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EDIT: colored April's

commissions, various, under the cut )
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TODAY'S TEA: Adagio's Vanilla Oolong

EDIT: unless you're already talking to me about a commission, I'm going to put a hold on them for now and give me time to do the ones I've already signed up for. Thanks! (Again, if you're already discussing it with me, that's fine. <3 ) I'll probably open up again for commissions in a month or three after I get caught up with various things.

I have a little bit of free time this week, so if anyone would like to get a simple commission from me, I'm open to that. You'll have to be able to pay via paypal asap. You probably know the drill, no pron, no robots, no dancing people on fire, no complex backgrounds.
I'd like to stick to relatively simple things this time, thanks! Prefer black and white this week.
Also, if you just want like a bust sketch of your character (or a character in general) in black and white, that would be $15. I'm very open to those this week. ($19 if you want it shipped to you.)

I'll only accept a limited number and they would be done as soon as possible (Probably done by the end of Sept, actually... but definitely Oct at the latest) Simple bust stuff would be done by the end of this week.

You can see examples of my work and other commissions here
... or just my gallery in general here.

if you're unsure, reply back and I'll give you an estimate or whether I think I can do it. I may be able to do more complex commissions later, but right now I'm really busy. <3

Thanks for the support, guys! <3

April: PAID,, DONE,
nanashi_jones - PAID - DONE - PACKED
franknberry - PAID - Chandra and Murdoc - DONE
niangao - PAID - Doctor n Rose - DONE - PACKED
drawinks - PAID - full body - BW - DONE
mercurykitty - startrek boyfriend - DONE
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Starlollie and hikarichan78's completed commissions )
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WIP commissions for Robin, Nikki, Meiki, Starlollie and Hikarichan )



haha... so in all the hullaballoo lately, I forgot which LIMITED classes for Costume College I got approved (and paid for.) In fact, I almost forgot that Costume College was this weekend at all! (oh my god, is it almost August already?!) (Does anyone know how I can call Costume College or something and find out?)

Other classes I'm thinking about maybe attending:
9 am - Modern Bustier Draping OR 18th Century Wig Styling
1 pm 18th century ribbon trims
3 pm scallops upon scallops

9 am - draping 18th century
1 pm - Construction of 17th-18th century high heels (YAY)

9 am - Ladies Hats of the 18th century
1 am - where'd you get that trim
2 pm - 18th century fop

Judy's coming in late tonight. Saturday for the Time Traveler's Gala "Le Petit Trianon" I'll be wearing a modified version of my Lia Chevalier costume. I think maybe I'll make a mask, ala Marie Antoinette's masked ball. Sunday I'll be wearing corset and my loli bloomers for "Sundie Undies". ... and I guess at some point I'll wear my Doctor Who/Steampunk. (I guess I should go find all my stuff, huh? I hope I can find it! my place is kinda a wreck after moving)

Any meetups or things I should know about? :)


Please see previous posts for Comic-Con Reports.


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