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~ Please see my prev. post if you haven't already: SDCC and Labyrinth photos and Give me Hawaii tips!.

I'm going to pimp some sellers today!

~~ Free People has put up Rose's Boomtown Doctor Who Scarf - if it's not exactly the same, it's pretty darn close.

~~ QutieLand -
they do custom-sized lolita items. It takes a while and they're simply the go between between you and the seller. So quality varies from seller to seller. I've personally been happy with KidsYoyo and DearCeline. I've heard Surface Spell is really good, too. I don't like to buy direct replicas for obvious reasons, but there's a lot of other fun stuff on this site. I think it's particularly good for taller or curvier lolitas who need more options especially when it comes to coats and blouses (items that typically run very small in "Brand" items.) I got this KidsYoyo coat from them.

~~ Blasphemina's etsy and also her dress site.
~~ IamChubbyBunny Hello Kitty Headbows. :)
~~ MissMonster monsters and mythical creatures (accessories, clothing, etc.)

They do custom items to your size and their stuff is inspired by several different types of cultural dress... plus they just make items with beautiful style and flow to them.

Some of my favorite items from them:
Blue Lotus 2-in-1 dress
Red Pocket Long Skirt
Blue Cloud Long Skirt
A Perfect Indian Skirt Pants
Blue Cloud Scarf Vest (with Pockets)
Aegon Silk Chiffon Dress

Also on Etsy:
~~ Faerie Market has some gorgeous foresty plant scarves.
~~ Ayca has some interesting scarves and sweaters, too.
~~ magdalinen beautiful natural style floral necklaces and scarves.
~~ eoncreative really fun sushi and edamame pillows.
~~ Warm Country Meadows cute mini terrarium necklaces
~~ Swirlyhats Swirly doctor suess-esque hats for kids.
~~ ScrumptiousDelight adorable food stuffed animals and hats
~~ NervousSystem really interesting weblike necklaces and jewelry.
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I just ordered this cute chocolate speaker for my ipod today. I can't resist Strapya. I figure it would be pretty great for when you need a tiny speaker, or even practicing skits. I liked this can badge speaker, too. I also bought this little button that lets you put celphone charms on your ipod.
... and this... this, my friends is so awesome. It's a "mask your restroom noise" hello kitty flower cel phone charm. Some of the fancy fancy Japanese toilets do this... like ones at Isetan. I can't believe they put this on a cel phone charm. (Actually, I can believe it.) will make charms of your own artwork! How cool! :D

Mysoti does shirts on demand... so I may do some tshirt designs for fun for you guys. Then you can buy if you want and I don't have to deal with the stock. That link there is the fabulous MissMonsterMel's shop.

What a neat shoe seller! They have some shoes that look like elf or fairy shoes! Unfortunately they only go up to US size 10 (even though they do bespoke...)

Zazzle and Keds allow you to do custom printed shoes now! Expect me to utilize this ridiculously at some point.

Also on the shoe front, Apparently Bodyline DOES carry a few shoes that fit size 11. I haven't tried any of them, but some people on the lists have said that their size 27 fits USA size 11.

Qutieland carries two styles of An*tai*na shoes that fit size 11 these cute teaparty-esque shoes and these non-clunky cute boots!. I had no idea! So many of their's don't run in that size that I hadn't checked all their links.


also from Qutieland, I thought Last Country Summer Shadow Blue OP and Last Country Late Night Roses Gothic JSK were lovely! Both look high quality and you can custom order the size.

I really liked this simple grey violin skirt at Innocent World. I've been meaning to make a simple grey skirt for a while... but this makes me want to embroider a violin on it. I also really like Forest Harvest Festival Skirt... which has a lovely 56 cm length and a L size which has 64~83cm waist! I think the print on it is just utterly charming.

BABY Alice and the Pirates is making a new storybook bag soon. I love this idea...! from the side and from the front. They have a Friend Usakumya yukata up for reservation! So cute! Of course, it's not actually "freesize" (translation: it would be too short for me). I also like the new Masquerade Theater OP and JSK. Makes me want to sing Phantom of the Opera songs. In fact, if you look closely, you can see the "Angel of Music's" letter... and the chandelier...! I like the red the best, it's so opulent. I'm trying very hard to resist it. I love Alice and the Pirate's trend lately of doing stories or movie based stuff.

I really wanted the Angelic Pretty Happy Garden skirt in blue... but,... somehow I was able to keep myself from buying it. Lots of people don't like it because it's very Easter-centric (the easter baskets and bunnies,etc...) But I think it's charming. But truly, what I really want is a skirt in blue with a grass field at the bottom with some cute stuff on it... and I really just love how they've been coordinating it. (Some more coordination examples: 1, 2 )
I have some similar fabrics that I STILL haven't made stuff with, so I'm going to suck it up and not buy it in a futile attempt to try and force myself to finally sew some things. Just so busy lately.

AP also made a ridiculous jello-mold hat. I approve of these shenanigans, but wonder what it's made out of! more pics here. I also like their jello-mold rings... but it's too close to something that would be fun to make myself with resin, so I'll pass.
Also love the transparent rainbow buttons and rhinestones on these AP blouses. Doesn't it make you want to get out your bedazzler?
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Signed up for Burnley and Trowbridge's 18th century gown class (the 1st zone-front-ish one). That gown type was the next one on my historic list (besides Victorian) and it'll be great to make most of a gown in a weekend and have it draped to me instead of a bought pattern. I have 5 yards of this pink asian floral... hopefully I could use that. (not including petticoat.)

There's a lot of fun floral stuff out for spring! H&M has a new garden collection coming out sporadically until the end of the month. I particularly liked the dress in the picture above, but I think I'd have more fun making something similar myself out of my own fabric choices. (most H&M and F21 dresses are horrifically short on me.) Aren't the pockets FABULOUS? YOU CAN PUT THINGS IN THEM.

Forever 21 and Topshop have some fun spring florals, too! F21 is also having a pretty deep sale and some of the stuff on sale is military coats and vests! Stock up before it goes out of style. lol. (I'm going to be wearing military vests periodically until death, I'm sure.) I also really like all the big bows and fascinators they've had out lately like this big rosette. For $6, it's worth it more to buy it than for me to make one. Great for fancy outfits or for gothic lolita.

... on a side note, I think everyone who has long legs should write F21 and request longer skirts and dresses. I can't be the only person who doesn't want their butt hanging out.

Metamorphose is going to be putting up a Blooming Garden series soon, too. The yellow colorway is so cheerful...! And the black is lovely. Unfortunately, as per usual LATELY, Meta doesn't list the min-max sizes on their garments.

I need a spare pair of glasses. Not sure if I should get these glasses or not. What do you guys think? Normally I wear a less conspicuous mostly rimless pair of a similar shape.

(click for larger)

OMAKE: My first cherry blossom from my baby trees in my yard! This is a weeping white cherry. (snowfountain). And actually, there are some green buds on my double pink cherry, too... so looks like I'll get a couple blossoms this year at least! fun! :)
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I hope I'm not getting sick... I've been so so busy lately that it's really starting to catch up with me. My left eyeball keeps twitching... for like 3 days now. AGH. I need to take it easy after this weekend for a bit. (and then ramp up again for socal sakura season, which will probably be around March 13th or so...)

A couple years ago when I interviewed BABY I idly said how I wished that one day they'd do Beauty and the Beast (my favorite fairy tale). This morning I click over to BABY's site and find this. (more here)
(I made two of those for my wedding. (you can see it on the table behind))
Sadly they only really show pics of the black colorway. The black I think you could dress it unloli, pretty easily. And it's interesting that there's a bright blue and black version (very Moitie) and a bright red, offwhite and even a dusty pink! blah... I'm so silly. I still love some other recent BABY prints, too... but I feel like I need to try them on to know for sure. Don't know when I'll have time to go to San Fran.

BABY posted a fabulous new kinda retro dress... doesn't it look like some of the more obscure dresses Momoko wore in Kamikaze Girls? There's something classic and kinda old-school about it, and I love the bow and color.

Metamorphose posted a great classic pink coat recently... haven't seen any more info about it, though.

Angelic Pretty has been posting some really cute pastel casual coordinates lately in their blog. Lately I really like different combinations of pastels in an outfit. Like these coordinates where the blouse is blue, but the dress is pink... (via kyandi) In oldschool lolita, the blouse would always be white or black... now people mix it up more, it's fun! (model Amo is wearing one of mintymix's necklaces!)
Angelic Pretty is also doing new versions ("Special Sets") of Miracle Candy and Wonder Party. The fabric print and dress designs are slightly different from the original release and they come with other items like bows for under the price of a normal JSK, which is pretty cool. Wonder Party is one of my all-time favorite prints... I kinda want the Special Set in sax for it, even though I have a black Wonder Party skirt already (which I won't be selling!)

Forever21: Love this cropped cardigan that tian-shi had. It's totally great for wearing over dresses because it's not too long and the sleeves are perfect! This short sleeve jacket is pretty great, too.

On my personal lolita wardrobe front... I've been doing pretty well refining what I have. For instance, I got this great older Angelic Pretty black ruffled princess skirt used for a great price. What makes it doubly great is that the waist size (default!) is totally big enough for me without any uncomfort at all. Honestly, I don't know if I've EVER seen an Angelic Pretty skirt that fit so easily. Does anyone know the name of this skirt? I think if I'm feeling better next week I'm doing do a casual coordinate with it for work, because it's THAT COMFY.

~Picked up this black ruffle-trim Putumayo coat used... supposedly the sleeves and bust will fit me easily! SHOCKING!
~ FINALLY got a pink Wonder Party teacup purse used.

ANYWAY, lets all sing-a-long Japanese sugar-pop music with Boramir (via laragoth)
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A tall lolita sent me a message today asking for some advice... But I ended up typing such a long response, that I thought I'd post it here so other girls might find it useful, too...? This post will be useful for girls who are taller, larger and/or have larger feet (regardless of whether they are into lolita fashion or not...)

How I shop for clothes and shoes under the cut )
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My pink fabric came! (I want to make a Robe a l'anglaise with it..)
oh my... it's rather perfect.
I don't think it's too bright at all and I'll be adding hotpink ribbon flowers to it, I think. Unfortunately, I don't know when I'll have time and my Madame de Pompadour has to come first.
but... aaaah... this fabric fills me with glee!

Also hot pink,... still my toenails from my birthday pedicure! Wow! These are my new SAS sandals. You may scoff but they are the MOST COMFORTABLE THINGS EVER and they last forever. My last pair I had for at least 10 years.

While speaking of comfortable, if you want a super super soft soothing nightgown, I highly recommend Land's End. They never let me down. I was so relieved when I got my new one in the mail recently... it's like a cloud!

A few more cloud photos under the cut )
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mau... my poor night t-shirt is super old and threadbare.
I need a new one. I like loose fitting lightweight long tshirts to sleep in. I don't like just a normal tshirt XXL,... I want one that's long and meant to be a nightshirt.

Can you suggest a cute one? Maybe with Totoro, Marie Antoinette or some kind of fairytale?

some photos from ComicCon, Prince Party and Six Flags )
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Some random pretty stuff:

Purse from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, upper jewelry from Angelic Pretty, lower jewelry from Forever21 (which also has a great circus line!).

ETSY TIME: <--- cute handmade sweet jewelry (boba!) <--- tiny bottle necklaces with sweets inside <--- gorgeous polyresin bracelets <--- japanese craft books and supplies <--- cute japanese craft books and supplies <--- same as prev,+ silicon sweets supplies <--- super adorable soaps <--- gorgeous wall decals <--- another great decal spot <--- adorable terrariums

adorable velvet bordello boots up to size 12! They are on backorder, though, expected to come in mid-month. One source:
(but if you look around there are a few other stores that carry the larger size in this boot, too.) <--- group order open
THESE shoes worked great! Especially the boots (even fit my big calves!) I want to order another pair! 's website is back up!

and for something entirely different, here's some custom hand-made shoe places that do historical shoes:

Please link me up if you've found some more shoe stores that carry size USA 11+! (or know of more places that do custom historical or lolita shoes!)

Also, if you see cool military jackets, I always love those, so show me!
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Cirque Du So Lame and TOFU HOUSE )

Mitch and I went to Shrine to try on some gothy coats. He he. Dressup doll husband. I think he was kinda scared off by Shrine's website (their models are a little too ... something) Also, I was sure that Mitch would want something kinda subdued, probably all-black... but he tried on this gold and black brocade VERSAILLES coat and just grinned from ear to ear! Ha! The fitted back and length of this "BUCCANEER COAT" looked really great on him,... but Mitch actually thought it was "too plain".
and any coats with a higher collar looked great, too. Though he could just wear a high-collared cravat. *TORN* I also really like Dark Angel's coats..... blarg. I can't decide. I still might just make him one,... but I'm really busy right now, and Mitch wants me to make him a Kamina outfit, so you know.
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-- HELP with computer movie files (like AVI) and HDTV -
My friends have an HDTV, and I was wondering since the next episode of one of my favorite foreign tv shows is going to be in HD.... and I kinda wanted to have an episode watching party.... I'm wondering if there's some way to get my computer files from computer to their HDTV? Any suggestions? there's got to be a relatively easy way for us to do this.

(disclaimer: I download tv shows after they air in foreign countries. However, when it comes out on DVD stateside, I buy it, like a good little monkey fan.)

so, as we all know, Edna Mode is awesome. I totally want to be Edna Mode when I grow up. Most people think that Edna was at least partially based on the famous designer, Edith Head. I've been intrigued for a while with some of the classic designers like Edith Head and Coco Channel... so I thought maybe it was time I actually learned something about them. (Did you know that Edith Head did the gowns for Holiday Inn, one of my favorite Bing Crosby/Fred Astaire movies?... the same one that that "firecracker" Fred dance is from! She also did a bunch of Hitchcock's films.)
so I picked up "The Dress Doctor" by Edith Head. I'll let you guys know how I like it! It's about dressing well, but really I'm more interesting in finding out more about Edith's personality. Either way, the art in it (by Bil Donovan) is super stylish.

Side note: West Side Story Vanity Fair shoot is pretty rad.

Also, on my never-ending quest for pretty shoes that fit well, I got this Nina Paladin shoe. The toe is pointy,... but it actually is very comfortable, and the heel isn't too high, but it still has a lovely shape! After I wear them for a bit, I may have to get it in another color, it's so rare for me to be truly happy with a shoe.
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Still sick! Please bear with me!

I'm selling a couple of my lolita dresses (including Twinkle Mermaid (only a little while left on the mermaid)) and my meta sweets dress.

photo by Neil Kirk
Marie Claire 2008
.... also there's some gorgeous vintage hairstyle paintings and photos over at lamodeillustree lately.

Mcqueen for Target,... This jacket was by far my favorite thing. It has an asymmetrical zip! I wish more of the stuff had been more tailored jackets and piratey like McQ's couture line, but ah well. (btw, these items are out now at most Targets, despite what it says on Target's website.)

Mitch was a doll and drove me to Target to get it this morning (cuase I'm that sick) and also got me a Krispy Kreme, which, of course, is always a mistake.

I want to wear it over a dress like shown in the promo image, or like this (below on left) from leblogdebetty. Sadly, that fabulous H&M skirt she's wearing would be embarrassingly short on me. ... speaking of pink skirts, how fabulous is this skirt from leifsdottir?. (too pricey for me! maybe in my free time (ie never) I'll break out the ribbons and do my own ribbon roses on a skirt.)

Another look I've been wanting to try lately is this (below center and right) from Emily Temple Cute..

So happy to finally get this Mother goose's starry sky BTSSB skirt (left) for super cheap! Also, the striped Meta skirt relieves my love for this striped Alice and the Pirates dress.

~~~ SUNNY RISING LEATHER - beautiful leather craft bird and floral necklaces and cuffs
~~~ CuteAbility - cute repurposed rement sweets and such (in jewelry!)
~~~ alusciousthing - enamel covered flowers and metalwork flower necklaces!
~~~ fancypicnic - beautiful rough-edged fabric and beadwork jewelry.
~~~ missrubysue ribbon roses and feather work!
~~~ BRANDED - really cute tshirts, like Mary Poppins and Shaun of the Dead faux.
~~~ Howard's Home - exploding frog soap. really.
~~~ Anna Lou has some really cute new stuff in. (like giant crown hairslides and magic mirror necklaces)

well, I only have about 5 drawings left for my book! It's kinda like pulling teeth at this point though, as the drawings that are left are ones that, as of yet, I haven't wanted to do. I may just leave them off until later. Still have a more text editing to do, and I need to color a bunch of stuff... and all that is just before the rough draft is done!
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COMFORTER NEEDED: I need a cute blanket for when my girls slumberparty at my place. Mitch accidentally threw a bunch of our blankets in the Goodwill pile, so I need to replace some. I want something kinda cute like this. Or maybe I'll just go by Joann's and get a couple yards of Disney Princess fleece. Too bad all the Doctor Who comforters are of Daleks. What's up with that. I should get an Edward Cullen one just to freak out AJ and Judy.
Suggestions for silliness or cuteness, welcome!

Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2009. To echo everyone, Dear McQueen, these are fabulous, why aren't we seeing shapes like THESE at Target? I totally agree with True Mee. and Dandy, YES, PLEASE! Love these shapes. So tired of the loose bag look. These are HOT.

more fashion under the cut )

Shiny Day

Jan. 16th, 2009 02:28 pm
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Futurama "Beast with a Billion Backs" has been nominated for an Annie Award! Cross your fingers! (I worked on it)

I'm having such a great week. My work is pretty fun and in general I'm in a disturbingly good mood. (which is great cause I was kinda emo last week.) We filmed a "behind the scenes" thing in the studio yesterday and I think I managed not to make a fool of myself. Helped probably that I was hopped-up on sweet tea. ha.
Also, the weather is friggin gorgeous right now. I'm trying to take advantage of it, like last night Mitch and I went and had dinner on the patio. It's like 79 in the evenings, really pleasing.

This weekend Derek is going to teach me, Mitch and Crisso how to hustle (or something!) We'll see how it goes. Both Mitch and I are notoriously wrong-footed. :) I wanna learn how to dip Crisso. XD

I finally broke down after much hemming and hawing and bought some Lime Crime Magic Dust. SO PRETTY.

Also, after discovering them in London, I picked up a couple things from Anna Lou. I have a weakness for plastic jewelry. I've been gravitating a lot more towards light blue lately, too. Blue actually was my first love (sorry pink!)

I'm so in love with this song, "don't let me fall" by Lenka. The sweet, slightly quirky sound of it feels like my life soundtrack right now. (haha. that and some Foreigner... while drinking Almond Oolong tea...)
"Underneath the moon,
Underneath the stars
Here's a little heart for you
Up above the world,
Up above it all
Here's a hand to hold on to

But if I should break,
If I should fall away
What am I to do?
I need someone to take,
A little of the weight
Or I'll fall through

Dont Let Me Fall - Lenka
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just a suggestion, try buying your loved ones things from etsy or from stores like shanalogic (or a local craft fair in your area?) You can help support artists directly that way. :) And there's so many things on there that you'll never find at the mall!

pink carosel necklace from stOOpidgErL
large navy flower necklace from RachelleD
shall we dance pendant from adorapop
blue and green circles necklace from moxiedesigns
and a few more:
lovely asian (and other) inspired printed shirts and apparel
beautiful leatherwork accessories
beautiful felted scarves
fabric coral necklaces

some outfits from this week (gah I need a haircut...):

left outfit: scarf: Wet Seal / Tshirt: Old Navy / Hoodie: PunkyFish
Right outfit: Cardigan and Tshirt: Gap / Beret: ebay / hair ribbon (unshown) and bracelet : BTSSB / pink and white dot scarf: Claire's

Oh, Converse, thankyou for giving the big-footed girls some love. you rule. (you can do custom converses, on the site, too! But I can't get much better than pink with pink racing stripe and cupcakes.)
The black high-tops I'm going to wear like this.
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I usually have very vivid dreams (in color). Last night in my dream, I went to this amusement park built on top of the Mount Rushmore Monument (tacky!). It contained amusement park versions of various world wonders. So we climbed a mini Mayan ziggurat right next to Lincoln's giant face. Then we went inside to view the "educational" exhibits. The first exhibit was about how steam power works. Apparently, in my dream world, steam was partially made of chocolate... and was being presented by an older Zack from Saved By the Bell and Toshiko from Torchwood.
We'd pick elements to combine, and then Tosh would change the markers on the chart around to show how, by adding a few more elements to what we chose, we could make a great puff of steam. (WEIRD!)
But I like the idea of Cocoa Steam. ha ha.

So I have this skirt (it's metallic) and I was thinking of trying to put together a fun winter-worthy holiday outfit with it. Do you have any suggestions on good tops or looks for it? I could wear some warm tights with it?? Can I wear a little black feather fascinator? :D ... or maybe something more like this... but this isn't warm enough... but maybe take a cue from that and just wear it with a black turtleneck, black pumps and some sparkly accessory of some kind? I'd have to pair it with a jacket, but this drapeneck top in black would be pretty Can I add some color? or is it better to just stick with silver and black?
Probably use some chunky sparkly crystal jewelry with it? or do you have some other ideas? I'd love some suggestions.

I really liked this royal blue cowl-neck sweater, the wide sleeves and baggy look is fun. But I so seldom get to wear sweaters in SoCal, that it feels like a waste of money. It's so much more versatile and easy to just wear a hoodie or a jacket over a tshirt or blouse. Tempted though. Maybe I could do some comms for people to make some madmoney.

This Lagerfeld shoot is GORGEOUS. It makes me want to draw

more etsy.

Sep. 13th, 2008 01:47 pm
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DonaFlorCrochet - adorable floral crochet necklaces and felted lady bug and leaf pens
concertinapiecescute rambling flower necklaces
RecycledDesign - reused game pieces and images added to scrabble bits for necklaces.
lusterstudio- gummi bear cast charm bracelets and flat plastic scene necklaces
Silvia - delicate and imaginative crochet scarves and necklaces.


Sep. 8th, 2008 09:29 am
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click for steampunk jacket progress

moving on,... so, I've done some fun shopping lately! Mostly window shopping, but,... hey! :)

:::: SHOES::::
for my fellow big-footed women, I've found rainboots in women's US11! This is significant in that MOST stores just don't carry rainboots in 11 at all and if they do, they are uglymancolors.
~~Chooka boots. PL has Chookas if you search.
~~VS has different Chookas
~~Landsend has some cute Argyle and dotted wellies!.

I've yet to find a good coat that I LOVE yet. What I REALLY want is a black WARM wool coat that goes down at least to my thighs and has military detailing.
ala Dolce & Gabbana's fall 06 line. the men's is even more fabulous.


I picked up these shirts from silkplanet. A bit Kaylee, huh?

There's lots of star print stuff out there now. I ended up getting This star scarf and this chiffon top (which I'll layer over colorful tshirts. Reminds me of AP's Milky Way collection

also interesting is the explosion of crayon-bright colors right now. I like it, actually. It's very 80's Cyndi Lauper. I find myself wanting to go through my closet and see what type of accessorizing or layering items I could use, because what a lot of stores are doing right now is offering a lot of basic layering items in like EVERY color under the sun. Like jeans or cardigans, or scarves, or tulle over-skirts... in all the colors!

What are your favorite items lately? :)


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