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Day 23 (early)

From Far Away )
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Added a few more cute socks to this sale entry and reduced prices on remaining lolita items:

Listed remaining toy items on ebay:
Lord of the Rings Arwen Aragorn dolls:
Demona Gargoyles figure:
Mononoke Ashitaka figure:

My new favorite shoujo manga is "Shinobi Life". I love how the artist draws faces! At first I was a bit dubious on the story,... but now I'm totally enthralled.

Timeskipping romance with NINJAS and PRINCESSES. Check it out! <3
You can see the artist working/drawing in her blog here... pretty cool!
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So, this is what I bought to read on the plane to Japan:
- Nana V.9
- Love*Com V.5
- Fruits Basket V.19

What will Mitch be reading?
- "Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader" by Bradley K Martin (about North Korea)
- "The French Revolution: A Very Short Introduction" by William Doyle.
(his other top choice was "Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives" by Alan Bullock)

I think it's pretty funny the difference in what we chose to read, huh? I love that my husband is bookish. I like nerdy boys. XD (to be fair, I will probably read the French Revolution book after him, and I will enjoy listening to his commentary on the N. Korea book.)
however,... I'm not sure how I will be able to stand waiting till the plane ride to read my girly manga.

a few photos from Huntington Gardens today )
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I wonder what are the best places to admire cherry blossoms in TOKYO? 2, 3) People say Ueno park... but I bet it will be crowded and gross. Any other recommendations?

I love going to themed cafes in TOKYO. I'm thinking probably the Vampire Cafe and Jiyugaoka Sweets Forest and The Swallowtail Cafe (Butler Cafe). btw, this is the type where the Butlers are very polite men. Not women dressed like men. (though that would be interesting, too!!)

some of the other restuarants by Diamond Dining seem neat, too. I think Alice Cafe and Princess Heart look cute.
Has anyone been to Ramusement Park/Ramen Museum ??

Thanks to Helene's recommendation, I was thinking about going to Yokohama Bay Bridge at night
then have dinner in Chinatown... but I have no idea what a good restuarant...2 in China Town would be. (suggestions welcome, as always!) I'd like to go to some really really good non-themed traditional restuarants while we are in Kyoto and Tokyo.

I got a copy of the March ShojoBeat! It has an craft article by me on how you can make your own little mini-stuffed Hina Ningyo. :)

lastly, here's a few more photos from New Years:
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stolen from scruffyrebel
Ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. (Or just something that would help you know me better) Ask away.

Police Hunting for Otaku ?
(look out, AJ! You'd be stopped!)

I'm rereading Mars manga over the past couple of weeks. It really endures as one of my favorite over-dramatic shojo titles. :) I'm also rewatching the Beauty and the Beast tv series. Yeay, girly crap!! It will tide me over until the next Tramps Like Us comes out (feb 5th!)

Also I just got Nana #8. I like where Nana's (Osaki) development is going, and Takumi is getting more interesting! I don't quite understand Nana (Osaki) completely yet, though, but it's kindof a good thing... I am intrigued by her. :)

I went to have lunch with Mitch in Little Tokyo yesterday, the sky looked like this and I saw my friend the orange tabby again.

Also I got this sweet note from the LA kimono club with a couple photos from New Years:


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