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Some teas I got some samples of (they should be coming soon from Harney and Sons):
Fanciest Formosa Oolong
White Christmas Tea
Earl Grey Supreme
Vanilla Black
Chinese Flower
... and then I got a tin of Paris cause I liked it so much. :)
(Jocey, you're going to have to come over again sometime and sample teas!)

also, this Japanese froufrou interior store makes my head explode. If this was a store down the street, I'd be in serious trouble.

Just remembering what I was doing last Christmas/New Years... seems like it would be hard to beat, but I'm really looking forward to spending the holidays home this year. My family is flying out for the first time in a long time... and I'll have a house to decorate. This means a huge deal to me. I'm getting all verklempt just thinking about it. It was actually cold enough today to wear a sweatshirt AND a hat, people.
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Made some Lia progress today. The lining is now mostly attached and the gathered trim is done (at least for the dress itself.) The sleeves are pinked, but they're just pinned in place to see how they'll look for now. Wasn't sure about the lace, but Cheryll likes it... and I think I do, too.

Had dinner with Annie and Jinyo at Ye Olde Kings Head ... which is fabulous at the very least for being called Ye Olde. XD Lots of London nostalgia. Had a Newcy Brown and Shepherd's Pie and some type of custard pudding... plus great conversation. So yay!

I also got to stare at the ocean right at sunset, which is pretty much one of my favorite things in the world. I'd apparently temporarily forgotten how calming the ocean is for me.
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A.J., Judy, Cheryll and Char stayed with me this weekend. YEAY GIRLY TIME.
girly time with lots of FOOD. LOVE. apparently England left me craving Japanese food... so Japanese curry, crepes, edamame and sushi were had at various times. Also the winter brew at Gordon Biersch is pretty lovely. (also had egg salad sandwiches and scones) MMM.

slightly related:

Vanilla, Rose, Lemon and Chocolate Macarons from Laduree @ Harrod's London.
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London Last Few Days (and stuff I bought) )
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back from London! EXHAUSTED! had fun! more later! :)
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Just a reminder, I'll be in London from Christmas eve till Jan 4th, and I won't really have access to internet. So if you need something "important" from me, this weekend is your last chance to get any type relatively coherant response from me. lol. My apologies for being less attentive the past month, I've just got way too much going on.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to monopolizing my husband's attention for 10 days, having amusing mishaps in a foreign country (you know I'm going to do SOMETHING stupid), eating lots of British candy, tea and curry, and in general being a geeky tourist.

it's ok though because it rained the next day.

I wanted to make something non-Christmasy, sweet and folksy to cheer up my mom. I got inspired by some wreathes on etsy and broke out the glue gun. All used items are from my stash except the bird (who somehow fatefully, was the only bird I could find at Joann's!) Mom doesn't really surf the net, so I'm pretty sure she won't see this. :}


Sep. 8th, 2008 09:29 am
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click for steampunk jacket progress

moving on,... so, I've done some fun shopping lately! Mostly window shopping, but,... hey! :)

:::: SHOES::::
for my fellow big-footed women, I've found rainboots in women's US11! This is significant in that MOST stores just don't carry rainboots in 11 at all and if they do, they are uglymancolors.
~~Chooka boots. PL has Chookas if you search.
~~VS has different Chookas
~~Landsend has some cute Argyle and dotted wellies!.

I've yet to find a good coat that I LOVE yet. What I REALLY want is a black WARM wool coat that goes down at least to my thighs and has military detailing.
ala Dolce & Gabbana's fall 06 line. the men's is even more fabulous.


I picked up these shirts from silkplanet. A bit Kaylee, huh?

There's lots of star print stuff out there now. I ended up getting This star scarf and this chiffon top (which I'll layer over colorful tshirts. Reminds me of AP's Milky Way collection

also interesting is the explosion of crayon-bright colors right now. I like it, actually. It's very 80's Cyndi Lauper. I find myself wanting to go through my closet and see what type of accessorizing or layering items I could use, because what a lot of stores are doing right now is offering a lot of basic layering items in like EVERY color under the sun. Like jeans or cardigans, or scarves, or tulle over-skirts... in all the colors!

What are your favorite items lately? :)
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Help for newb London Tourist? :)

So Mitch and I got plane tickets to go to London(!)
we'll be there starting Christmas Day for about a week.

but then I realized that maybe it will be impossible to find food and find something to do on Christmas day and also Boxing Day (the day after christmas). Thoughts?
I heard that stores typically have sales at least starting on the 27th, so... if we can find enough to do for the 25th and 26th, we should be ok, right? Is there anything we can do, tourist-wise, that would be open? (maybe something we can look at from the outside?)

are grocery stores in the UK open on Christmas Day? lol. will we starve?

Suggestions welcome on things we should "Definitely Do" on our trip.
We'll be confined to London, mostly, due to time constraints. I've never been to the UK, so I'd like to do some of the typical tourist stuff. We also like good food and good shopping.

to ply you with treats in exchange:

Where you from, the DARK AGES? School Reunion Fanart )


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