestyle jewelry. I bought a blue flower pendant from them.
bazaarLatino <-- vintage hairclips. I bought a multicolored flower necklace from them.
And then just more pretty stuff:
prettylilthings <-- pretty felt flower broaches
LusterStudio <-- really cute felt and plastic jewelry
JewelsByNature <-- steampunk/filigree style jewelry
Also, thanks to Mara for this RareBirdFinds link. lots of interesting stuff!
SproutHome has lots of gorgeous items as does Rockett St George

totally unrelated, but if I ever build my own home, I'm so calling these Hidden Passageway people. Always wanted one!!!

I ended up getting this one for my mom. It looks like her arbors and flowers.
gardening is one of her most beloved hobbies.


Jul. 12th, 2008 09:23 am
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dear friends,

I would like to look at some awesome steampunk and/or corsetry.
Please to be showing me.

(can include steampunk artwork, galleries of awesome costumes, costume shops that sell cool steampunk accessories, etc... , shops with awesome corsets,... or just random steampunk inspiration...... corset shops do not nessesarily have to be related to steampunk-ness.)


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