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More Roses from Huntington Garden (FAVES) )

If you want to see more rose photos, I'll be putting the rest (mostly for my own reference) in another later post.
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I'm finally done (sortof) with storyboards for Futurama ep 616, so I took a break by going to Huntington Library again today! I wore my Innocent World Forest Harvest Festival skirt (hurhur.) I was really glad to get out. ALL THE ROSES are in full bloom right now, so if you are in the area, you really should do yourself a favor and go, like now. <3
Anyway... too tired to go through all the photos right now, but here's a couple. :)

Annie took this pic. :)
The big climbing rose behind me that I'm oh, so excited about is Madame Alfred Carriere (a 1879 noisette)... but more importantly, it's the same rose I have planted two of to grow up the front of my house. Grow, my pretties, grow!

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So, this is what I bought to read on the plane to Japan:
- Nana V.9
- Love*Com V.5
- Fruits Basket V.19

What will Mitch be reading?
- "Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader" by Bradley K Martin (about North Korea)
- "The French Revolution: A Very Short Introduction" by William Doyle.
(his other top choice was "Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives" by Alan Bullock)

I think it's pretty funny the difference in what we chose to read, huh? I love that my husband is bookish. I like nerdy boys. XD (to be fair, I will probably read the French Revolution book after him, and I will enjoy listening to his commentary on the N. Korea book.)
however,... I'm not sure how I will be able to stand waiting till the plane ride to read my girly manga.

a few photos from Huntington Gardens today )


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