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Reminder! Sweet Streets 2 is coming up at Gallery Nucleus!

September 11, 2010 - October 4, 2010! (Opening Night Event Sept 11th)
210 East Main St, Alhambra CA 91801

There will be tons of photographers and artists there as well as 6%dokidoki!

I'll have four pieces in the show. I'm doing ones based on lolita, spank!/6%dokidoki, mori-girl and dolly-kei (grimoire). This is my first one below.

For Sheyne

Jul. 19th, 2010 10:20 am
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Very belatedly for Sheyne's birthday!

Click for larger
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I had a shocking free moment today, so I drew a sketch of Amelia Pond and the Doctor. I love little Amelia in the show, she's marvelous right down to her wellies. (x-posted to doctorwho)

Click for larger
~ fave on DA

Secondarily and completely unrelated, here's a shot of my dress for Bioshock 2. Some of you will recognize the character, perhaps? (You can see me with the non-styled wig for it here. I'm not done with the costume, yet...)
I used a vintage 1940's pattern for it, which was pretty fun and interesting, actually. I think I might try to find some non-permanent ways to distress it because I actually kind-of like it as a "normal" dress. I'd like to do some more sewing from the 40's and 50's.
x-posted to HCC.
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Hey everyone, we're in JUNE now, do you know what that means?

The NEW season of FUTURAMA airs June 24th at 10pm(9pm Central) on Comedy Central!

And even better, they're showing the first two episodes back-to-back that night. Both of which are rad episodes which have jokes that make me snicker to myself. :)

WATCH and get all your friends to watch, man!

The first Futurama episode that I Assistant Directed (with Stephen Sandoval as Director), 603, will airing be the following Thurs, July 1st! My other episodes are 610, 616 and 623. I am SUPER PROUD of the work that we all did on all the episodes (not just these). They look GORGEOUS and they're really funny. It's rare that I feel that proud of a tv show I've worked on. I can't wait for you guys to see them.

Comedy Central has been showing sneak peaks of the final full color show... but also some of the preproduction storyboards and character models, so keep watching their blog for more! I think it's pretty awesome that they're showing storyboards, it's rare that this type of stuff is shown.

This shot below is from my first episode, 603,... and it's actually from a section that I storyboarded. :)

And here's a couple more teasers from Stephen and my show, too:

click for larger
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More Coverage on the FOLKLORE SHOW:
LA Weekly: Futurama Animators Re-imagine Classic Tales for Fleeting Projects: FOLKLORE

CHUBBYBUNNY: Fairytales and Warriors Coverage

Thanks again you guys! As soon as I get caught up a bit I'll be posting my scans of the new artwork and some more information about the pieces. And, again, I took some tutorial video while completing one of them, so after I have time to edit, I'll put that up. I have some prints available for sale from the show, so stay tuned!

Photo thanks to LA WEEKLY
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Here's one of my pieces for Sweet Streets 2 at Gallery Nucleus. (It'll be September 11 - October 4, 2010) You probably won't see more from me on this show for a couple months, but here's the first one! I plan to do several inspired by my favorite Japanese pop-fashion genres. This one is Sweet Lolita (amaloli). Hope you like it!

I was inspired mainly by Angelic Pretty's Memorial Cake and Dreaming Macaron. As usual, done in COPIC marker with Prismacolor white pencil and Colerase red pencil accents.
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These are too adorable not to share with you guys.

This is by the illustrious Crystal who is a director on the new Futurama season.
d'aw. I'm so proud I corrupted her to Doctor Who. XD

This next one is by my good friend Jenny who works on the Simpsons. I've shown you some of her sketches before and she's been in some of my Doctor Who comics cause we always go to lunch together to DISCUSS IMPORTANT PLOT POINTS after the new Doctor Who episodes come out.
This is Jenny's drawing of me and her "watching". Her guess of my reaction to the first episode is totally right,... but after the third episode, I was totally down for the ride. :)
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"He rejoiced to find such a beautiful girl and took her home. He and his wife raised her as their own child and named her Kaguya-hime (かぐや姫 "radiant-night princess"). "

Kaguya-hime's heian kasane is "under the snow". This one took forever to do. And with that... I got 3 pieces done this weekend! That's a big relief to me. I think I still need to do at least 4 or so more... but this is a big chunk.
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OMAKE: Youta helping the process
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"One day, while walking in the bamboo forest, an old, childless bamboo cutter came across a mysterious, shining stalk of bamboo. After cutting it open, he found inside it a girl the size of his thumb."

Yet another piece that isn't done justice by a scan. This one has a lot of sakura permanent metallic gold all over it. Please see previous post for more art
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"That season, whenever Kaguya-hime saw the full moon, her eyes filled with tears."
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There are lots of versions of this story, since it's very old. This version mentioned it being in summer... but I'm deciding to do the story starting in spring and ending in winter. So her kimono colors are one of the set-colors from the beginning of winter, Downy Maples. I tried to pick one that historically was in the right time of year... but also gave me, a modern viewer, the colder feeling I wanted.
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Kaguya-hime quickly grew up to be a normal sized woman.

This is one of the pieces for my "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter" art show in May.
It's done in COPIC marker, graphite, sakura gel pen and uniball. This is one of the pieces that'll look much more fun in person because it uses a lot of metallic on the kimono and the gold in the background... not to mention pale color shading doesn't generally scan all that well. <3 I stayed up till midnight last night working on this one. Haha, that was foolish. Oh well.

For the kimono geeks out there,... The Heian color combination she's wearing is a summer one called New Leaves of Downy Maple based on a traveling garment in the Jidai Matsuri. I did a lot of research, so if I got it wrong, I'm not sure if I want to know anymore. haha.

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progress! I finished (or mostly finished...) the first picture (literally!) for my Kaguya-hime show. The woodcutter.
I bought some yummy sakura metallic gel pens today and some more pencils... and so decided that I'm going to do the pieces as much as original items as possible (ie non-digital). I hope you'll like them!
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This is basically how I feel the past couple of days. Haha. I'm sure I'll get over it. Just feel crappy and had to deal with a couple crappy things. Nothing major.

I'm finding that I'm actually vaguely intimidated to start actually COLORING pictures for my Kaguya-hime show. The main concern is going to color finalizes the line... and also finalizes the color combinations (which in this time period are particular!) But I can't let myself get setback because I'm afraid of making a mistake, so I'm going to force myself to finish at least two pieces this weekend.

Even though I'm still only one night into FFXIII, (Hope and Vanille make me want to gouge my eyes out) ... I went ahead and bought Assassin's Creed II because I got a $10 coupon from FFXIII... and well... killing things in Renaissance-era Italy sounds pretty sweet to me. I haven't really played/bought video games in a long time... so it's kinda fun. Also ordered Gail Carriger's next Victorian werewolf-vampire-steampunk-romance novel, Changeless because my local bookstore was being a butthead. I enjoyed her first one, Soulless. AJ and Judy pretty much insisted that I read it, ha, ha. It's a fun romp. (not for kids, though!)
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Early Drawings for Kaguya-hime )
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Click for larger on DA
. Done as random gifts for participators in nyanko-chan's DA goodwill campaign.

By the way, just a reminder, I also post my art on DeviantArt, if you're a member, please watch me and fave things you like!

I also have a Twitter, which is mainly random things.
If you @aimeekitty on twitter, I'll almost always reply.

I also have a Facebook fanpage which I basically use for when I post art or "important things". It's great because anyone can add it. I don't have time to keep up with watching all the Facebook stuff, so this makes it easy for me to share stuff with FB users.

Livejournal is still my preferred method of "blogging", so I always update here first (and with the most detail) with things that require thought and are pretty. <3
Thanks guys!
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This is a new piece I did for Gallifrey Doctor Who convention this weekend at LAX Marriott! (it's kinda "The Doctor and Rose" ala the Simpsons or Futurama)
Some of my originals and prints will be for sale in the art show including The Doctor's Daughter which was featured on the Gallifrey Postcards.

See you at the con! If you go and see me, please say hi! I don't always remember or pay attention (I'm a bit Dorey) but I look forward to hanging out with you guys! :) My Gallifrey Schedule and more info is here.

fave on DA

also, new who trailer! (EASTER!)


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