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BABY is rereleasing the gingham check dress... the same one that's been their front page drawing forever (circa 2002)... the same one that I adore... and the same one that was the first BABY/VOLKS collaboration. (more pics: 1, 2, 3.) Those last two are Kyoko from Kamikaze Girls wearing the dress (with matching Kira BJD). The dress never showed up in Kamikaze Girls the film... but Novala does describe a gingham dress in the book. (""...a red gingham-checked dress with a shirred bodice and three tiers of lace on either side, the whole thing accented with red ribbons and extravagantly adorable corsage-type roses." ~ re: ~ egl)

The bust and waist measurements would fit me... but I'd worry about the arms... and how short-waisted (or short-skirted) it might be. Plus it really truly is a dress that I could easily make myself, pretty much. (I could even do the ribbon embroidery and rhinestones myself) And I really need to save money... So, I'll be good. But isn't this amazing? I wonder if anyone else gives a crap. haha.
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Dec Arts Day 9!

This was a collaboration image done by Aimee C.(armeleia) and I for Den of Angels 5th Anniversary. Den of Angels is the largest English community for asian ball-jointed dolls. I was one of the founding members of Den of Angels and it's admin for a long time,... and eventually I retired and Aimee C. took over (along with the other volunteer moderators), so it's fitting that we do a collab for the anniversary!

The top figure with the blonde hair and dress was drawn and colored by me, and the lower figure with blue short hair was drawn by Aimee C. I meant to post this a while ago, but the file somehow got lost in my inbox.

You can get some t-shirts with the design, here.



♥ in lieu of that meme going around, how bout you just ask me questions and I'll answer. <3
or you can do it on twitter. By the way, I haven't had time to follow everyone and keep up with twitter and facebook, but if you @aimeekitty on twitter or you reply to a post on facebook, I -will- read it and respond where appropriate. <3

♥ Would you guys like to see a video demo on how I use COPIC markers or draw? (or would you like to see other types of videos...? Mitch is barred from answering this question.)
EDIT: I'll definitely do some drawing and marker tutorials then, when I get some time to figure out my setup, etc. :)

♥ If I did an art show, is it acceptable for me to do it with marker work? Or would I have to use watercolor or gouache or something? The reason I ask is that I've heard some people say they were worried about marker permanence over time? But I don't really know much about this. (I haven't noticed the colors fading, but I haven't really done a study.)
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Costume College 2009 photos )
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Tennant and Stewart's Hamlet will be airing on PBS this spring! (click for more info from PBS)
RSC says: "Produced by Illuminations, the screen version of Shakespeare's great tragedy will retain the quality and tone of the critically acclaimed stage production but filming has taken place on location. All key original members of the cast have reprised their roles in this special 180 minute production, alongside the same creative team."

Some books I broke down and finally bought from amazon... To save money, I got some of them used. I'm particularly excited about the Ribbon Trim book. Elizabeth Reed recommended it in her Costume College class (which I greatly enjoyed.) It's funny,... I generally don't like doing tedious sewing-related tasks. But I like pleating and I like making ribbon trims and ribbon flowers.
Here's a couple sample trims I made during class:

... I must say, going to Costume College has me utterly ITCHING to make more 18th century gowns. I went so far as to obsess over some fabrics this morning wondering which I should make first (even though, CRAZYLADY, you already have some fabrics!!) More on this craziness later.

--- ARCADIA DOLLS ------
So I haven't bought any doll stuff in a long time (yay!), but I'd really like to get some of the Arcadia Dolls' Circus stuff. I'm a fan of their stuff, and I love this style.
My favorites are The Illusionist, the military inspired boy's outfit, this awesome girl's outfit, and the ballerina outfits. But, I seriously cannot afford to get all of those. I'm having a really hard time narrowing it down. I THINK I like the AC014 more than the ballerina girl one?? I already have a really cute tutu for my Yo, so you could argue, that I don't need one for my SD-sized? though it might be cute to have them matching.
and I wonder if the Illusionist one is too close to this 4d set I have for Edmond?.

Thought's please. :>
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ABJD rambling under the cut )

I love this embroidered cake dress at BTSSB.... Maybe once I get caught up with my to-do list I can sit down and embroider some cupcakes. That would be WONDERFUL.


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