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I really love tshirts with puffed capsleeves,... but they can be a bit hard to find. I'd like to do my own designs on them, too, so it would be nice to find a good source.
American Apparel doesn't carry this style, do you know any place that carries blank tshirts with puffed cap sleeves? (an example is this kids shirt from disney or this cute Candy Violet shirt.)

I have no desire to start a tshirt business,... I don't like keeping the stock. But if I make a design for myself and you guys want to do a preorder of them, that would be fine with me. I pretty much just really want a certain style of shirt and no body makes it. So I want to make it. :\ the cute sleeve really makes a normal tshirt a lot cuter and less slumpy. (xposted to egl)

Totally unrelated to capsleeves... I really really want to make myself an offwhite skirt with lots of insertion lace and pintucks. The feeling would kindof be like this Angelic Pretty line or this BABY petti... but really... it would be me playing around with the heirloom sewing techniques I learned a year or so ago. No one will appreciate that kind of thing as much as me, so I might as well just make it for myself. (ie as opposed to a gift for someone's child.) Here's the pink dress and the white dress I previously made for people's kids. Though I'm sure I'll make another one for a baby at some point. <3

Lastly... forget the bags... check out the great skirts and dresses here! Great feminine shape, (fitted top, natural waist, foofy skirt)... lovely little floral top... very 50's housewife, which I love. Louis Vuitton, you can come play at my house! More here (you have to join to see).
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if that isn't adorable, I don't known what is. Sorry for the bad lighting, its lit from my computer screen. These are two embroideries for two dresses for two special little girls.... and the fancy lace constructed band and some tucks for one of them. :)

Today I met the designers from Angelic Pretty at Pacific Media Expo. Aren't they cute!?

My book panel went really nicely too... thanks if any of you attended!! I'm still kinda "WAAH? I have a book? what is this mystery?". Go! Comi gave me one of the uncut covers from my book. I'm going to have to find some fun left-over-memory-item from my trips to Japan and have it framed with the cover. :)

Also, I saw Sakuran (see also Sakuran wiki entry) at the Arclight. I'd heard some bad reviews about it... but I had to see it on principle since I'm a big Moyoco Anno and Anna Tsuchiya fan and the images from it looked gorgeous. I'm SO GLAD I WENT. It was a little more explicit than I would have liked (so perhaps beware?). I was expecting beautiful shots with bad acting, but I actually really liked it! and the shots WERE beautiful and so wonderful to have seen on the big screen.
looking through the AFI's program.. I wish I had some time to see some of the other films, too.
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I am wearing my sparkly converse. I've been very bad lately (due to my super crappy cold) and have been not working out and eating sugar bats.


BENTO - So in the interest of eating better, point me towards your favorite bento sites! Said sites must be either
(a) CUTE or
(b) show a way of using not so exotic things to make good bentos. (ie spagetti bento or turkey sandwich bento.)

MOCHI - has anyone had success in making Sakura Mochi before? Any particular recipes you would recommend? :)

HEIRLOOM - Today is the first day of the heirloom party dress sewing class! I hope it goes well! I've always wanted to learn this. (the dress is not for me, though I'm sure I'll use the techniques on all sorts of things)


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