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TODAY'S TEA: Genmaicha Satsuki from Den's Tea

They are putting the plants in the backyard,... actually IN THE GROUND today.
This is my general feeling on the subject:

Too bad I can't see it till tonight, and even then it will be dark... and obviously, a lot of the plants are bare or small... but la la la, I don't care!

I'm rereading Robin McKinley's Rose Daughter. :) I'll be so kind to you little rose sticks!

True Facts

Dec. 10th, 2009 07:25 am
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(at least I have a REALLY BIG CLOSET)
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Hey,... so, gallo_de_pelea inspired me to do a drawing a day advent thing for Christmas. (I DID post yesterday, soooo) But... who knows what that'll end up being each day. <3

I have two kinda involved illustrations I want to color, so I'll post them later, but for now,...

And then for those of you who have seen Doctor Who Waters of Mars (spoilers!)

Click for full comic

fave on DA

(I kid, I kid. <3 U Jenny.)
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We're moved now! Having some computer issues... but I can check my email now!

We're almost done with the storyboards and first edit on Futurama episode 3 (my first one on the new season). EXCITING!

further progress on Doctor Who Comedians comic )
here's a photo of a tree in my (new) front yard.
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Click for full thumbnails

This is the first sequence from orangecrushed's "Comedians". The gist of it is that they're looking at a mountain range and joking about it, and then go on their merry way. I'm not set on the shots yet, but just kinda thinking about ideas. I'll post more later when I start to finalize things.
... but maybe you'll enjoy seeing my gimpy little thumbnails? They're kinda cute in a crude way. <3
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Aimee's general reaction to Wolverine and Star Trek:
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I need a little USB stick. But I want a cute one. Suggestions??
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I saw a FULL rainbow today! I don't think I've seen one in like 10 years! It was so gorgeous and unexpected that I went, "Holy shit!" and then I full-on ran into a bench. Ha!

My calendar this year is Aspects of the Moon by Taiso Yoshitoshi. What I really wanted was the Cavallini Japanese Woodblock print one, but I forgot to get a new wall calendar this year until like last week, and it's out of print. Last year it focused on Hiroshige, and this year Kawase Hasui. All three of these are favorite traditional Japanese artists of mine, so I guess I can't really go wrong... but I love the colors and shapes of Kawase Hasui and Hiroshige landscapes more than the figurative work of Yoshitoshi. They're really inspiring and soothing to me to have in my workspace. Also, the Cavallini wall calendars are spiral with a large picture area... really nice to use. Maybe I should just try to find some prints to put in my cube instead.

~~ On March 7th at 5300 Balboa Blvd Van Nuys, CA (Balboa Park), there will probably be a cherry blossom meet. Come in costume or plain clothes, bring snacks, etc. :)
There might be another picnic the following weekend due to the irregular nature of the blossoms.

~~ If you like kimono, the LA Kimono Club will be having their meet up at the park, on March 8th, 10-1 pm (come in kimono, yukata is fine, too! bring potluck) You can join the club if you like to meet up with other like-minded folks. Everyone in the club is super sweet.
I haven't worn kimono in MONTHS! (so sad!) I hope I remember how to do it! I think I might wear this purple weeping sakura one with this pink cloud nagoya obi
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one of my friends gave me some yummy Hatsukoi lemon green tea from Lupicia. Hatsukoi means "first love". The pre-brewed tea smells divine, like lemon candy! After it's brewed it's much more subtle with a little bit of a grassy hearty flavor from the green tea.
I'm having that this morning with my lemon cream yoplait. <3

Last night I looked through some older photos from my Japan trip from this spring. I'd temporarily forgotten about this. Mitch and I saw a random temple, and decided to go in. The monks there were really welcoming, and after a while I just sat on the platform and stared at their garden. The platform was in the sun and it was extremely peaceful. Unexpected things like this, I think, are the best parts of visiting a new place. That's me there on the right and one of the monks with a visitor on the left.

And now for something entirely different... Here's a true comic I did earlier in the week. (it didn't leave a lasting bruise. makes a funny story though!)
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Man, I actually haven't bought normal comics in a long time. I almost saw a Wolverine comic that I didn't hate. haha. Looking forward to the movie though. Don't really care if it sucks.

I'm getting old. $2.99 seems like a lot. lol.

Blue Monday - Thieves Like Us - by Chynna Clugston
I've always really liked her stuff, especially Blue Monday and Scooter Girl. Always makes me laugh and has a lot of heart. Mitch'll steal it from me when I get home.

Sandman - The Dream Hunters - by Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell
you can see some previews of it here to get an idea.. I picked it up for the interesting flow in the layout of the pages. (just the opening starfield set of pages alone were reason enough to buy the book.) Reminds me of Mignola just a bit. Really gorgeous!

Hellboy - The Wild Hunt - By Mike Mignola and Duncan Fegredo
I'd been avoiding this one because I bristle a bit at not seeing Mignola doing the art,... but Fegredo's stuff is really lovely, actually, so I finally caved.

and then of course DMW 403. Aw DWM, you're in on it with RTD with the tease, aren't you!

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Just a reminder, I'll be in London from Christmas eve till Jan 4th, and I won't really have access to internet. So if you need something "important" from me, this weekend is your last chance to get any type relatively coherant response from me. lol. My apologies for being less attentive the past month, I've just got way too much going on.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to monopolizing my husband's attention for 10 days, having amusing mishaps in a foreign country (you know I'm going to do SOMETHING stupid), eating lots of British candy, tea and curry, and in general being a geeky tourist.

it's ok though because it rained the next day.

I wanted to make something non-Christmasy, sweet and folksy to cheer up my mom. I got inspired by some wreathes on etsy and broke out the glue gun. All used items are from my stash except the bird (who somehow fatefully, was the only bird I could find at Joann's!) Mom doesn't really surf the net, so I'm pretty sure she won't see this. :}
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so um... this is really unexpected but... guess what my happy thing is today? :D

(the 20th N. American Doctor Who convention!)
Feb 13-15 2009 LAX Marriot

Still trying to plan what type of panels I'm going to do. Both cosplay n art stuff is fair game I imagine. so if you're going and would like to see something in particular with regards to either of those subjects, or would like to learn about something in particular... speak up, man!
Mitch and I will be cosplaying the whole time as dorks Captain Jack, the Doctor and Rose (and I'll bring my Steampunk Doctor Who-ness too!) This is my first Doctor Who con! I'm really excited to be going! Phil Collinson, Gareth David-Lloyd and lots of awesome will be there, too! Looking forward to geeking out with you all!

it's comic time! S 4 spoilers )
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Click for full comic (Doctor Who season 3 finale spoilers)

So... I've been forcing Crisso to watch Dr Who. At first she was very "meh"... but then after season 2 she was hooked.
apparently this weekend she watched the whole last disc of season 3 and couldn't wait till monday to talk to me about it.

AJ and Judy got me a TARDIS in London. :) I LOVE IT. It spins a bit when I turn and stop.

(click for closeup of the TARDIS)

The other items are a TOTORO, Stitch sticker, Haminal and FFX Yuna's staff. :)


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