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Last night I had a belated birthday party at The Edison.
Mitch, Crisso and Derek had never been, and I hadn't been for a really long time. The evening turned out just absolutely lovely. It was nice to spend time with friends and wear pretty clothes in such a gorgeous location. I love my friends THIIIIIS MUCH.
I finally got to wear my Masquerade Theater JSK (which is inspired by Phantom of the Opera) and my new vintage fur stole I got at Coco.

Mitch got us a hotel downtown to make a mini-break out of it which was really fabulous. We haven't done something like that for a while. Then we spent this morning in Little Tokyo just goofing around. The weather has cooled down a bit this weekend and there's a delicious breeze. I even planted some irises yesterday morning because the weather was so nice. Anyway...
More photos later. <3 I hope everyone had a great weekend!

That's All

Jul. 30th, 2010 06:18 pm
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That's all.

(From Tricia. Don't have time to post stuff from Labyrinth or SDCC right now... I'm buried in work.)
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Three Things That Are SUPER COOL.

Steve Rick and his Doctor Who Suit Blog.
- you can do custom shoes,... pick the shape, the color, the decoration, etc... and they do from size US 4-12!! The price is also reasonable considering what other bespoke shoe places charge.

Want to see my dayplanner for this year? (this is what it looks like inside) It has a different fairytale for each month... and a section with more room for your to-do list for each day. I was dubious about that... but now I'm actually really using that part of it a lot. I don't have to have a separate to-do list notebook... and I like the bookmark ribbons. The design of the characters is SUPER PLEASING. It's by a company called Kamio.
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This pile of fabric is going to be THIS. (From Far Away manga) I'm actually pretty jazzed. I'd gotten rid of most of my excess fabric in between our two moves this past year... but I kept the stuff that I thought was nicer. The red is a crepe-back and the white is this beautiful flowy stuff. It's like Christmas to be able to use them in a fun way!
By the way, I'm wearing my unicorn FRIDAY shirt because my storyboards are done AND I'm having lunch with Mitch today. WHEEEE! It's going to be a great day! Ignore my just-showered-need-a-haircut-hair.
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Dec Arts, Day 5, quickie Danger Kitty at request of volleygurl2418 <3
on DA


this is the first flash website in a LONG TIME that (a) Didn't make me angry and (b) filled me with UTTER GLEE. Dude people, the flowers bloom, the heavenly light falls on the virgin mary. Geese fly. Gypsy Caravan. It's awesome. The clothes on it are pretty great, too. (thanks to twinkiechan for the headsup.)
Another cool clothes site (this time with leather, thanks to missmonster:

Thanks to Char, a jazzy Madonna Vogue-esque kinda-loli music video (with mens in tailcoats foofing around):
( Namie Amuro - Fast Car )
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That is all.
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First day back at work on Futurama. I wasn't expecting it, but I'm actually really looking forward to working with the characters again. I seemed to remember my workflow for Storyboard Pro, too.
Other than my script, I got two presents,...

a box of the friggin adorable KidRobot Futurama chibi toys (I think Zoidberg and Bender may be my favorites...) I don't get all the Futurama toys/stuff that comes out, only my favorites. The only other item I have other than the DVDs and crewshirts is the Gender Bender Fairy.

and Crisso and Derek got me a CREEPER!!!

His job:

ok, I'll stop spammin ya'll with photos, now. (for now.)
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More photos and report from New People later,...


Prince Party in the Park (Photos under the cut) )

amuse me

Aug. 13th, 2009 10:15 am
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dude, I have way too many little things to do that are adding up to a big pile of ALKJALKJASLKJL. I'm plugging away at it, but AGGGGGH. Aimee is a stress pile right now.

Please help your beloved by replying to this post with your very best 300, Star Trek or Twilight animated gifs and macros.


(sidenote, this hime half-wig is on it's way to me today. SWEET.)
TODAY'S TEA: Laduree's Marie Antoinette
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HEEEE. Jenny made me a drawing. (Jenny works on the Simpsons, and we regularly have lunch dates in which we chat about Torchwood and Doctor Who. XD)
(too fun not to share)
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aw man, I love my friends. Thanks guys. I'll post pictures from the Prince Party in the Park later. <3 <3 You guys are awesome. (and I get to see more of my friends next weekend, too! :D)

in the meantime... VHD and BFG TIMES

click for more pics
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Hey ya'll, soooooo

THIS weekend (August the 8th).
SURPRISE, I'm turning 30. I keep meaning to have a thing for my birthday but I always get really busy. Summer is always really busy for me... but I'd like to do something this year, even if it's a bit last minute.
It would make me gleeful if anyone who can would come out to see me? (If you aren't local, I do not expect this in the slightest.)

Please come dressed as a PRINCE.
Please remember that there are a multitude of ways to interpret this. You could be a Prince of Tennis, Prince of Persia, The Prince from Katamari, PRINCE himself, a Disney Prince, or just come in some aristocratic wear... or just look princely and handsome.
If you really can't, I'm totally not going to hold it against you. <3 (draw me a stick figure of a prince or something and mail it to me. lol.)

I will come bearing cake, swords and blankets.

ANTHONY C. BEILENSON PARK - BALBOA PARK (also known as the cherry blossom park <3)
6300 Balboa Blvd.
Van Nuys, CA 91406
Map of meeting spot here
Saturday, August 8th,
Please arrive around 11ish. We'll stay until folks get tired. (the later it gets, the hotter it will be, so please try to arrive earlier if you can. Layer if you like, or bring a change of clothes if you're worried about the heat.)

Bring: Yourself, hopefully in something princey. If you really don't have anything like that, then come as something fairy-tale related. (Princess or mythical creatures welcome. Casual clothes are ok, too... but I would like to have as many dashing gentlemen as possible)

If you want to bring some fun foods, please do. That would be rad. Just be careful to bring an icechest or not-easily-perishable foods as it will probably be hot. Please bring enough to share with some folks if you do. If you have a blanket to sit on or something, that would be good. You may also want to bring a parasol and sunscreen. We'll try to sit under trees though.
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If I make temporary tattoos, what would you like to see me do? I was thinking of doing cute little octopusses or a froufrou loligirl. :) They'd be a free thing.


I have long and non-skinny legs, so it's very hard for me to find knee socks that will work for me. I've tried a TON of brands from USA and Japan with little luck. (Sock Dreams being an exception. <3) Recently, I've had some good luck with metamorphose's OTKs. All of these in my photo worked. these, however didn't. I'm not really sure what the difference is. Basically, there's something about the intricate design on the non-working ones that is a harder stitch, which doesn't stretch as much. Ends up looking wierd.
BUT LA-DE-DA I have several that fit now!

(well, not the plastic candy hair barrettes... the edible cakes are from JJ bakery)
cakes @

I'll be going (in kimono) to this art opening this Saturday evening at the Kyoto Grand with the LA Kimono Club. I think I'll wear my galaxy summer kimono with my july kanzashi. Haven't had time to dress in kimono for a while. *___*

Click for full info/larger image
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Since we moved and then had all kinds of "moving issues", (I still don't have access to my main email, btw....) I've been kinda under the weather mentally... so Mitch took me out to teppanyaki last night, even though we are trying to save money. It was so yummy! I love my husband! Today, I have a more positive outlook.

BTSSB's and Black Peace Now's San Fran store is opening August 15th!
I'm so there! It's the weekend after my birthday, too.

I got some My Melody Sanrio folders a few months ago and just now refound them... aren't they cute? The text on them says, "Please let me linger a little longer, in my dream of strawberry fields..." They're slightly transparent and oh, so soothing! The fans are from Swimmer. I also finally decided to order this dark pink hime-ish wig from Cyperous that I've been drooling over for months.

I went to Film Roman (the Simpsons) to have lunch with a few of my friends/previous coworkers that I hadn't seen in a while. (Hi, Luis!) Wore my Anna Lou Union Jack cuff. Did some errands. Got some frozen yogurt. <3
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Aimee's general reaction to Wolverine and Star Trek:
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My rad and fabulous friend Charlene is now one of the new brand managers for FUNimation!

Congrats, Char! I know you're going to do an awesome job. Seriously.
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*seriously considers for about .5 seconds on whether one of the new potential houses has a space to have a Millenium Falcon living room before realizing that that's the crazy talking*
crazy caught from jinyo

... (several of them do have space to shove Harry Potter in the back of a closet, though!)

Have been cleaning and packing away everything... it's a bit bizarre. (basically after packing away everything we don't need for 6 months, my house looks "nice". lol.)

Considering what types of themes I'd like to do for my ComicCon sketchbook this year. If you have any requests on what you'd like to see me draw more of, let me know! Mind, this would have to be original or random stuff, no copyrighted characters for this particular sketchbook. :)


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