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Early Drawings for Kaguya-hime )
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I got some changeable silk taffeta downtown today. (You can see it below.) It's teal shot with fuchsia! It's going to be for my zone-front anglaise 18th century gown class that I'm taking with Judy. I guess it'll look like a mermaid gown! (or something!) My criteria for the color was that I basically didn't want to get pink (because I'm making two other pink gowns) and Judy thinks I look good in teal.
Check out the weird Japanese candy I got at Marukai... I think it's gummy candy that you make yourself and dye. I was suckered in by the rainbow packaging.

Here's a few full-bloom sakura that I saw near San Pedro street. I actually parked just to get a photo of them. :)

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Happy Hina Matsuri (Doll's day or Girl's day) (a day late... but I took this photo yesterday...?)
I have my rement hina set up at home. :) Which gets knocked over at least twice a day.

BELOW: The diamond shaped mochi in the middle is hishi-mochi. Pink for the flowers coming out, green for grass (kusa-mochi flavored with mugwort?) and white is for snow melting. The light green fluffy mochi to the upper right is a shigure (my favorite kind of mochi) and the still-rice-shaped pink mochi wrapped in a leaf to the lower left is sakura mochi... usually only seen in the spring around sakura-blooming time. These are from Fugetsu-Do.

Ponyo's out on DVD this week! I took this photo below while driving to the FOX lot... I thought it kinda looks like Ponyo's friend's house on the hill... you know, plus a couple million dollars.

Also... some of my rose are threatening to bloom. IS THAT OK? Can I leave the buds on...? All of these were planted in January. < /newbie >
I took photos of a few of the buds and flowers,... if you want to see, click the name of the rose. The tiny tiny Reine Des Violettes and Gloire de Dijon each have a small bud on them... as does one of the MYSTERY roses... and even my snowfountain weeping sakura has a tiny little bud on it.
Belle Storey, which was put in as a 5 gallon, is more understandable. There are sizable buds all over it... and of course the rosemary is happy.
This one below is a gallon-sized Sydonie.

I'll leave you with Mini Moni (Morning Musume) Hina Matsuri

Please see previous post for sale items.
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found my lace for Madame de Pompadour, fills me with glee. (photo to come)
Strange boxes with fishhats on them are also great.
Lovely weekend!
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Oshogatsu Little Tokyo 2010 )
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Fave on DA Oiran New Year (larger under the cut) )
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I'm really happy that this year I'll get to go to Oshogatsu (Happy New Year) in Little Tokyo this year. Come out on New Years Day!

There will be:
Taiko drum and Koto performance
Caligraphy Demostration on Japanese Kites
Japanese Swordmanship Show
Japanese Folk Singing & Dancing
Mochitsuki (pounding of sweet rice)
Origami demo, Kite Making, etc.

Also the LA Kimono club will be there and will be doing a Miss Kimono LA contest. The contest sign up is 11 am, and most of the Little Tokyo celebrations start at noon. I'll be there to support kimono club in furisode ( probably this blue sakura one...) and I'm hoping to dress up one of my friends in furisode, too.

Kimono group photo session will be at Noguchi Plaza in JACCC before 1pm.
La Kimono Club Oshogatsu info.
Little Tokyo Oshogatsu info

DRAWING FOR TODAY, Thumbelina (~ on DA)

Snow Onsen

Dec. 21st, 2009 08:45 am
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"Winter came down to our home one night
Quietly pirouetting in on
silvery-toed slippers of snow,
And we, we were children once again."
- Bill Morgan, Jr

to all my friends having snow right now, I hope you're able to enjoy the beauty despite the often extreme annoyance that comes along with it. (I know it's causing problems for a lot of people right now... sorry y'all! Hang in there!) We -never- get snow here and I never got snow growing up either, except when there was a hurricane... so it's magical to me. :)

ming85 posted this great photoshoot from the NYtimes. (click for more) Parts of it remind me so much of the onsen Mitch and I went to 2 years ago. Man... it was so awesome. The water so warm, but snow everywhere, even on our eyelashes!

here's one of the photos from the onsen we went to... I can't find a photo of the pools right now because we moved and my backup cds are in a pile somewhere, but the format of the pool was just like the one in that photoshoot above! The night we got to the onsen... there was no snow at all. We woke up the next morning and it looked like THIS:
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Click for Fullsize )
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Dec Arts, Day 5, quickie Danger Kitty at request of volleygurl2418 <3
on DA


this is the first flash website in a LONG TIME that (a) Didn't make me angry and (b) filled me with UTTER GLEE. Dude people, the flowers bloom, the heavenly light falls on the virgin mary. Geese fly. Gypsy Caravan. It's awesome. The clothes on it are pretty great, too. (thanks to twinkiechan for the headsup.)
Another cool clothes site (this time with leather, thanks to missmonster:

Thanks to Char, a jazzy Madonna Vogue-esque kinda-loli music video (with mens in tailcoats foofing around):
( Namie Amuro - Fast Car )
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The Kabuki demonstration/performance/lecture last night was AMAZING. It was just as good as the Bunraku (Japanese puppet) event last year. Now all we need is for them to bring Kabuki and Bunraku AGAIN,... and bring out Takarazuka. TEE-HEE! Please pardon my gibberish spewing about it.

They explained the musical cues (how the drums immitated rain and snow... ) and then we watched the performance of Sagi Musume (look it up on youtube... it'll make you cry.) Even though I probably should have gotten there earlier, I still was sitting quite close. The theater is relatively small, so I think everyone got a really intimate view of it.

Sagi Musume is about a snow heron who imagines herself as a human girl. As she daydreams,... visually, she's transforming into a woman. With the help of one stage hand, she's able to change extremely quickly (often while still dancing) from kimono to kimono. She dances through her imagined human life, but things get darker and her love ends badly. In despair, she changes back into her real form, the heron. At the very end... the bird maiden, standing on a platform, with a sudden spotlight on her highlighting her feather-patterned kimono... really DID look like a bird. The illusion was fascinating.

a few random notes and sketches done during the lecture and performance:

The onnagata, after performing sagi musume,... came out in his makeup, sans-wig, just in a simple yukata... and explained how he did the female movements!

His explanation and demo was utterly amazing. He'd be standing normally, as a guy... and then he'd say, watch me become a woman... and he'd pull his shoulder blades back, and slope his shoulders,... and roll his upper body delicately as he walked with his knees together... one foot pigeon-toed right in front of the other. That was impressive, but seeing JUST the shoulder part from behind... you really got the impression that he suddenly was a woman. You could hear the murmur of surprise and delight ripple across the audience.

They also showed from start to finish doing the kumadori red makeup! ON STAGE! With a camera on him so we could see close up! They impressed upon us how lucky we were to see this "backstage" information... that they don't show this kind of thing even in Japan. (They even took off one of the "stage ninja"'s masks.)
and then the two actors performed a male and female lion dance. ENCHANTING. We of course gave them a standing ovation.

The most important thing I learned, though, was how to laugh like a woman. <3

Have a nice weekend, everyone!
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Looks like Takuya Angel is coming to Pacific Media Expo this year!

Bosozoku and Circus photos under the cut! )
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More later!
photos by diavana. <3

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Bosozoku )
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can anyone help me figure out the kanji to say "CAKE OR DEATH" ?

蛋糕 = cake (I THINK??) (katakana = ケーキ )
死 = death
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Wednesday, September 16th at 8pm at Royal/T Cafe in Culver City!
MORE INFO HERE! I'll be there in hot pink with sakura embroidery. BOOYA. By the teeth.

coming up:

More info:
(I'll be going to the Thurs 8pm performance, probably in kimono.)
There's also apparently a free event at Calarts earlier in the week, but other than this flyer from claw789, I don't know more about it.
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TODAY'S TEA: Fortnum & Mason Earl Grey Classic (while eating raspberries in vanilla yogurt + granola)

1913 Un Loup En Cage - Costume de "Maya" par Worth
~ lamodeillustree

So what should I embroider on my tokko-fuku (long biker-gang jacket)? Mine is going to be hot pink. (duh). I'm thinking koi swimming upstream and cherry blossoms. :)
I'll probably get my Japanese friends to help me pic some characters to write/embroider on it later, but I don't have time for much right now. Still will be cool if I can do anything.
Hoping to wear it to this if I get it done in time.

Dude. it's a NINJA SONG.
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HEADSUP SAN FRAN - I'm probably going to be driving up to San Fran on Tues or something as my last hurrah before DragonCon and back to work. Maybe I'll get a Chick Fil'A on the way.

Completely unrelated: BOSOZOKU PARTY!
Oh, dear, the next party at Royal/T is going to be Bosozoku (Japanese Biker Gangs!)!
You know I'm all over that. I already ordered a tokko-fuku. Hopefully I'll have some time to trick it out before then. <3
Ya'll better show up with some awesome leopard, versa** and pimp shoes.

Wednesday, September 16th at Royal/T Cafe in Culver City!

Get your Japanese Biker Gang outfits ready! Epic party, with OUTRAGEOUS photo booth co-designed by ZIPPERCUT and BUBBLE PUNCH! (You know that these guys always do an awesome photobooth and have great photographers, that's reason enough to go. heeee.)
More details to come!
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I miss mister donut in Japan.
matcha cake donuts with choco frosting... frankie pies...

Last time I went (Spring 08 with my husband) the sakura were blooming down the street and we'd go to Mister Donut almost every morning before hopping on the subway to start our day.

photo from kuishinbomeow

Going to New People this weekend really reminded me of going shopping in Tokyo. It made me feel all nostalgic! I don't know when I'll have the time or money to go back to Tokyo, again... and I'm super grateful to live in California where I have access to so much stuff...
but Mister Donut, can you feel my love from across the ocean?


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