Apr. 16th, 2010

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I just ordered this cute chocolate speaker for my ipod today. I can't resist Strapya. I figure it would be pretty great for when you need a tiny speaker, or even practicing skits. I liked this can badge speaker, too. I also bought this little button that lets you put celphone charms on your ipod.
... and this... this, my friends is so awesome. It's a "mask your restroom noise" hello kitty flower cel phone charm. Some of the fancy fancy Japanese toilets do this... like ones at Isetan. I can't believe they put this on a cel phone charm. (Actually, I can believe it.)

http://www.printsess.com/ will make charms of your own artwork! How cool! :D

Mysoti does shirts on demand... so I may do some tshirt designs for fun for you guys. Then you can buy if you want and I don't have to deal with the stock. That link there is the fabulous MissMonsterMel's shop.

What a neat shoe seller! They have some shoes that look like elf or fairy shoes! Unfortunately they only go up to US size 10 (even though they do bespoke...)

Zazzle and Keds allow you to do custom printed shoes now! Expect me to utilize this ridiculously at some point.

Also on the shoe front, Apparently Bodyline DOES carry a few shoes that fit size 11. I haven't tried any of them, but some people on the lists have said that their size 27 fits USA size 11.

Qutieland carries two styles of An*tai*na shoes that fit size 11 these cute teaparty-esque shoes and these non-clunky cute boots!. I had no idea! So many of their's don't run in that size that I hadn't checked all their links.


also from Qutieland, I thought Last Country Summer Shadow Blue OP and Last Country Late Night Roses Gothic JSK were lovely! Both look high quality and you can custom order the size.

I really liked this simple grey violin skirt at Innocent World. I've been meaning to make a simple grey skirt for a while... but this makes me want to embroider a violin on it. I also really like Forest Harvest Festival Skirt... which has a lovely 56 cm length and a L size which has 64~83cm waist! I think the print on it is just utterly charming.

BABY Alice and the Pirates is making a new storybook bag soon. I love this idea...! from the side and from the front. They have a Friend Usakumya yukata up for reservation! So cute! Of course, it's not actually "freesize" (translation: it would be too short for me). I also like the new Masquerade Theater OP and JSK. Makes me want to sing Phantom of the Opera songs. In fact, if you look closely, you can see the "Angel of Music's" letter... and the chandelier...! I like the red the best, it's so opulent. I'm trying very hard to resist it. I love Alice and the Pirate's trend lately of doing stories or movie based stuff.

I really wanted the Angelic Pretty Happy Garden skirt in blue... but,... somehow I was able to keep myself from buying it. Lots of people don't like it because it's very Easter-centric (the easter baskets and bunnies,etc...) But I think it's charming. But truly, what I really want is a skirt in blue with a grass field at the bottom with some cute stuff on it... and I really just love how they've been coordinating it. (Some more coordination examples: 1, 2 )
I have some similar fabrics that I STILL haven't made stuff with, so I'm going to suck it up and not buy it in a futile attempt to try and force myself to finally sew some things. Just so busy lately.

AP also made a ridiculous jello-mold hat. I approve of these shenanigans, but wonder what it's made out of! more pics here. I also like their jello-mold rings... but it's too close to something that would be fun to make myself with resin, so I'll pass.
Also love the transparent rainbow buttons and rhinestones on these AP blouses. Doesn't it make you want to get out your bedazzler?


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