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I got the Best Buy communicator pins version on my lunch break. (OSCAR, I'M LOOKING AT YOU!)

EDIT: I just randomly saw John Cho and got him to sign my DVD box. XD XD

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Aug. 13th, 2009 10:15 am
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dude, I have way too many little things to do that are adding up to a big pile of ALKJALKJASLKJL. I'm plugging away at it, but AGGGGGH. Aimee is a stress pile right now.

Please help your beloved by replying to this post with your very best 300, Star Trek or Twilight animated gifs and macros.


(sidenote, this hime half-wig is on it's way to me today. SWEET.)
TODAY'S TEA: Laduree's Marie Antoinette
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feelin kinda low today but nevermind....

(give it some time to get going. XD)

You know what you can give me for my birthday, friends? KIRK being KIRKY.
Drawings, fanfic, macros, videos and general ridiculousness all welcome. Old or New Kirk welcome.
(also will take offerings of emo!vampires, froufy!princes and the traditional Count of Monte Cristo. Yes, I'm using my birthday as a flimsy excuse to try to get fanart, etc.)

Youta is helping me clean:
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Dear Fandom(s),

Stop being douchebags.
Instead make awesome things and be awesome.

This is not specific to any particular fandom or genre, so please don't think I'm talking about "you". But, fandoms, I don't wanna know about your drama or seedy underbelly. I only want to see EPIC AWESOME. We are all geeks. Let's rejoice in our collective geekdom. This is a great time to be alive. Fantasy and Sci-Fi is cool again, you guys. Doctor Who and StarTrek are COOL AGAIN. Lord of the Rings, a movie about friggin HOBBITS made a shit-ton of money. There is stuff being written for us that doesn't SUCK. We can bring shows back from the dead and we can get things put on DVD. We can make things we, as geeks, think are cool and see them made into actual TV shows. We can order goods from almost any country we want. We can research, easily online, all sorts of costumes, subjects and histories. We can talk to kindred spirits all over the world.

I was raised in a beautiful but "small town" where none of my friends were even remotely as geeky as me. Now I have local and international friends who geek out hardcore with me. Almost anything I am interested in, I can find. This world we are living in has so many problems... but it has so much awesomeness, too.

So stop with the hating and the whining. Please to be being more awesome.

And those of you out there being oh-so-inspiring and oh-so-geekily-fabulous, I LOVE YOU. Thanks for all the joy and kinship.
Some AWESOME to make your day more AWESOME:
arefadedaway's Don't Stop Believing Star Trek

Don't Stop Believing (Star Trek XI, Kirk and Spock) from arefadedaway on Vimeo.

and for the ladieeess, arefadedaway's One Girl Revolution

Find more videos like this on BAM Vid Vault


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