May. 17th, 2008 07:52 pm
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I love this photoshoot of a "woman"(?) posed in pastels in kind of a "girlish" style over at foto-decadent .... I really want this pink coat. I love the color combos and pose/theme ideas in this shoot, but I wish the model would have a cupcake (you guys are right!)
~~ vintage postcard gallery site. :)
~~ Another episode of "Lessons in Lolita" at Marui

Oleanders always remind me of home. They get even bigger here in CA though!

Here's some messy free-hand waves done with a pastry tube and resist. I just wanted to mess around with it. I dipped it in indigo today, and later this week I will layer a fish stencil on it. I got the indigo a little too dark today though, so hopefully that will workout. I also painted on dye (using a brush) to my plum scarf today. I got the color a little darker than I wanted and made some mistakes, but it was a good learning experience. Now hopefully by the time I get to my bedspread and obi I will have more control over the dye.

My hand and arm after dyeing today. To save time and control the amount of paint, I was using my arm partially as a palette. (John showed me a less messy method later. lol.) Makes good zombie makeup though! fyi... the dyes are natural and non-toxic

dye class

May. 17th, 2008 07:50 am
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sorry if you are missing an email or something from me, I'm pretty swamped until Tues, I'll respond then unless it's an emergency.

I had a fabulous chatty chatty dinner with ashbet last night. So glad I got to see her while she was in town.

also, report from dye class, time!
I used a traditional plum flower stencil carved by John to apply rice/bran resist paste to silk. This is about the size for an obiage, so I think I'll use it that way. While the resist was drying, I cut out some goldfish and carp designs on traditional stencil paper! (it smells awesome!)

... it was SO HOT yesterday. at least 105 degrees. I had to go inside for a while and cut because I got too hot.

the photo below is my obi fabric stretched out so that I could apply the soymilk sizing. I'll apply resist to it with the goldfish stencil I cut yesterday on it today. Behind, in the garbage can, we are dipping our other items in indigo.


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