Apr. 23rd, 2010

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D.V. by Diana Vreeland.

I read this book recently and really enjoyed it. It starts out feeling a bit disjointed because she skips from subject to subject,... but somehow, what she's talking about is all connected and once you get used to it, it's very charming. Diana Vreeland had a really remarkable life... She was fashion editor of Harper's Bazaar and editor in cheif at Vogue... but even more than that she knew Chanel, Clark Gable, the Duke of Windsor, Jack Nicholson, saw people crowned... traveled all over the world...

I wanted to copy down a few parts that I thought were fun, though these are probably not the best parts of the book, persay.

I love how she talked about how well her husband took care of his clothes. It reminds me of Mitch, who is very particular about his suits and has special suspenders and ties to match them.

She says of her husband, "He left for work every day at quarter past eight, right on time, and beautifully dressed." (which is like Mitch, but Mitch gets up earlier and goes to the gym first...)

"I remember the last person who tipped his hat to me; it was so elegant and attractive. I was walking down Fifth Avenue and Ronnie Tree stepped out to the curb. He had on a bowler. If you remember his hair, it was that marvelous stiff hair that bushed up around the ears. You know how chic that is. Marvelous with a hat. He did it, tipped his hat, and it was so attractive. So beautiful. So memorable.

But then it all stopped, didn't it? (...)In the early sixties the hats just died away overnight. I can remember Reed (her husband) coming to say goodbye to me one morning, very early, and he didn't have a hat on. I said, "But you haven't got a hat." He was always totally dressed when he came in to say goodbye. He said, "I'm not going to wear a hat." That was that."


"I was so lonely in Wyoming."
(Where she met Buffalo Bill Cody, by the way.) " But I think when you're young you should be a lot with yourself and your sufferings. Then one day you get out where the sun shines and the rain rains and the snow snows, and it all comes together."

Isn't that lovely? Give it a read when you have time.


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