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I might go go play in a flower field tomorrow if I can find someone to go with me. Or maybe even if I can't. I got at lot of cleaning done today and figured out some Kaguya-hime details... so I can go play in a field, right?

I forget what kind of trees these are. You see them all over Southern CA this time of year.

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My mom gives me fluffy socks sometimes. It's cold lately and when I wear the socks I think of my mom.
This is Youta's favorite spot in the house. It's in the loft and the sun comes in there the best.
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These are apples right? They're in full bloom ALL OVER.

Waiting for my Futurama episode screening on the FOX lot. PETAL GLITTER SHOES.

Today, getting good use out of my parasol umbrella.
All this rain is making me hopeful that this spring will be particularly spectacular.

I feel like I should apologize for posting so much lately... but you guys don't mind more photos of petals, right? I'm going to go hop in a hot bath now and warm up my toes. 50 degrees F is cold for us! I will revel in the fakewinter and wear my seldom worn scarves. (sorry, snowpocalypsees!)
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I actually got a decent amount of progress done today on Madame de Pompadour since today was a holiday (though not sure if it really counts as a holiday since I went to work yesterday...) For those curious, I had previously done all the undergarments for Lia, and had bought the fabric a long time ago... but I didn't start cutting or sewing on the actual dress until today. Sooooo,... today I tea-dyed some lace, made the stomacher and cut out all the gown and petticoat pieces (except the sleeve cuffs since I'm going to have to wing those from scratch...) ~~~~~ I think it's probably going to take me a couple more days and then I'll be done. But I may not have time for a bit to work on her again. We'll see.

anyway, tada! The stomacher! (minus the bows!)
I still have to find some striped white and blue fabric for the bows. (GRR!) But after the bows are on, the center seam on the lace won't really show. The larger lace is the same lace I'm using on the sleeve flounces, I had -just- enough to cover the stomacher, too. The smaller lace layered on top will be around the neck opening, too.

OMAKE, Youta making kitty bread out of Edward's face.
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and we have GRASS! It's hard to see but there are little baby whooly thyme inbetween the cracks in the rocks. So glad someone -else- did all this work for me. It Looked like this just like a couple weeks ago.

If you want to see more pics:
inprogress. For some reason rolls of grass are amusing to me:

SIDENOTE: "The Proposal" (with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds) was actually pretty cute you guys. (even though Sandra, my love, needs a sandwich) Ryan Reynolds is actually kind of awesome (I love his reactions to stuff, great facial acting) so apparently I need to see more movies with him in it cause he was awesome in Wolverine, too. Suggestions welcome. Also. I L U, BETTY WHITE.

back to bed for me, I have no functionality. Hope I feel better tomorrow, I have so much work to do.
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Working for Warner Bros and Fox over the years I've gotten to see a couple of the backlots and sets. I always think they're charming. Here's a couple from FOX today. (I only go down to the FOX lot for table reads and screenings...)

I can't tell you anything about anything, of course... but the Futurama table read for my next episode was GREAT. It's SO FUNNY. I can't wait to start drawing it and already have my eye on a couple sequences. I can't wait for the episodes to start airing so I can see ya'll's reactions.

More FOX lot photos under the cut )
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feelin kinda low today but nevermind....

(give it some time to get going. XD)

You know what you can give me for my birthday, friends? KIRK being KIRKY.
Drawings, fanfic, macros, videos and general ridiculousness all welcome. Old or New Kirk welcome.
(also will take offerings of emo!vampires, froufy!princes and the traditional Count of Monte Cristo. Yes, I'm using my birthday as a flimsy excuse to try to get fanart, etc.)

Youta is helping me clean:
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Feb. 6th, 2009 12:17 pm
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as if you didn't know already... it's time to dust off the bedazzler, ladies! I totally want to take like a black men's jacket and bedazzle it. Maybe not so western-like, but yeah.

Got some cute teal tabi shoes from Irregular Choice on ultra sale. LOVE that they make size 11. Also got this top from punkyfish.

I had sushi today. <3

Youta, Destroyer of Couches
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What should I wear for Cherry Blossom Season?

any ideas of something I should cosplay/make that would fit in with the lovely cherry blossoms? I'm betting they'll come sometime between last week of Feb and second week of March. (here's what it looked like last year and this is what I wore last year (cosplay wise))

Youta and his beloved:
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Today in photos )
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still sick. feel worst in the mornings, but am able to what I have to get done, done.

more Youta photos under the cut )

Also, in lieu of another "full day" post from LONDON, here's video of me being a DORK inside the TARDIS at Earl's Court. (I wish now, me being a super-geek, that I'd thought of something to do before I got up there. haha.) Note, that my shirt is blue. ... uh... I mean I have a magical transparent chest. YEAH.
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Also, here's a further out pic of him right before I disturbed his beauty sleep


Jul. 5th, 2008 01:32 pm
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poor Youta, he's getting to be an old man. he has gray hairs, now! He's such a gentle love-muffin. I adopted him pretty soon after Mitch and I started dating,... so he's about 8 years old.

today I am doing absolutely nothing of consequence. Thinking about going to AX for a while, but I seriously doubt it. V. TIRED.


Apr. 28th, 2008 10:45 am
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My current purse:

click to see what's inside

Youta loves to sit on skirts.


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