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~ Please see my prev. post if you haven't already: SDCC and Labyrinth photos and Give me Hawaii tips!.

I'm going to pimp some sellers today!

~~ Free People has put up Rose's Boomtown Doctor Who Scarf - if it's not exactly the same, it's pretty darn close.

~~ QutieLand -
they do custom-sized lolita items. It takes a while and they're simply the go between between you and the seller. So quality varies from seller to seller. I've personally been happy with KidsYoyo and DearCeline. I've heard Surface Spell is really good, too. I don't like to buy direct replicas for obvious reasons, but there's a lot of other fun stuff on this site. I think it's particularly good for taller or curvier lolitas who need more options especially when it comes to coats and blouses (items that typically run very small in "Brand" items.) I got this KidsYoyo coat from them.

~~ Blasphemina's etsy and also her dress site.
~~ IamChubbyBunny Hello Kitty Headbows. :)
~~ MissMonster monsters and mythical creatures (accessories, clothing, etc.)

They do custom items to your size and their stuff is inspired by several different types of cultural dress... plus they just make items with beautiful style and flow to them.

Some of my favorite items from them:
Blue Lotus 2-in-1 dress
Red Pocket Long Skirt
Blue Cloud Long Skirt
A Perfect Indian Skirt Pants
Blue Cloud Scarf Vest (with Pockets)
Aegon Silk Chiffon Dress

Also on Etsy:
~~ Faerie Market has some gorgeous foresty plant scarves.
~~ Ayca has some interesting scarves and sweaters, too.
~~ magdalinen beautiful natural style floral necklaces and scarves.
~~ eoncreative really fun sushi and edamame pillows.
~~ Warm Country Meadows cute mini terrarium necklaces
~~ Swirlyhats Swirly doctor suess-esque hats for kids.
~~ ScrumptiousDelight adorable food stuffed animals and hats
~~ NervousSystem really interesting weblike necklaces and jewelry.
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Hey folks!
This morning I want to show you guys the etsy shops of two Futurama coworkers, Crystal and Tricia!

Crystal's Jewelry

I've been friends with Crisso for years. She's worked at Disney, WB, the Simpsons and currently is a Director on Futurama. In her free time lately she's been making beautiful jewelry!

Tricia's Artwork, "onelittleelephant"

Tricia is another one of my friends and coworkers on Futurama and has also worked for Disney and the Simpsons. She does beautiful and cute illustrations in her free time.

Please check them out! <3
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A tall lolita sent me a message today asking for some advice... But I ended up typing such a long response, that I thought I'd post it here so other girls might find it useful, too...? This post will be useful for girls who are taller, larger and/or have larger feet (regardless of whether they are into lolita fashion or not...)

How I shop for clothes and shoes under the cut )
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TODAY'S TEA: Houji-Genmaicha from Den's Tea

Some Etsy sellers I've bought cute stuff from lately...! ------------
adorapop - lovely romantic jewelry
cottonblue and beautifulwork - adorable Japanese fabrics
stitchduchess - cute and clever crosstitch designs.
woollyduck - felted sweets
kristaface - cute sparkly resin jewelry

thanks for the sugarcookie snowflakes guys! You guys are adorable. <3

Some photos from this week,:

It's been really cold this week (for Southern California...!) I was shocked to see ice on my sidewalk and snow on the surrounding mountains! Luckily our heater got fixed. Either way I'm enjoying wearing my jackets. WOOT.

Here's my current desk. To the left (what you can't see) is a traditional animation desk. We don't use that -too- much anymore, but we still use it.
On my desk (shown) A few rement, some of those cute kidrobot Futurama figures, a karaoke bunny, Lilo and Stitch paper holder... ... my stuffed sakura tofu (the big square thing with legs and a smile. :) )... he has a squishy fake bread on his head. a bunch of tea... and lots of model sheets.
I do my drawings on the cintiq you can see on the right there. I tend to put reference pictures on the left monitor. My desktop backgrounds are Doctor Who and Sugar Sugar Rune.
Started thumbnailing storyboards for my second season 6 Futurama show. Thumbnailing tends to melt my brain,... but it's really fun, too. I can already tell I'm going to have fun with the acting in my sequences... now if I can just get those shots right!

Here's a pic from my tree this year. Noble Fir is my favorite. This little angel is from my grandma's tree. And then, being the animation dork that I have, a good 60% of the rest of the ornaments on my tree are Disney ornaments. my Lilo and Stitch one... and the whole tree itself. I ran out of ornament hooks so I didn't put my red ball ornaments on... I might leave them off. The white look is pretty.
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Some random pretty stuff:

Purse from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, upper jewelry from Angelic Pretty, lower jewelry from Forever21 (which also has a great circus line!).

ETSY TIME: <--- cute handmade sweet jewelry (boba!) <--- tiny bottle necklaces with sweets inside <--- gorgeous polyresin bracelets <--- japanese craft books and supplies <--- cute japanese craft books and supplies <--- same as prev,+ silicon sweets supplies <--- super adorable soaps <--- gorgeous wall decals <--- another great decal spot <--- adorable terrariums

adorable velvet bordello boots up to size 12! They are on backorder, though, expected to come in mid-month. One source:
(but if you look around there are a few other stores that carry the larger size in this boot, too.) <--- group order open
THESE shoes worked great! Especially the boots (even fit my big calves!) I want to order another pair! 's website is back up!

and for something entirely different, here's some custom hand-made shoe places that do historical shoes:

Please link me up if you've found some more shoe stores that carry size USA 11+! (or know of more places that do custom historical or lolita shoes!)

Also, if you see cool military jackets, I always love those, so show me!

more etsy.

Sep. 13th, 2008 01:47 pm
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DonaFlorCrochet - adorable floral crochet necklaces and felted lady bug and leaf pens
concertinapiecescute rambling flower necklaces
RecycledDesign - reused game pieces and images added to scrabble bits for necklaces.
lusterstudio- gummi bear cast charm bracelets and flat plastic scene necklaces
Silvia - delicate and imaginative crochet scarves and necklaces.
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so, on my quest to find something pretty to get my mom for her birthday, I decided to stop procrastinating and get myself a few pieces on ETSY I'd been admiring for a while. (they were all really affordable, too!) It's pretty rare for me to buy jewelry other than super super cheap plastic heart stuff. :) I'm looking forward to these!
here's what I actually got:

in the order (roughly) of the images in the above image:
CatherinetteRings <-- wire rings in both steampunk and girly. bought rings and the necklace for mom.
torque <-- filigreestyle jewelry. I bought a blue flower pendant from them.
bazaarLatino <-- vintage hairclips. I bought a multicolored flower necklace from them.
And then just more pretty stuff:
prettylilthings <-- pretty felt flower broaches
LusterStudio <-- really cute felt and plastic jewelry
JewelsByNature <-- steampunk/filigree style jewelry
Also, thanks to Mara for this RareBirdFinds link. lots of interesting stuff!
SproutHome has lots of gorgeous items as does Rockett St George

totally unrelated, but if I ever build my own home, I'm so calling these Hidden Passageway people. Always wanted one!!!

I ended up getting this one for my mom. It looks like her arbors and flowers.
gardening is one of her most beloved hobbies.
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I am really into Emily Temple Cute lately. They use cute prints like lolita designers do, but often their dresses are a little more subdued and more able to work into a casual wardrobe (at least for my personal tastes.) Look at these cute coordinates. I would like to move my wardrobe more in this direction. I saw these adorable dresses with crochet flower scarves and really lamented about not being able to buy them.

Then, on a whim, I saw these scarves on etsy from romanticgems. Aren't they perfect? I got them.


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