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Hey guys, so, I just don't need all of these (I had a box) so if anyone wants them? I opened the box/bags to see which each one was, but other than that they are brand new. $5 shipping, I can combine. I don't want to ship internationally, sorry, it's just too much trouble for a small item right now. PAYPAL ONLY.

All of these $3 each:
Nibbler (2) ONHOLD
Mom (2)

Sal $15 (he's going for about $30-$50 on ebay because he's a rare chaser)

SIDENOTE: I'll probably be putting up some ABJD doll items, some kimono items, some lolita items and a few other things, soon. HOUSE CLEANING TIME!
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I just remembered that I never sold the rest of my 09 sketchbooks from Comic-Con! I guess moving will do that to you! haha.

EDIT: I -THOUGHT- I was sold out, but while looking for my necklace, I found another stack of them.
... so now I have 12 left. (probalby.)

I only have 10 of 12 copies left (out of a 50 book run) (24 pages with 15+ new
not-see-before drawings .... including several preview images from
"Cosplay Ai" my next book!) (assuming I don't find more hiding in my house. lol. I think this is the last of them)

However, so that you know, the printer had some troubles with the flat
blacks on this book. Some of the flat blacks are a little too light, or
have some specks of white in them. I think overall, it's fine. But you
should know before you buy. Regrettably, due to moving, I don't have any
of my other sketchbooks or copies of Japan Ai I can sell,... so just the
2009 sketchbooks. <3

I'll charge $4 per book, $7 shipped to USA.

I'll sign and do a little sketch in each one (you can request something
if you like, within reason... no commission-like things or anything too
complex. ♥)

♥♥ Regarding doing a marker/art tutorial, I'm totally going to do that soon. But that requires getting dressed and figuring out how to set up my camera. ♥

Here's another one of the drawings from the book:
on DA
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Added a few more cute socks to this sale entry and reduced prices on remaining lolita items:

Listed remaining toy items on ebay:
Lord of the Rings Arwen Aragorn dolls:
Demona Gargoyles figure:
Mononoke Ashitaka figure:

My new favorite shoujo manga is "Shinobi Life". I love how the artist draws faces! At first I was a bit dubious on the story,... but now I'm totally enthralled.

Timeskipping romance with NINJAS and PRINCESSES. Check it out! <3
You can see the artist working/drawing in her blog here... pretty cool!


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