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~ Please see my prev. post if you haven't already: SDCC and Labyrinth photos and Give me Hawaii tips!.

I'm going to pimp some sellers today!

~~ Free People has put up Rose's Boomtown Doctor Who Scarf - if it's not exactly the same, it's pretty darn close.

~~ QutieLand -
they do custom-sized lolita items. It takes a while and they're simply the go between between you and the seller. So quality varies from seller to seller. I've personally been happy with KidsYoyo and DearCeline. I've heard Surface Spell is really good, too. I don't like to buy direct replicas for obvious reasons, but there's a lot of other fun stuff on this site. I think it's particularly good for taller or curvier lolitas who need more options especially when it comes to coats and blouses (items that typically run very small in "Brand" items.) I got this KidsYoyo coat from them.

~~ Blasphemina's etsy and also her dress site.
~~ IamChubbyBunny Hello Kitty Headbows. :)
~~ MissMonster monsters and mythical creatures (accessories, clothing, etc.)

They do custom items to your size and their stuff is inspired by several different types of cultural dress... plus they just make items with beautiful style and flow to them.

Some of my favorite items from them:
Blue Lotus 2-in-1 dress
Red Pocket Long Skirt
Blue Cloud Long Skirt
A Perfect Indian Skirt Pants
Blue Cloud Scarf Vest (with Pockets)
Aegon Silk Chiffon Dress

Also on Etsy:
~~ Faerie Market has some gorgeous foresty plant scarves.
~~ Ayca has some interesting scarves and sweaters, too.
~~ magdalinen beautiful natural style floral necklaces and scarves.
~~ eoncreative really fun sushi and edamame pillows.
~~ Warm Country Meadows cute mini terrarium necklaces
~~ Swirlyhats Swirly doctor suess-esque hats for kids.
~~ ScrumptiousDelight adorable food stuffed animals and hats
~~ NervousSystem really interesting weblike necklaces and jewelry.
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I'm back from SDCC! Totally exhausted of course, but we had a great time!
The Futurama panel went really well. They showed the first act of Crystal's show, which featured Fry's comic book and a visit to Comic Con! (They gave out Fry's comic at the booth during the convention, too!) Her episode also features a costume contest. Haha. :) They also showed some clips from a lot of unaired episodes including Stephen and my mind-switching episode. Can't wait for you to see that one! :)

The actual SDCC masquerade this year had a ton of really awesome stuff, it was definitely an "on" year. Anything Goes School of Martial Arts had an amazing Muramasa group, there was a jawdropping Mass Effect group (with an alien with moving mouth!), awesome cabaret girls, Disney Princesses, amazing armor, MOTHRA, AMP suit... all kinds of stuff. I didn't think we'd win anything because there was so much awesome there, actually! (Even though the girls put in an obscene amount of work on their Bioshock costumes.) But we won Best Worksmanship! WOW! We were lame and forgot to take any photos of our costumes all together,... so I'll have to show you what we looked like later.

I also got to see a lot of lovely people! I wish I'd seen even more... so I'm already planning to go back next year for more days and do my booth again, so yay!

I feel like I've crossed the finished line now with SDCC over with. I still have a lot of work left on storyboards for my last episode of Futurama, though, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel ( I'm still going to be a bit busy for a week or two.) And Costume College is coming up, but I'm not making anything new for that. My birthday is coming up soon, too (Aug 9th)! Onward into late summer!

Doctor Who Meme Day 07 – Your Favorite Piece of Music )
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I won't have a booth this year, and I won't be at the convention until Thurs night. (We leave on Sun). If I see you, say hi! I'll probably wear Sleeping Beauty on Fri, otherwise, I'm just going to try and have fun catching up with people and enjoying the con.

I'll be competing in the masquerade with my HCC girls doing Bioshock on Saturday night. In fact, you can see some crazyass progress on their Bioshock costumes on our costume blog.

Other than that you can probably catch me at the Futurama Panel, they'll be showing world-premiere footage from my friend Crystal's episode, so if you can make it, go! It's hot back from Korea!
Also, you can check out my coworkers, Crystal and Derek's work and goods in the G-8 small press area.

FUTURAMA: Saturday, July 24
12:45-1:30 Ballroom 20
Futurama— Celebrate Futurama's triumphant re-return to the airwaves! World-premiere footage will offer an exciting and informative glimpse of Comic-Con in the year 3010. Panelists include executive producers Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, cast members Billy West, John DiMaggio, Katey Sagal, and Maurice LaMarche, director Crystal Chesney-Thompson, writers Ken Keeler and Patric M. Verrone, and animation producer Claudia Katz.

and for the Doctor Who meme today,... Day 06 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

I think this Prince Song is so Doctor Who. ;D

Doctor Who Meme Day 06 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy (Prince Lyrics and the Meme list under the cut) )


Jul. 19th, 2010 03:10 pm
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Today is one of THOSE days.

I accidentally overwrote one of my storyboard files, and just in general my brain is worn out. I haven't really truly had a break in a while. We're almost done though, just a few more weeks. (JULY, WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN)

Beloved, please leave me animated gifs (anything funny is welcome). (or movies or pictures or whatever you like.)
I'll start off with this one of the 11th Doctor )
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Super busy lately! waaaggh!

Just a few reminders, Mitch and I will be going to the Labyrinth Ball tomorrow, if you're going, hope to see you! I'll be wearing my Madame de Pompadour dress plus a white and gold wig and mask. Mitch will be wearing white furry pants and a white and gold bird mask. haha.

ALSO, While I am GOING to San Diego Comic Con next weekend, I will not be exhibiting/selling. I'm taking a bit of a break this year, just too busy with Futurama! BTW, I should be going to the Futurama panel. I'll be in the masquerade Saturday night (Bioshock), but otherwise I'm going to be civilian. I'll probably wear Sleeping Beauty on Friday... and if I feel like dressing up at all on Saturday (in the morning), I might wear one of my Rose Tyler outfits.

I'll also be at Costume College the weekend of August 8th. Judy and I'll have a couple things in the CoCo exhibit, Judy'll be teaching a few things and we'll both be taking classes and going to the Gala.

Doctor Who Meme Day 02 – Your Favorite Classic Series Episode )
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Doctor Who Meme Day 01 - Your Favorite Quote )
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I had a shocking free moment today, so I drew a sketch of Amelia Pond and the Doctor. I love little Amelia in the show, she's marvelous right down to her wellies. (x-posted to doctorwho)

Click for larger
~ fave on DA

Secondarily and completely unrelated, here's a shot of my dress for Bioshock 2. Some of you will recognize the character, perhaps? (You can see me with the non-styled wig for it here. I'm not done with the costume, yet...)
I used a vintage 1940's pattern for it, which was pretty fun and interesting, actually. I think I might try to find some non-permanent ways to distress it because I actually kind-of like it as a "normal" dress. I'd like to do some more sewing from the 40's and 50's.
x-posted to HCC.
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from ryoko.
Are you guys excited about the Doctor Who finale this weekend on BBCUK? I am!

I'm also, of course, REALLY EXCITED about the ONE HOUR FUTURAMA premiere tomorrow night! 10 pm PST, 9 pm C. On Comedy Central! I can't wait for people to see. Here's one of my favorite sneak-peaks they've shown from the CC blog recently,... Civil War Bender. HURHURHUR.

Yesterday I went to Lowe's and confused the employees again. :) If all goes well, I'll have a working water-mister for Fujimoto! WOOT. And it looks like I probably WILL get my fabric in time. (Amazing!) We'll see, if I get this done, it'll be a minor miracle. :)
Mitch is preparing for AX by working out while watching Gurren Lagann. Irritatingly, I re-aggravated my knee pretty bad this week, which is putting a damper on my own work out schedule.
Wow, this post is really geeky, but hey, they mostly all are, aren't they.
Ah well, see you at AX in a week!
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These are too adorable not to share with you guys.

This is by the illustrious Crystal who is a director on the new Futurama season.
d'aw. I'm so proud I corrupted her to Doctor Who. XD

This next one is by my good friend Jenny who works on the Simpsons. I've shown you some of her sketches before and she's been in some of my Doctor Who comics cause we always go to lunch together to DISCUSS IMPORTANT PLOT POINTS after the new Doctor Who episodes come out.
This is Jenny's drawing of me and her "watching". Her guess of my reaction to the first episode is totally right,... but after the third episode, I was totally down for the ride. :)
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That's it. I can't take it anymore. As soon as I'm done with these From Far Away costumes I'm making myself 1 plaid and 1 floral maxi sundress. I've been wanting to make one for forever. Can't buy one in the stores because I hate empire-waisted or bag-dresses. I want a fitted bodice with a looooong tiered skirt.

~ chu... anyone notice the Fourth Doctor on the left there?
(Photos from thecherryblossomgirl of Kenzo's show)
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~ Socal Sakura Update
~ ~ based on Jason's guess, ... try and keep March 20th weekend free?

~ love this necklace (click) from "Choco's Fashion and Style Book"

I want a strawberry-shaped beanbag chair. Anyone know where I can get one? (from redridinghood)
Mod Cloth's new update is very Mori Girl isn't it?

I ate this yesterday (from Crepe Maker in Glendale)
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I had a blast at Gallifrey Doctor Who Convention! Sadly I've been threatening to get sick for the past week so my energy level was kinda low, so no 4 am Lobbycon for me. Kinda sad about that actually. I feel like an old woman. This week I plan to sleep a lot and read bad novels.
<3 I got to touch the real "wee beastie" Doctor coat fabric, played with OOD and saw the cheerleaders of Rassilon. Huge thanks to everyone who hung out, went to my panels, bought my art, listened to my bad karaoke and were generally awesome.

NOTE: am behind on things... if there's something important email me again.
But here, have a couple pics for now!

(I swear, I'm going to adopt you girls. <3 )

Crisso (as Rose), Mitch (the Doctor), me (Pompadour) and Judy (clockwork droid, not seen here) did a skit to Annie Lennox' Broken Glass. All of us have had a pretty busy/harsh month, so we didn't have as much time to prepare, make props or rehearse as we would have liked. We had fun though and did NOT fall off the stage or on each other, so I consider that success. <3

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This is a new piece I did for Gallifrey Doctor Who convention this weekend at LAX Marriott! (it's kinda "The Doctor and Rose" ala the Simpsons or Futurama)
Some of my originals and prints will be for sale in the art show including The Doctor's Daughter which was featured on the Gallifrey Postcards.

See you at the con! If you go and see me, please say hi! I don't always remember or pay attention (I'm a bit Dorey) but I look forward to hanging out with you guys! :) My Gallifrey Schedule and more info is here.

fave on DA

also, new who trailer! (EASTER!)
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SO WHO'S GOING TO GALLIFREY this weekend? I'll be there Fri-Sunday. Say hi and lets all be geeks together!

Doesn't this look kinda like a screenshot? :D It's not, it's Mitch!
My geeky little heart is very happy right now.

Thanks to Magnoli (tie), Baron's (suit), Justin (fabric and research), and Steve (fabric and research), husbando has a custom Doctor Who suit! If you want to see a quickie-photo of Mitch wearing his suit full body. The details and all the pockets are super fabulous. I can't believe we were able to somehow get this done in time for Gallifrey! (No thanks to me. haha) AMAZING MAGIC! I HATE making suits. It was SO WORTH IT to get this suit done. :D Now I have more time to make more ballgowns! ... and still somehow I'm still not done with Madame de Pompadour yet. ARGH. I just really haven't had time to work on it. Crisso and I did get the masq audio track done and fit her for part of her costume... inbetween playing with her new kittens.


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