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some outfits from recently )

Some lovely early Kodachrome tests (thanks sarahbellum!)
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SIDENOTE: Yesterday I finished two more pieces for my Kaguya-hime artshow... and I recorded some tutorials while I was doing that... so as soon as I have time to edit them, I'll put those up. But I'm not sure when I'll have time.
Haha.. maybe next month. Anyway, I am working on it for you guys!

Green Tea Sakura KitKat. SO DELICIOUS.

Pudding I ate before watching Iron Man 2 (YESSSSSS. I want to see it five more times, but I won't.)
What I wore for Michelle's birthday. :)
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Crisso and I met up with some of our friends today that we haven't seen in a long time, in particular Angie! (Hi!) We went to school together (and actually... I know there are a lot of Avatar: the Last Airbender fans reading this, right...? She did a lot of the designs for the show.)
Anyway, it was nice to catch up a bit and eat yummy things!

Some random outfits from recently.
Left: Pearls a gift from Char <3, Shirt from Banana Republic, Belt from Anthropologie, Skirt from BTSSB, Flats from Ciao Bella. I wore this to tea today.
Middle: Shirt from Kmart(!), Vest from Forever21, Skirt from Angelic Pretty, Bunny Bag from BTSSB
Right: Shirt from Delias(?), Belt from H&M, Skirt from Metamorphose (I wore this to work!)

I've been getting braver and more comfortable lately in working froufrou items into my everyday wardrobe. A big help was getting some of my skirts altered at the tailor so that the waist was more comfortable. I debated about it for a long time... but now don't regret it at all. I feel like it frees me up to wear them more and enjoy them more.

Those of you who are "larger" fans of lolita, did you notice the recent two LL size JSKs? this one and this one. They're slightly larger than their normal LL size. Most of you already saw them, but I felt I would be remiss not to mention them. <3

Also, this cute ruffled blouse from Kmart has been making the rounds. It comes in white, lavendar and pink! and it's $4. I have both the pink and lavendar, it's pretty fabulous, actually.

Well, back to cleaning the house!
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That's it. I can't take it anymore. As soon as I'm done with these From Far Away costumes I'm making myself 1 plaid and 1 floral maxi sundress. I've been wanting to make one for forever. Can't buy one in the stores because I hate empire-waisted or bag-dresses. I want a fitted bodice with a looooong tiered skirt.

~ chu... anyone notice the Fourth Doctor on the left there?
(Photos from thecherryblossomgirl of Kenzo's show)
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Signed up for Burnley and Trowbridge's 18th century gown class (the 1st zone-front-ish one). That gown type was the next one on my historic list (besides Victorian) and it'll be great to make most of a gown in a weekend and have it draped to me instead of a bought pattern. I have 5 yards of this pink asian floral... hopefully I could use that. (not including petticoat.)

There's a lot of fun floral stuff out for spring! H&M has a new garden collection coming out sporadically until the end of the month. I particularly liked the dress in the picture above, but I think I'd have more fun making something similar myself out of my own fabric choices. (most H&M and F21 dresses are horrifically short on me.) Aren't the pockets FABULOUS? YOU CAN PUT THINGS IN THEM.

Forever 21 and Topshop have some fun spring florals, too! F21 is also having a pretty deep sale and some of the stuff on sale is military coats and vests! Stock up before it goes out of style. lol. (I'm going to be wearing military vests periodically until death, I'm sure.) I also really like all the big bows and fascinators they've had out lately like this big rosette. For $6, it's worth it more to buy it than for me to make one. Great for fancy outfits or for gothic lolita.

... on a side note, I think everyone who has long legs should write F21 and request longer skirts and dresses. I can't be the only person who doesn't want their butt hanging out.

Metamorphose is going to be putting up a Blooming Garden series soon, too. The yellow colorway is so cheerful...! And the black is lovely. Unfortunately, as per usual LATELY, Meta doesn't list the min-max sizes on their garments.

I need a spare pair of glasses. Not sure if I should get these glasses or not. What do you guys think? Normally I wear a less conspicuous mostly rimless pair of a similar shape.

(click for larger)

OMAKE: My first cherry blossom from my baby trees in my yard! This is a weeping white cherry. (snowfountain). And actually, there are some green buds on my double pink cherry, too... so looks like I'll get a couple blossoms this year at least! fun! :)
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I know a lot of people who aren't into lolita fashion read my journal. Sometimes it's hard to explain the fashion... or explain why people like it (other than "it's cute, it's pretty...")

Because really it is in it's purest form an esthetic. And people can add lifestyles and meanings to it but it's about a look, first. USUALLY when mainstream media picks up something, it's just off. But this music video by Paramore really FEELS like lolita. The lead singer is may be wearing Bodyline (a knockoff brand, and I hate ankle socks) but she chose a simple elegant piece, and she looks good in it, and the combined effect of the video (the lighting, the fairytale theme,... even dark fairytale) FEELS like lolita.
Just so I'm not misunderstood... while the themes in this video definitely go with the feel of lolita... I don't think that lolita is -necessarily- an escape ("Because your real life is tragic, You built up a world of magic"), it's something different to different people. (I have nothing to escape, I'm not wearing it as a reaction to men, I'm not trying to be a princess.) Often people try to analyze why girls wear it. I'm not saying that's not interesting,... but sometimes it's just, "because I like it." Thanks to ~ Carousel of Crowns.

(from Spoon March 09)
I've been reading more about Mori Girl style (more and more ... WonderRocket, and mori books on and Dolly/Antique Doll (grimoire blog (shop)). Overall the style is not something that I'd want to adopt, because bag dresses are NOT flattering on me, nor are all those layers on layers. And I'm not Hagu. But I think parts of it are inspiring. It's not dependent on brand, perfection, or being young/thin. The details and colors and feeling of the clothes as a "big picture" is charming. I could see people taking stuff from Anthropologie, Pink House or even lolita items and wearing them inspired by this style. I really want a faux fur fox stole in brown. :)

Something else I enjoyed reading was this article about COOL MOMS in Japan. Specifically:
"They tend to like costume play. That’s why they have no resistance to have individual sense of fashion. Free and unique fashion styles are created by them, because they prefer to choose fashion items for self-expression."
That's cool, man.

Some other blogs you might enjoy reading
I like looking at blogs with pretty pictures... -----
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this is glamorous

Some pretty TUMBLRS
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I finally caved and got this blue Marine Rose Alice and the Pirates skirt. I'd wanted it for a while. Apparently it's 53+ cm long, which is my ideal length. And I got it for really cheap secondhand!

I think I need to take my black and white BTSSB Ribbon Scallop JSK and add some French sentence in white embroidery.

Trying to decide what to wear for the Annie Awards this weekend. HMMMMMM...

Went by Anthropologie (just to windowshop, they have nice coordinate ideas.) These two dresses (below left) were really pretty. I liked the rough crayon embroidery of the planes. And then the other pale dress was just very soft and flowy.

H&M had this great dress (the green floral, below right.) But what's great about it,... is that,.. when it's on, it has a great retro feel. The bodice is fit classically... and the skirt is long and full. It's fabulous. It's something that you feel compelled to wear pearls with and eat tiny sandwiches.
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I'm kind of refining my loli/egl wardrobe a bit lately. Expect a sales post within a day. <3
I'd been debating about these items for a while, I finally decided to order them today. (It's too bad that Alice and the Pirates doesn't make larger size blouses, I really love AaTP style lately... it's a nice combo of what I like...) I still love sweet stuff and am keeping a most of it, but I want to try some ETC style, classic/otome and elegant gothic... or just coordinating things in a more casual way. I'd like to focus more on getting things that I can wear more often, too, instead of just to special events.

It's funny that people often say that taller or older girls shouldn't wear sweet and should go more gothic... but most of the time, that's just not me. Like this kind of (Mana) gothic is just not really my style most of the time. It's too dramatic and I feel like I have to somehow fit my personality around it when wearing it. (This is partially my own perception and how I feel in the clothes because there are plenty of cheerful goths who are my friends.) And I love my Atelier Boz coat, I feel all powerful when I wear it,... but most days, I'm a little too Dory for that. But lately... I really love stuff that is a little bit more elegant and a little bit more gothic... some of the Alice and the Pirates or darker sweet stuff is soft and romantic enough that it just feels gorgeous with out making me feel like I have to break out the black nail polish. <3

I ended up getting the Qutieland KidsYOYO coat in pink, thanks for helping me decide! I've wanted a clean shaped coat in this color and style for YEARS and I've been happy with KidsYOYO quality. I got it without the capelet or other stuff, just wanted to keep the cost down and keep the look classic.

Please note the blue black set in the lower right corner. It's so romantic! Am I crazy for really loving it? The white bow KidsYOYO blouse and the F+F cravat black blouse are to wear with some of my more gothic stuff like Vampire Requiem, Alice and the Pirates (unknownname) skirt and my Atelier Boz coat.

click for larger
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... )

All Saints

Nov. 24th, 2009 10:48 am
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All Saints is having a 20% off sale today.
NOTE: only the UK site is having the sale. But it's free shipping worldwide if you order over £250. On the US site, no sale, but free shipping regardless of purchase price.

I've been wanting a hitch dress from them ever since London... but I waited and waited... having it on sale was good,... but seeing a hitch dress like this one with a traditional Japanese print was just TOO MUCH for me. I'm glad I decided quickly, too, because it was the last one of my size.

also, my babes look hot at ROAD WARRIOR (stolen from Truemee)
lilusako, neku_niku, and sekiria
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so I haven't bought makeup for a while, but ashbet, fatwetdog and mmymoon had been talking about it lately...

... I went to the mall to check out NARS, Sephora's and MAC's new winter/fall stuff.
I'd been really preferring lately on using loose mineral pigments for eyeshadow, for the intensity,... but still NARS' Mekong eyeshadow really caught my eye. It's really a powerful and dark "gold-infused expresso", but still sparkly. (much more powerful than it appears on the website) I'll look forward to doing a smokey eye with it. I also liked the Fast Ride Lipstick. It's really creamy and has a romantic dark mulberry look. You'd THINK I would LOVE the Angelika light pink sparkly blush... but the pink is just too baby-pink for my skintone apparently.

Also really liked Smashbox's LIMITLESS LONG WEARING LIP GLOSS in "Non-stop", a great candy pink glassy gloss, not too sticky. I've had kindof a crush-on for pink glassy lip gloss ever since the first time I went to Tokyo. Glad you can get that kind of style here now, too (actually for a while, you've been able to, happily.)

Loved the pink-wigged Marie Antoinette-styled packaging on Too Faced' Glamour Revolution gift set... but somehow convinced myself I didn't need it. close-up of the front of the package. The funny (and not great) thing is that that bright pink shadow you see on the model in the packaging is not included in the gift pack! Still, very adorable packaging.

I wanted to check out MAC's Style Black (AKA, the goth line), but they didn't have any of the black lipsticks in the store! LAME! I don't particularly care for their mineralize metallics, either... I don't like the large metallic flakes.

Forever21 has some really cute beret's right now. I got a black one with light gold metallic polka dots on it! Lots of stores, including F21, right now have a lot of fabulous military-jacket and biker-jacket inspired bits. I'm always weak for that.

on the LOLITA front, ... Have you guys noticed? BTSSB is doing LL sizes now.
Not just with the GloomyBear stuff, either. this unreleased pocket JSK in their fall/winter print catalog comes in LL. Be interesting to see what the LL measurements for this JSK will be as their L measurements vary greatly. I love this dress though... they had it a while back, so it's nice to see it rereleased in more sizes. (it comes in pink, brown, navy and black apparently, thanks to addictive_sugar ) I already have some black and pink... so I might go for navy or brown. Brown lately is pretty charming, kindof a fairy tale forest feel if coordinated well. .... but black X black is always good.

Twinkle Snow Crystal comes in slightly larger size, too (in fact, it's not marked as "L" but it's larger than the "L" sized Friend Usakumya. (I don't prefer that kind of gathered bodice though... it emphasizes the boobs too much on me.)

From Angelic Pretty English Store, I picked up the "Satin ribbon knit bolero" and "Milky of the fawn fake far parka" sweatshirt hoodie, both in white. Hopefully they'll fit. I've been wanting this type of thing for a while. I've tried other options and have SOME stuff from Anthro that works... but we'll see. I really love the heart pattern on the knit bolero,... and the faux pink fur and the pink deer head embroidery is really adorable.

and as always, I love Emily Temple Cute's fashion blog. So buying a knitted/crocheted flower scarf like this. (though I do already have SOME stuff like that... )
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3 sewing machine sweatshop!
I'll do a larger sewing get-together later after we move (my place is too small right now and things are still a bit hectic) But it was fun sewing and watching Zoolander and chatting.

I made two skirts, they're pretty simple to make. (just a gathered rectangle...) I wanted to make a fushia-purple skirt kinda like the one Doe Deere has. (... her blog is here) The fabric is actually leftover from the appliques on the Medicine Seller.
and then the Alice fabric I had for a while. :) (I still need to thread some ribbon through... but I couldnt find any in my stash. D: ) EDIT: you can get the fabric here.
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I want to play some old SNES emulators on the laptop, (we have a MacbookPro)... but how do you play them? do I need to get some kind of plugin or wireless video-game-type controller? Suggestions?
(this really is a not-veiled attempt to get Mitch to play Chrono Trigger)

completely unrelated:

random fashion likes lately from Kera and AliceDeco )
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Some random pretty stuff:

Purse from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, upper jewelry from Angelic Pretty, lower jewelry from Forever21 (which also has a great circus line!).

ETSY TIME: <--- cute handmade sweet jewelry (boba!) <--- tiny bottle necklaces with sweets inside <--- gorgeous polyresin bracelets <--- japanese craft books and supplies <--- cute japanese craft books and supplies <--- same as prev,+ silicon sweets supplies <--- super adorable soaps <--- gorgeous wall decals <--- another great decal spot <--- adorable terrariums

adorable velvet bordello boots up to size 12! They are on backorder, though, expected to come in mid-month. One source:
(but if you look around there are a few other stores that carry the larger size in this boot, too.) <--- group order open
THESE shoes worked great! Especially the boots (even fit my big calves!) I want to order another pair! 's website is back up!

and for something entirely different, here's some custom hand-made shoe places that do historical shoes:

Please link me up if you've found some more shoe stores that carry size USA 11+! (or know of more places that do custom historical or lolita shoes!)

Also, if you see cool military jackets, I always love those, so show me!


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