Mar. 13th, 2010

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Signed up for Burnley and Trowbridge's 18th century gown class (the 1st zone-front-ish one). That gown type was the next one on my historic list (besides Victorian) and it'll be great to make most of a gown in a weekend and have it draped to me instead of a bought pattern. I have 5 yards of this pink asian floral... hopefully I could use that. (not including petticoat.)

There's a lot of fun floral stuff out for spring! H&M has a new garden collection coming out sporadically until the end of the month. I particularly liked the dress in the picture above, but I think I'd have more fun making something similar myself out of my own fabric choices. (most H&M and F21 dresses are horrifically short on me.) Aren't the pockets FABULOUS? YOU CAN PUT THINGS IN THEM.

Forever 21 and Topshop have some fun spring florals, too! F21 is also having a pretty deep sale and some of the stuff on sale is military coats and vests! Stock up before it goes out of style. lol. (I'm going to be wearing military vests periodically until death, I'm sure.) I also really like all the big bows and fascinators they've had out lately like this big rosette. For $6, it's worth it more to buy it than for me to make one. Great for fancy outfits or for gothic lolita.

... on a side note, I think everyone who has long legs should write F21 and request longer skirts and dresses. I can't be the only person who doesn't want their butt hanging out.

Metamorphose is going to be putting up a Blooming Garden series soon, too. The yellow colorway is so cheerful...! And the black is lovely. Unfortunately, as per usual LATELY, Meta doesn't list the min-max sizes on their garments.

I need a spare pair of glasses. Not sure if I should get these glasses or not. What do you guys think? Normally I wear a less conspicuous mostly rimless pair of a similar shape.

(click for larger)

OMAKE: My first cherry blossom from my baby trees in my yard! This is a weeping white cherry. (snowfountain). And actually, there are some green buds on my double pink cherry, too... so looks like I'll get a couple blossoms this year at least! fun! :)
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weeeell, this is what about a day and a half of work looks like. This is Noriko from From Far Away. (PS, No, I will not be using a wig for this costume... as her hair is longer sometimes. I think I will give myself some epic 80's bangs, though.)
The only thing left is the closure on the front of the red outer gown and Mitch's tunic, both sets of shoes, ... and perhaps some pants for Mitch. I like the Heidi-esque trim I picked for the red dress. It was pretty fabulous, too, that I had enough fabric and wigs lying around that the only thing I bought was the trim, pretty much. (Even those gold triangles are left over from some Utena costume...)
... Pretty happy with the fit of the bodice, I think...? I might use it as a basis for some of the sundresses I've been meaning to make. We'll see. There are a few rough patches.

I think we can be entirely sure that pretty much no one will know who we are. Haha, whatever. From Far Away is a great manga.


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