Apr. 21st, 2010

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These are too adorable not to share with you guys.

This is by the illustrious Crystal who is a director on the new Futurama season.
d'aw. I'm so proud I corrupted her to Doctor Who. XD

This next one is by my good friend Jenny who works on the Simpsons. I've shown you some of her sketches before and she's been in some of my Doctor Who comics cause we always go to lunch together to DISCUSS IMPORTANT PLOT POINTS after the new Doctor Who episodes come out.
This is Jenny's drawing of me and her "watching". Her guess of my reaction to the first episode is totally right,... but after the third episode, I was totally down for the ride. :)
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Please see previous post for Doctor Who silly arts

SIDENOTE: I got my Costume College class pack yesterday and sent in my limited class choices this morning. I decided to try for: Introduction to Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Shiny! Making Wings That Gleam, Wire Frame Early Victorian Bonnets, and Embellishing With Bead Embroidery.
I do wish there were some Victorian or 18th century dress-making classes or something of that ilk this year, though...! I so enjoyed taking the francaise draping class last year!

By the way, if you're signing up for classes, my darling Judy is teaching a couple and she rules and does great classes. Her Fantastical-wig class on Friday should be fun. Cause she makes crazy wigs like this and this. She's also doing a Historical and Fantastical Hats class on Saturday. :)

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