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Hello daaahlings,

um... so, Mitch's cellphone, after being literally taped together for a year or so (both our cells are pretty old... mine has a dark corner for a year. haha.) well, his finally bit the bucket yesterday. He HAS to have a relatively advanced phone since all his reminders and schedules are on it. (He used to have a palm pilot back in the dark-ages. hurhur)

Point is, he got a DROID (droid 2 I think?)

I really like APPLE stuff, but my family uses Verizon, I hear bad things about AT&T's coverage... and Mitch is pretty set on the DROID.
Tell me that Mitch and I will be perfectly happy using DROIDs?
I want to look up constellations, I want to have a GOOD drawing app, I want to be able to post pictures directly to LJ, TW and FB from my phone, I want to have videos and mp3s synch from my iTunes program onto my phone. Is all of this sort of thing possible on the DROID, too? (I worry about stuff like this, which matters when you're drawing...)

aggggh... I hate even thinking of paying for a data plan. *____* But you can't get smart phones really anymore (like just for an organizer purpose) without getting a data plan.
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does anyone know if there's some way to do a live-feed with a FLIP camera or a normal digital camera (recording video)...?

specifically, can I do a live webcast in this way?
Also, can I do a live demonstration at a convention this way...? what would I need to do this sort of thing?
I guess I could always use a WACOM with a laptop hooked up to projection, but I prefer to draw/color by hand and not on the computer for demos.

I know we used to have drawing demos at calarts with cameras hovering over physical drawing desk.... hooked up to a projection system, but I don't know. my geek-fu is lacking.
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So... Assassins Creed II looks pretty epic, and it's set in Florence. Mitch, ever the moral compass, is concerned about a game that is about killing people. But my motivation was that it's "historical killing people". Is there any reason I shouldn't get this game to test out the PS3? (our ONE blueray disc right now is IRON MAN (which I must say is pretty pretty), soon to be joined by STAR TREK. <3)

My other thought was to get the Batman Arkam Asylum game, similarly highly rated and you get to be Batman. I'm kind of a HUGE Batman fan. (Also, Batman only puts people "to sleep" instead of killing, so Mitch will like that. lol. Mitch is always a Paladin or a Healer... I'm always a mage or something with a big sword.) Seems like games are advanced enough now so that you can actually feel like you're in an environment, not like it was 10 years ago, you know? (so a good time for a Batman or assassin game...)

A lot of you said I should get Little Big Planet... but my main concern with that is that I don't really have a lot of time to BUILD things. It sounds fun, but if it takes a really long time to make a level or customize things, then I just know I'm not really going to have time for that. (I would have loved it when I was in highschool. I spent some rather ridiculous number of hours on Mario Paint...)

But now, when I play video games, I typically want something with fun, simple gameplay,... or something where I can blow stuff up (or stab things) in a spectacular manner.

Random hearts to OSCAR.

On the front yard front, Mitch accidentally split one of the irrigation pipes even though I was being pretty careful trying to find them before we dug! :( Looks like they can come fix it tomorrow and I turned the irrigation system off,... yeesh!
So,... the two Madame Alfred Carriere climbing roses are planted, and The Prince (English shrub) is planted... but I still have some slightly upset Wildeve roses and one Felicia Hybrid Musk that need to be planted... but we're afraid to dig another hole without figuring out where the pipes are. stymied. :(

ah well, nyak nyak nyak.
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Does anyone have experience with putting up original artwork (like animation cels) in a kindof sunny spot? will UV glass protect the artwork enough?

EDIT: looks like the consensus is no cels anywhere near the sun, ever. (Maybe I can find a bedroom that's darker and make it my art room?) I have some stuff I've been keeping in a celbook for years, I'd like to finally frame them sometime in the next couple years. lol.

Mitch and I need to finally get a laptop. I'm leaning towards a MAC because I'm used to them and I like their ease of compatibility for presentations at conventions. We'd need one of the new MACs that can run PC progams, too.

What about having internet anywhere you go? How does that work? Does it only work when you hit a "hotspot"? I've never had one, so I have no idea. (in fact I haven't had a laptop since college!) Mitch would need to be able to check his email and play games on a laptop on the train, but it seems the train here doesn't have internet yet.

Thoughts, suggestions, please!
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ok... so I'm trying to use iDVD to make a DVD (with a movie file on it) that will run in a normal DVD player.

this usually works easily, but for some reason I'm getting a "there was an error with the menu/animations" each time I try to burn. I have no idea what that's referring to. I tried removing all moving objects/audio from the menu, still get the same error.

iDVD's help program says that any movie file that is quicktime supported should work fine in iDVD. I took an avi, converted it with DIVXDoctor to mov, then that mov runs in quicktime, fine...

so what's the problem?

anyone have any other suggestions for dvd-making-programs and/or conversion programs I should try? Or can you help me get iDVD to work?

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Server and email are switched and stable! <3
I celebrate by uploading cosplay photos! HURRAY!

a post of more substance later. am trying to read historical patterns (BOO!)
Me and Annie from Kuroshitsuji, Photo by Jason i360.com
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-- HELP with computer movie files (like AVI) and HDTV -
My friends have an HDTV, and I was wondering since the next episode of one of my favorite foreign tv shows is going to be in HD.... and I kinda wanted to have an episode watching party.... I'm wondering if there's some way to get my computer files from computer to their HDTV? Any suggestions? there's got to be a relatively easy way for us to do this.

(disclaimer: I download tv shows after they air in foreign countries. However, when it comes out on DVD stateside, I buy it, like a good little monkey fan.)

so, as we all know, Edna Mode is awesome. I totally want to be Edna Mode when I grow up. Most people think that Edna was at least partially based on the famous designer, Edith Head. I've been intrigued for a while with some of the classic designers like Edith Head and Coco Channel... so I thought maybe it was time I actually learned something about them. (Did you know that Edith Head did the gowns for Holiday Inn, one of my favorite Bing Crosby/Fred Astaire movies?... the same one that that "firecracker" Fred dance is from! She also did a bunch of Hitchcock's films.)
so I picked up "The Dress Doctor" by Edith Head. I'll let you guys know how I like it! It's about dressing well, but really I'm more interesting in finding out more about Edith's personality. Either way, the art in it (by Bil Donovan) is super stylish.

Side note: West Side Story Vanity Fair shoot is pretty rad.

Also, on my never-ending quest for pretty shoes that fit well, I got this Nina Paladin shoe. The toe is pointy,... but it actually is very comfortable, and the heel isn't too high, but it still has a lovely shape! After I wear them for a bit, I may have to get it in another color, it's so rare for me to be truly happy with a shoe.
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I need a little USB stick. But I want a cute one. Suggestions??
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socal sakura update
current estimate looks like weekend of March 7th as the best guess!

so,... my computer is full and there's not much I can delete off it, so I need to get a secondary harddrive to help out with all the graphics stuff I'm doing lately.

Any recommendations for extra harddrives?

(or should I somehow make the internal harddrive on my computer bigger? I'm currently using a 160 GB Maxtor inside........ I'm not sure how/what... it's been a while since I've tinkered with my computer.
... my Mac is a dual 2.5 ghz powerpc G5 with 2.5 gb ddr sdram.

.... in other news, look what I made this weekend!

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