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Magic Sakura from Strapya!
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I spent the whole first half of the day cleaning the house and finally packing up the Christmas decorations. They'd been in a pile in the dining room,... so don't think that I actually still had a Christmas tree up... but... yeah. I also cleaned up the various-piles-of-random-crap in the garage. A lot of work! I still have probably a couple more hours of work to go before I feel like I'm kinda done, but yay! Progress.

GARDENING: Later,... I spent like 3 or 4 hours going to the plant nursery and then weeding in my yard, fertilizing a few things and planting a few things.

The nursery lady, who is SUPER NICE, said that she thought it was unlikely that my now-blooming-white sakura tree is SECRETLY pink... and I just can't bring myself to call the landscapers and ask them to replace it with a pink one. The white tree is really pretty and it has a hummingbird nest in it. I don't want to pull it up. So white it is! I think I may get a pink tree next year to go next to it though... even if that is a tiny bit off-balance. We'll see. Anyway, here's my white sakura: (If you're curious what the whole tree looks like right now)

She also warned me that I was over-watering my wisteria and camellias... so I'm going to try and figure out the irrigation system better this week.

Specifically I wanted to get a couple plants for my local hummingbirds, so I got some more penstemon and some salvia lemonii. Also got some catmint, dahlberg daisy (golden fleece) and some santa barbara daisy (erigeron karuinskianus). I also got some Italian basil (YAY!) to add to my pots-of-herbs section.

This is Gloire de Dijon such a giant bloom on such a little plant! That's the whole plant you guys.

Here's what my weeping sakura looks like right now

Here's my Lady Banks rose! This is one of my nostalgic favorites... they always covered things in Charleston.

It's so funny... my dad always jokes about my mom staying outside working in the yard until it starts to get really dark. And that's what I did! Just putting around the nursery for a while was super relaxing with all the good smelling plants... and then planting them in my yard later and weeding, etc... it was super relaxing, too. I actually kinda like weeding. I think it's a hereditary disease. A lot of the plants I bought smell really yummy too, like the basil, catmint and dahlberg daisy. My thyme is doing really well... maybe in a few more months it will have filled up all the cracks in-between my patio stones. and the rosemary smells so good, too!

I love the little old lady who works at the nursery, too... she's so sweet. She wished me a Happy Easter. You could tell she really meant it. Have a great weekend you guys.
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Well, I still don't know what kind of sakura this is that was planted in my back yard! haha! The nursery told me it was a double pink... (and still hasn't gotten back to me...) but it's clearly a single... and well, it's white! But then, the photos that Jason took of clearly-labled Pink Cloud sakura in Van Nuys were white as baby trees, too.... so maybe mine will turn pink next year? Also makes me wonder if my tree is a Pink Cloud... which would be awesome if it was, because... well, you all know why. I love those Van Nuys trees.

Sadly, it seems something ate the hummingbird egg. Poor thing.

This is what the whole tree looks like.

Here's my baby Snow Fountain weeping sakura! Isn't it beautiful?

and here's my first Madame Alfred Carriere bloom! I'm pleasantly surprised by the pinkish tinge when the bloom is young! And the shape of the bloom... oh,... madame, you are so charming! If you want to see the shape of the bush click here. MAC is a climbing noisette rose. Supposedly MAC gets huge... I'm looking forward to it, Madame, please get huge and cover the front of my house!


Mar. 24th, 2010 09:29 am
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More later as I have time!
Things are going great, but... so much going on for the next couple of months! As usual, if you need something from me and you don't hear back, try emailing me again.
Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming!

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Hi, folks!
One of my wisteria vines is also blooming! ... and here's another photo of Belle Story Rose!

More Balboa Park Sakura photos later. I took a ton... so... I need time to edit them and I'm just BEAT, BEAT!

Look at what I found in my baby sakura tree!
This bird nest is super super tiny! Is it a hummingbird nest? I put up a feeder in my yard,... I think maybe I should put up another one, too! I loooove hummingbirds. I'll plant some more hummingbird friendly plants when I get some time, too.

This is one of my little (planted in Dec) sakura trees. I'm not sure what type it is... at the nursery they told me it it was a double-pink... but it's blooming single white. But sometimes people say it doesn't bloom what it is the first year. I don't really mind either way, I like both types (though I'd prefer a pink since my other tree is definitely a white!) I'm super happy that it looks like it's actually going to bloom a decent amount soon! So hopefully that means it's doing well.
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Yay! I finally got some more pics of my Sleeping Beauty costume! I made this costume last summer, but I'd only gotten a few pics. I'll post more from this weekend later as I have time to edit and get photos from others. <3

Photo thanks to Jessie

~ on DA

Another one of my sakura photos. They should be pretty for another day or two, (in fact, I went this morning before work again...) but probably not much left by this weekend.
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My friend Crisso was my roommate in college and she's partially responsible for getting me into costuming. When I moved in with her she was making renfair gowns. We're still really good friends and work together now. For a couple years I'd been telling her to come out to ANTHONY C. BEILENSON PARK with me during sakura season. Two years ago she made an Enchanted dress, but never really got any photos of it, so she came out to the park with me yesterday. I think she looks SOOOO beautiful as Gisele! This is her actual hair, she just dyed it.

We also had a great time picnicking and hanging out with lovely friends. I'll post more in depth about that later.

I'm going out to the park today in my Sleeping Beauty costume (because I don't have any photos and I feel like being a princess after watching Princess and the Frog last night...) So, see you!

Lastly, here's a photo of one of baby roses, Sydonie! I've never really seen a quartered(?) rose like this before in person... isn't it awesome? I'm so glad I got a variety of rose types in the yard.


Mar. 19th, 2010 07:56 pm
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I ran to the park today before work and a lot of the trees were in full bloom! This weekend is going to be AWESOME! (LAKE BALBOA/ANTHONY C. BEILENSON PARK)

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I got some changeable silk taffeta downtown today. (You can see it below.) It's teal shot with fuchsia! It's going to be for my zone-front anglaise 18th century gown class that I'm taking with Judy. I guess it'll look like a mermaid gown! (or something!) My criteria for the color was that I basically didn't want to get pink (because I'm making two other pink gowns) and Judy thinks I look good in teal.
Check out the weird Japanese candy I got at Marukai... I think it's gummy candy that you make yourself and dye. I was suckered in by the rainbow packaging.

Here's a few full-bloom sakura that I saw near San Pedro street. I actually parked just to get a photo of them. :)

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Signed up for Burnley and Trowbridge's 18th century gown class (the 1st zone-front-ish one). That gown type was the next one on my historic list (besides Victorian) and it'll be great to make most of a gown in a weekend and have it draped to me instead of a bought pattern. I have 5 yards of this pink asian floral... hopefully I could use that. (not including petticoat.)

There's a lot of fun floral stuff out for spring! H&M has a new garden collection coming out sporadically until the end of the month. I particularly liked the dress in the picture above, but I think I'd have more fun making something similar myself out of my own fabric choices. (most H&M and F21 dresses are horrifically short on me.) Aren't the pockets FABULOUS? YOU CAN PUT THINGS IN THEM.

Forever 21 and Topshop have some fun spring florals, too! F21 is also having a pretty deep sale and some of the stuff on sale is military coats and vests! Stock up before it goes out of style. lol. (I'm going to be wearing military vests periodically until death, I'm sure.) I also really like all the big bows and fascinators they've had out lately like this big rosette. For $6, it's worth it more to buy it than for me to make one. Great for fancy outfits or for gothic lolita.

... on a side note, I think everyone who has long legs should write F21 and request longer skirts and dresses. I can't be the only person who doesn't want their butt hanging out.

Metamorphose is going to be putting up a Blooming Garden series soon, too. The yellow colorway is so cheerful...! And the black is lovely. Unfortunately, as per usual LATELY, Meta doesn't list the min-max sizes on their garments.

I need a spare pair of glasses. Not sure if I should get these glasses or not. What do you guys think? Normally I wear a less conspicuous mostly rimless pair of a similar shape.

(click for larger)

OMAKE: My first cherry blossom from my baby trees in my yard! This is a weeping white cherry. (snowfountain). And actually, there are some green buds on my double pink cherry, too... so looks like I'll get a couple blossoms this year at least! fun! :)
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I caved and ordered FFXIII.
Don't dissappoint me Square, it's been a while since you've gotten me excited about a game!

excited about socal sakura season... but I'm so busy... *___* If they don't bloom this weekend (which they probably won't) I'm going to spend the whole time sewing and cleaning. The house is kindof a wreck.

some random photos from recently

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Happy Hina Matsuri (Doll's day or Girl's day) (a day late... but I took this photo yesterday...?)
I have my rement hina set up at home. :) Which gets knocked over at least twice a day.

BELOW: The diamond shaped mochi in the middle is hishi-mochi. Pink for the flowers coming out, green for grass (kusa-mochi flavored with mugwort?) and white is for snow melting. The light green fluffy mochi to the upper right is a shigure (my favorite kind of mochi) and the still-rice-shaped pink mochi wrapped in a leaf to the lower left is sakura mochi... usually only seen in the spring around sakura-blooming time. These are from Fugetsu-Do.

Ponyo's out on DVD this week! I took this photo below while driving to the FOX lot... I thought it kinda looks like Ponyo's friend's house on the hill... you know, plus a couple million dollars.

Also... some of my rose are threatening to bloom. IS THAT OK? Can I leave the buds on...? All of these were planted in January. < /newbie >
I took photos of a few of the buds and flowers,... if you want to see, click the name of the rose. The tiny tiny Reine Des Violettes and Gloire de Dijon each have a small bud on them... as does one of the MYSTERY roses... and even my snowfountain weeping sakura has a tiny little bud on it.
Belle Storey, which was put in as a 5 gallon, is more understandable. There are sizable buds all over it... and of course the rosemary is happy.
This one below is a gallon-sized Sydonie.

I'll leave you with Mini Moni (Morning Musume) Hina Matsuri

Please see previous post for sale items.
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Fake-cut to Jason's LJ

HURHURHUR so excited. All this rain is making me hopeful for a banner sakura year! I can't decide what I want to wear... at the very least "From Far Away"... but that's just a good set for the park in general, it's not cherry blossom specific. Once I get done with Pompadour I'll have a better idea of how much time/energy I have for making something new for sakura season. I'd like to do XXXHolic and/or Furuba or who knows, but we'll see. (suggestions welcome as always.)
Regardless there will be sitting lazily and eating delicious things.
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I hope I get to see THIS this year.

usually: ~~~~~~
Huntington's Plums and Chinese Magnolia bloom around NOW (eep! must find time to go!)
SCHABARUM's plums bloom after,... closer to the end of the month.
Huntington's sakura blooms around March 2nd-7th or so....
and Van Nuy's sakura blooms around approx March 12th-ish.
Wisteria usually being after the sakura dies down.

what this means is I probably need to go to Huntington this weekend... and I need to start obsessing about what I'll wear for sakura season this year.
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TODAY'S TEA: Genmaicha (from Den's Tea)
Genmaicha is so soothing... I find I turn to it or an oolong when I feel bad or when the weather starts cooling off.

another slightly OCD post from Aimee-time!

Trying to plan the backyard.
zone 9-10, SoCal, ... soil is alkaline (will have to amend). Eastern facing, morning sun location.

I really want a sakura tree. It'd be great if I could have two, like this. Most people online say that "pink cloud" gets to about 30-40 foot width eventually... but the weeping cherry seems to be more like 15-20 foot width.
I won't put the trees in until spring, probably... but I need to make a plan now of what types of water-usage-plants go where so that we can put an irrigation system in and put some of the ground cover in. (the HOA won't let us wait till spring to do the yard.)

This design allows us to cut back on the amount of water-guzzling grass we have to mow... and lets me to sit on the grass (or a bench) under either of the trees... and also leaves a sunny alcove - back left corner for a rose arbor. I think my mom saved my Gramma's Cecile Brunner... I might be able to get it out here, that would be a lovely place for it. (or I could put an arbor in the sideyard and make a magical tunnel. :P :) ... spot might end up being too shady though? so I guess I could go with a vine instead.

I let my membership at Huntington lapse since I'm going to be really busy until spring... but now I kinda wish I could go stare at their various plum and cherry varieties. I think I can get by without it though.

Click for larger
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We have the keys to our house, but we've both been too sick to get overly excited about it! Lots of work to be done, though.

Reconsidering switching the master bed to a king,... and instead keeping the queen in the master and getting a IKEA HEMNES Daybed for the guest room? Seems to have good reviews online and seems pretty sturdy? It basically has a pull out twin, so it becomes two twin beds + storage. Then eventually if we put Mitch's office desk in there?
Our previous sleeper sofa was pretty old and not comfortable. Are there any that are? Just wondering what our options are. I don't want my parents (or my friends) to have to sleep on something crappy... so I worry.

so apparently we have (only) 4 months to get something in the backyard! I was thinking we had more time... but with the changing stringent water saving/fire prevention codes, it's probably better that we do it sooner rather than later,.. plus no one wants a dustbowl for a backyard, right?
Also, the builders were misinformed and we don't have to use ONLY drought-resistant/fire retardant plants for our backyard. HURRAY!! HUGE YAY. So that means, Sakura Tree and ROSES.
I have learned A LOT about California native plants and drought resistant plants, though,... so I'll be applying a lot of that to our yard. It'll save water and save money. But I still want my cherry tree, dammit. <3 (nursery 1, 2 and 3.

Still really weak today. Mitch, even though he has the flu, is taking care of me. <3 You know that line from The Devil Wears Prada? Well, I lost 5 lbs in two days. Do not recommend...
"Well, I don't eat anything and when I feel like I'm about to faint I eat a cube of cheese. I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight."
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I'm off on a plane to Charleston, South Carolina to see my family! (I'll be back in a week.) I'll have limited email access but lots of access to fried chicken. See you on the other side!

completely unrelated,... I am SO getting a sakura tree for my new place. (potential nurseries: hashimoto and san gabriel) I'm getting all weepy just thinking about it. Hopefully I won't kill it. lol.
(also going to get some old fashioned roses)


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