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Really busy lately, but I'm finally getting caught up on stuff. Yay! I feel really happy today! Here's some photos I've been gradually saving from my garden over the past week or so:

more photos from my garden and cloud photos )
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REMINDER: Fleeting Projects: FOLKLORE show this Sunday! 7pm, Santa Monica! More info here on my LJ and here on Facebook (RSVP!). We're totally busting our butts to show you art for ONE EVENING.

More of the Poppy Adventure with Mom )
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More Roses from Huntington Garden (FAVES) )

If you want to see more rose photos, I'll be putting the rest (mostly for my own reference) in another later post.
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I'm finally done (sortof) with storyboards for Futurama ep 616, so I took a break by going to Huntington Library again today! I wore my Innocent World Forest Harvest Festival skirt (hurhur.) I was really glad to get out. ALL THE ROSES are in full bloom right now, so if you are in the area, you really should do yourself a favor and go, like now. <3
Anyway... too tired to go through all the photos right now, but here's a couple. :)

Annie took this pic. :)
The big climbing rose behind me that I'm oh, so excited about is Madame Alfred Carriere (a 1879 noisette)... but more importantly, it's the same rose I have planted two of to grow up the front of my house. Grow, my pretties, grow!

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Please see previous post for Doctor Who silly arts

SIDENOTE: I got my Costume College class pack yesterday and sent in my limited class choices this morning. I decided to try for: Introduction to Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Shiny! Making Wings That Gleam, Wire Frame Early Victorian Bonnets, and Embellishing With Bead Embroidery.
I do wish there were some Victorian or 18th century dress-making classes or something of that ilk this year, though...! I so enjoyed taking the francaise draping class last year!

By the way, if you're signing up for classes, my darling Judy is teaching a couple and she rules and does great classes. Her Fantastical-wig class on Friday should be fun. Cause she makes crazy wigs like this and this. She's also doing a Historical and Fantastical Hats class on Saturday. :)

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Mom's Gone

Apr. 14th, 2010 09:15 am
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I love living in California, love my life, my home, my job, my friends, the weather, what I have access to... But it really sucks that my family lives 3,000 miles away. I'm so sad. :( Put my mom on a shuttle. Gotta pull myself up and get some serious work done today, though.
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Mom and I went out to the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve today. It was AMAZING. We seem to have hit just the right location at just the right time with just the right weather. More later.

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hahah. Jason shares my affliction of loving to explore random pretty places in SoCal. I'm so glad he found these fields. I'd never even heard of them before. (again they are near the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve.) Thanks for bein awesome, Jason! <3 Jason took another epic flower shot here, too.

It's so nice to finally get some photos that aren't bad-flash-night photos of this costume. I made it almost three years ago based on the Broadway musical belle costume but I'd only worn it to the Disney Halloween events, so I never really got any photos of it. I want to make another Belle costume this year. It's still my favorite Disney movie. :)

It was so windy, I can't believe Jason got some shots with my eyes open at all! I think I still have dust in my mouth. haha. XD
Make sure you click for the larger versions so you can see EPIC POPPIES.

Click for larger

Click for larger
.... on DA.
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Jason decided to run out and look for wildflowers yesterday. Since the house is clean now, I decided to go out with him today! We went to the area surrounding the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve.

Like the huge dork that I am, I dressed up in my musical peasant Belle costume cause you know, the hills are alive and all. But when we got out there, it was EPIC WINDY. Like it was so windy at one point that I had a hard time walking. Hahah, not to mention keeping my eyes open at all... or my wig not looking like bozo the clown. Haha. Hopefully Jason got a couple non-scary shots. Regardless, we had fun. I climbed a big hill with epic rocks on the top. I felt like Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle. XD
I love exploring places! I've never even HEARD of the poppy reserve until today. California is a pretty rad place. So much variety. I'd love to find some of the epic lupine fields (probably up near the grapevine,... Alvin or Bakersfield area...? but I wonder if there's a closer field.)... wonder if I'll have time while they're in bloom.

Here's a couple shots I took.

Jason with his giant camera. <3


The hill of epic rocks that I climbed (in a Belle costume. ufufufufu)

Only shot I have of me today. haha. whatever. XD
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I spent the whole first half of the day cleaning the house and finally packing up the Christmas decorations. They'd been in a pile in the dining room,... so don't think that I actually still had a Christmas tree up... but... yeah. I also cleaned up the various-piles-of-random-crap in the garage. A lot of work! I still have probably a couple more hours of work to go before I feel like I'm kinda done, but yay! Progress.

GARDENING: Later,... I spent like 3 or 4 hours going to the plant nursery and then weeding in my yard, fertilizing a few things and planting a few things.

The nursery lady, who is SUPER NICE, said that she thought it was unlikely that my now-blooming-white sakura tree is SECRETLY pink... and I just can't bring myself to call the landscapers and ask them to replace it with a pink one. The white tree is really pretty and it has a hummingbird nest in it. I don't want to pull it up. So white it is! I think I may get a pink tree next year to go next to it though... even if that is a tiny bit off-balance. We'll see. Anyway, here's my white sakura: (If you're curious what the whole tree looks like right now)

She also warned me that I was over-watering my wisteria and camellias... so I'm going to try and figure out the irrigation system better this week.

Specifically I wanted to get a couple plants for my local hummingbirds, so I got some more penstemon and some salvia lemonii. Also got some catmint, dahlberg daisy (golden fleece) and some santa barbara daisy (erigeron karuinskianus). I also got some Italian basil (YAY!) to add to my pots-of-herbs section.

This is Gloire de Dijon such a giant bloom on such a little plant! That's the whole plant you guys.

Here's what my weeping sakura looks like right now

Here's my Lady Banks rose! This is one of my nostalgic favorites... they always covered things in Charleston.

It's so funny... my dad always jokes about my mom staying outside working in the yard until it starts to get really dark. And that's what I did! Just putting around the nursery for a while was super relaxing with all the good smelling plants... and then planting them in my yard later and weeding, etc... it was super relaxing, too. I actually kinda like weeding. I think it's a hereditary disease. A lot of the plants I bought smell really yummy too, like the basil, catmint and dahlberg daisy. My thyme is doing really well... maybe in a few more months it will have filled up all the cracks in-between my patio stones. and the rosemary smells so good, too!

I love the little old lady who works at the nursery, too... she's so sweet. She wished me a Happy Easter. You could tell she really meant it. Have a great weekend you guys.
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I might go go play in a flower field tomorrow if I can find someone to go with me. Or maybe even if I can't. I got at lot of cleaning done today and figured out some Kaguya-hime details... so I can go play in a field, right?

I forget what kind of trees these are. You see them all over Southern CA this time of year.

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Some fun stuff I liked lately (some from TW):
~ Apparently the new Doctor Who team is going to NY? (dude, are they going to come to LA? Bueller?)
~ How to Train Your Dragon is totally adorable. The dragons are like cats and the vikings have yarn-hair. Recommend!
~ Michael Caine kicking ass? Yes, please.
~ Twilight Modern Warfare 2 (what it says on the tin. SO funny)
~ Galactic Empire State of Mind
~ Tokyo in HDR photos (totally gives me nostalgia)
~ interesting tea-colored ruffled vest at TopShop
~ This Anthropologie cardigan makes me want to applique crap on my cheapo Old Navy hoodies.

Would still love some feedback on my previous post if you have time! :)

one of my wisteria plants is blooming! (the others are not... I wonder if I should worry about them... hmmm...)

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Well, I still don't know what kind of sakura this is that was planted in my back yard! haha! The nursery told me it was a double pink... (and still hasn't gotten back to me...) but it's clearly a single... and well, it's white! But then, the photos that Jason took of clearly-labled Pink Cloud sakura in Van Nuys were white as baby trees, too.... so maybe mine will turn pink next year? Also makes me wonder if my tree is a Pink Cloud... which would be awesome if it was, because... well, you all know why. I love those Van Nuys trees.

Sadly, it seems something ate the hummingbird egg. Poor thing.

This is what the whole tree looks like.

Here's my baby Snow Fountain weeping sakura! Isn't it beautiful?

and here's my first Madame Alfred Carriere bloom! I'm pleasantly surprised by the pinkish tinge when the bloom is young! And the shape of the bloom... oh,... madame, you are so charming! If you want to see the shape of the bush click here. MAC is a climbing noisette rose. Supposedly MAC gets huge... I'm looking forward to it, Madame, please get huge and cover the front of my house!


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