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My mom is a little computer challenged. This morning was her first time sending me photo attachments on her own.
" I wanted you to have photo of 3 generations of watering pots. The old one was your great grandfather's watering can. Next, the one you gave to me and the one I gave to you."

She just mailed me the watering can on the far right. She wanted it to look like the one I'd given her and the one her grandfather had. :) She took a photo of all three before mailing me mine (for my birthday.) But you know, the oldest one still looks pretty great, doesn't it.
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My mom says that Susie Brodie was a fine woman. She was related (a bit removed) to my grandfather on my mom's side.

Susie Brodie Peach Cobbler

1 cup sugar
1 cup self rising flour
1 egg
1/2 stick margarine melted

Beat egg and add to melted margarine
Mix sugar and flour
Add a little peach juice to make batter more creamy
Add 1 tsp vanilla

Mix all together and pour over 4 cans of light peaches in 9 x 13 pyrex dish
Cook 350 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes until brown but not real dry.
Serve with dollop of ice cream

And here's a couple awesome photos from my Dad's side of the family.
Bess was my Meemaw (my Dad's mother). She loved roses, camellias, hydrangeas, rhinestone jewelry, Hummels, Wheel of Fortune (and me). She tatted lace. Isn't her dress great?

Arizona Watenbarger Denton was Meemaw's mom. She got up a sunrise and milked the cows, got the chicken eggs, and started breakfast. They lived on the side of a mountain in the sticks of TN. She was still slinging chicken necks the week before she died at 85. I love that someone wrote that these plants were "her treasure".
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Nature and Garden Photos From Recently )
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Yard Updates )
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Really busy lately, but I'm finally getting caught up on stuff. Yay! I feel really happy today! Here's some photos I've been gradually saving from my garden over the past week or so:

more photos from my garden and cloud photos )
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Sunset Halo
Originally uploaded by Merry Calliope
There's a crew-only Futurama premiere on the 24th at the FOX lot. That's cool. Mitch and I will go. I'm looking forward to everyone finally getting to see the new episodes!

I'm actually really looking forward to it. I won't be doing any selling or panels this year, I'm just going to hang out and cosplay. I did a rough muslin of my Fujimoto (Ponyo) suit pattern last night by rubbing off a pattern from a suit-jacket I have that fits like I want. Little iffy on the finishing bits of it (esp the collar), but I think I can figure it out by looking at my existing similar garments.
Mitch is excited about wearing his Kamina costume again, and if I'm feeling brave I'll probably wear Leeron. (Leeron's scary purple jumpsuit requires a certain amount of hutzpah to wear.) Regardless, just looking forward to the con.

- I really wanted a slightly candy-color for Fujimoto's wig, but I'm having a horrible time finding one. The color is rare... all places that have the color are either japanese or chinese (which has language barrier or shopping service problems).... and so many stores say " you can have this wig in any color" but then you ask them about 4 different colors and they can't get them in any of them. :\ What I really want though is this wig from Airily, that's the color I want. But it's sold out. :( :( :( :(

Just a reminder that I will not be doing any panels or selling at SDCC this year. My last Futurama deadline is right before the con, and I just need to take it easy this year. I will be GOING to SDCC, but mostly only on the weekend.

I probably haven't mentioned it on here but I'm going to be doing Bioshock with my girls for SDCC masquerade this year. You can see some of their insane progress work on HCC's journal. I'm mostly just there for moral support, handling and feeding them, but I will have an outfit. It just won't be an outfit with robot parts or mutations. Instead, I'll be wearing this 40's dress! It's actually my first real vintage pattern, I'm looking forward to messing around with it. And I'm sure I'll end up wearing the dress as a non-cosplay every-day dress, too. I like this style. I'll try to do a really nice clean job on it.

Figured out I was actually UNDERwatering my lavender and camellia. I've been getting so much conflicting advice about how much to water that I was getting really frustrated. But one of the ladies at the nursery said that I should be doing a deep water (of about an hour or more) about once a week or once every two weeks. I did a deep water last night of the camellia and problem lavenders in particular, and already this morning the camellia's leaves look perkier, so it definitely was an underwater issue. I think I was watering too frequently, too shallowly. So I'm going to have to figure out the irrigation systems more and set up a once a week deep water, and have the other days just water the lawn only. I think it can do that. Overall I'm starting to get the hang of watching the plants for signs of what's wrong with them. So hopefully I'll get it all figured out eventually. I've only killed a few rogue plants. All the agapanthus, morea, roses(!) and trees are doing great and there's this one variety of penstemon that just does fabulous for me as well as one variety of lavender (grosso) that seems to be really happy, too.

Broke down and preordered Milky Planet skirt in yellow through a shopping service. It's so Candy Land! I figure the skirt will be the safest bet for me considering how ridiculously short this line appears to be. I'll figure out some way to modify it though to make it work if it's short, because this print is THAT AWESOME. I'll have to figure out some cute way to make a bodice to go with it. I loved the scallop on the JSK... so maybe I'll do something kind of like that (but with a white cloud scallop...?)
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I was planting some nepeta faassenii and iberis in the front this morning (and moving a couple roses that I planted incorrectly in the dark earlier this week DOH!) and the sweet little lady with her dog walked by and said: "You're going to make that so pretty that people make you move out of the neighborhood."
(now lets see if I can manage not to kill more lavender or my camellia by overwatering them)

I'm off to FANIME / SAN JOSE later today. I'll probably only really be at FANIME on Saturday though, mostly for the Fantaisies dans le Monde des RĂªves lolita tea and event. I'll be back in town late on Mon. You know the drill.
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CAN'T STAND IT. LOVE THIS ROSE SO MUCH. This is my baby Sombreuil's first bloom. It is a climbing white old tea rose (1851?). I planted it in early Feb as a David Austin bareroot (even though it's not a DA rose,... it's an older rose). I can't even imagine how beautiful it will be when it gets bigger and is climbing my-yet-to-be-bought arbor. :D :D
DA Jude the Obscure is also blooming and smells divine.
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hey folks, I'm out of town for Burnley and Trowbridge 18th century zone front gown class with Judy. I'll be gone until late Sunday. If you really really need me for something use my macmail account if you have it or leave me a comment here.
I'm making my gown with this fabric. I'm looking forward to the class,... but I'm worried as this is more strictly historical than I've ever done, I hope I do ok!

I'm finally feeling a little bit better this morning (I'm such a whiney baby when I'm sick.) Just gotta make it through May. RAARRR!

Enjoy some more rose and iris photos:

more Descanso rose and iris photos )
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Got interviewed by LA WEEKLY regarding my artshow this weekend! Go take a look!

And again, for more info on the artshow, see this post or facebook RSVP.

Am officially sick today. Why you do this to me, body? WHY?
Dayquil totally makes me useless and loopy, too.

whatever, lets look at flowers. I keep meaning to post this, so I had it backlogged, anyway... FLOWERS IN MY YARD.

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More Roses from Huntington Garden (FAVES) )

If you want to see more rose photos, I'll be putting the rest (mostly for my own reference) in another later post.
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Please see previous post for Doctor Who silly arts

SIDENOTE: I got my Costume College class pack yesterday and sent in my limited class choices this morning. I decided to try for: Introduction to Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Shiny! Making Wings That Gleam, Wire Frame Early Victorian Bonnets, and Embellishing With Bead Embroidery.
I do wish there were some Victorian or 18th century dress-making classes or something of that ilk this year, though...! I so enjoyed taking the francaise draping class last year!

By the way, if you're signing up for classes, my darling Judy is teaching a couple and she rules and does great classes. Her Fantastical-wig class on Friday should be fun. Cause she makes crazy wigs like this and this. She's also doing a Historical and Fantastical Hats class on Saturday. :)

Garden Progress )
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"When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breath, to think, to enjoy, to love."
~ Marcus Aurelius

Great Maiden's Blush Alba rose.
My first bloom of this type! Supposedly the rose was introduced around 1550! I have two of them in a shady part of my front yard right next to the house. They don't look like normal roses... the leaves and thorns and buds are different. The buds look like someone ate the top part off and it took a very long time for the bud to open... But then it blooms and it's gorgeous and you realize it's normal for that plant. It's charming! I'm so glad I got it.
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I spent the whole first half of the day cleaning the house and finally packing up the Christmas decorations. They'd been in a pile in the dining room,... so don't think that I actually still had a Christmas tree up... but... yeah. I also cleaned up the various-piles-of-random-crap in the garage. A lot of work! I still have probably a couple more hours of work to go before I feel like I'm kinda done, but yay! Progress.

GARDENING: Later,... I spent like 3 or 4 hours going to the plant nursery and then weeding in my yard, fertilizing a few things and planting a few things.

The nursery lady, who is SUPER NICE, said that she thought it was unlikely that my now-blooming-white sakura tree is SECRETLY pink... and I just can't bring myself to call the landscapers and ask them to replace it with a pink one. The white tree is really pretty and it has a hummingbird nest in it. I don't want to pull it up. So white it is! I think I may get a pink tree next year to go next to it though... even if that is a tiny bit off-balance. We'll see. Anyway, here's my white sakura: (If you're curious what the whole tree looks like right now)

She also warned me that I was over-watering my wisteria and camellias... so I'm going to try and figure out the irrigation system better this week.

Specifically I wanted to get a couple plants for my local hummingbirds, so I got some more penstemon and some salvia lemonii. Also got some catmint, dahlberg daisy (golden fleece) and some santa barbara daisy (erigeron karuinskianus). I also got some Italian basil (YAY!) to add to my pots-of-herbs section.

This is Gloire de Dijon such a giant bloom on such a little plant! That's the whole plant you guys.

Here's what my weeping sakura looks like right now

Here's my Lady Banks rose! This is one of my nostalgic favorites... they always covered things in Charleston.

It's so funny... my dad always jokes about my mom staying outside working in the yard until it starts to get really dark. And that's what I did! Just putting around the nursery for a while was super relaxing with all the good smelling plants... and then planting them in my yard later and weeding, etc... it was super relaxing, too. I actually kinda like weeding. I think it's a hereditary disease. A lot of the plants I bought smell really yummy too, like the basil, catmint and dahlberg daisy. My thyme is doing really well... maybe in a few more months it will have filled up all the cracks in-between my patio stones. and the rosemary smells so good, too!

I love the little old lady who works at the nursery, too... she's so sweet. She wished me a Happy Easter. You could tell she really meant it. Have a great weekend you guys.
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Well, I still don't know what kind of sakura this is that was planted in my back yard! haha! The nursery told me it was a double pink... (and still hasn't gotten back to me...) but it's clearly a single... and well, it's white! But then, the photos that Jason took of clearly-labled Pink Cloud sakura in Van Nuys were white as baby trees, too.... so maybe mine will turn pink next year? Also makes me wonder if my tree is a Pink Cloud... which would be awesome if it was, because... well, you all know why. I love those Van Nuys trees.

Sadly, it seems something ate the hummingbird egg. Poor thing.

This is what the whole tree looks like.

Here's my baby Snow Fountain weeping sakura! Isn't it beautiful?

and here's my first Madame Alfred Carriere bloom! I'm pleasantly surprised by the pinkish tinge when the bloom is young! And the shape of the bloom... oh,... madame, you are so charming! If you want to see the shape of the bush click here. MAC is a climbing noisette rose. Supposedly MAC gets huge... I'm looking forward to it, Madame, please get huge and cover the front of my house!
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Hi, folks!
One of my wisteria vines is also blooming! ... and here's another photo of Belle Story Rose!

More Balboa Park Sakura photos later. I took a ton... so... I need time to edit them and I'm just BEAT, BEAT!

Look at what I found in my baby sakura tree!
This bird nest is super super tiny! Is it a hummingbird nest? I put up a feeder in my yard,... I think maybe I should put up another one, too! I loooove hummingbirds. I'll plant some more hummingbird friendly plants when I get some time, too.

This is one of my little (planted in Dec) sakura trees. I'm not sure what type it is... at the nursery they told me it it was a double-pink... but it's blooming single white. But sometimes people say it doesn't bloom what it is the first year. I don't really mind either way, I like both types (though I'd prefer a pink since my other tree is definitely a white!) I'm super happy that it looks like it's actually going to bloom a decent amount soon! So hopefully that means it's doing well.
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"I have woven a parachute out of everything broken."
~ William Stafford

Unrelated rose photos. A progression of Belle Story (each photo is about a day apart)
The color change from bud to flower isn't a trick of the light... the buds start out almost hot pink and then open to a lovely peachy pink with yellow at the base.

lastly, a couple of my David Austin bareroot roses have started growing (some have leaves, even!) (hopefully that's ok that they aren't all sprouting?) I really need to check in with my local nursery about whether I should be fertilizing again and whether I need some iron-stuff, etc... have been too busy. This one below is Cl. Eden. Happy Nubs!
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Happy Hina Matsuri (Doll's day or Girl's day) (a day late... but I took this photo yesterday...?)
I have my rement hina set up at home. :) Which gets knocked over at least twice a day.

BELOW: The diamond shaped mochi in the middle is hishi-mochi. Pink for the flowers coming out, green for grass (kusa-mochi flavored with mugwort?) and white is for snow melting. The light green fluffy mochi to the upper right is a shigure (my favorite kind of mochi) and the still-rice-shaped pink mochi wrapped in a leaf to the lower left is sakura mochi... usually only seen in the spring around sakura-blooming time. These are from Fugetsu-Do.

Ponyo's out on DVD this week! I took this photo below while driving to the FOX lot... I thought it kinda looks like Ponyo's friend's house on the hill... you know, plus a couple million dollars.

Also... some of my rose are threatening to bloom. IS THAT OK? Can I leave the buds on...? All of these were planted in January. < /newbie >
I took photos of a few of the buds and flowers,... if you want to see, click the name of the rose. The tiny tiny Reine Des Violettes and Gloire de Dijon each have a small bud on them... as does one of the MYSTERY roses... and even my snowfountain weeping sakura has a tiny little bud on it.
Belle Storey, which was put in as a 5 gallon, is more understandable. There are sizable buds all over it... and of course the rosemary is happy.
This one below is a gallon-sized Sydonie.

I'll leave you with Mini Moni (Morning Musume) Hina Matsuri

Please see previous post for sale items.


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