Mar. 11th, 2010

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Moviegoer stabbed for complaining about rude cellphone usage:,0,5161485,print.story

Really, people?
I'm glad that my husband and I left the theater early the other night when we had someone start cursing at us after we asked him to stop using his cellphone in the theater. Lancaster isn't all that far from us either, not that it matters. (Though it is encouraging that some people came to the victim's aid.) Can you imagine though...? YOU are being RUDE,... you are ruining everyone else's movie experience by talking loud on your cellphone (which is against the rules, but regardless)... and someone *GASP* asks you to stop or keep it down. And instead of feeling ashamed or apologizing... or even being unrighteously mad but keeping it to yourself... instead of all that, you get your two big guy friends to stab the person in the parking lot with a meat thermometer.

I was talking to a friend who works at the gym this morning and she said that sometimes when she asks guys not to drop (and damage) the $300 110 lb weights on the floor, that they get belligerent with her and that only recently did the management back her up to the point that she felt safe even asking them not to do it.

And you know... I expect people to do more than just not stab or punch each other... I expect them to be polite and kind to each other. Seems like a lot to ask for in our current society.
And it gets worse and worse as the polite people are bullied in to keeping quiet and taking it.
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In a foolish effort to start/finish a set of costumes for Mitch and I before the cherry blossoms bloom... I've been sewing at night after work. The main garment for Mitch's From Far Away costume is almost done. Mitch is IMPOSSIBLE to make any type of upper-body garment for. (pants are almost as bad but workable.) I SWEAR. I measured him, fit him several times, and still, his upper back muscles are too mighty for the shirt I made him. I put gussets into the underarm,... but I don't know what else I can do (really too late at this point to do anything, but curious about what to do for future garments). If I made the shoulders farther out it would look dumb. If I make the shirt sleeve wider, it would look dumb. (my only thought is to put a pleat in the center back... but I can't do that with everything... what am I supposed to do?) There must be something that can be done as there are plenty of guys who are larger than Mitch who are fit for clothing. I guess I should probably start taking measurements off his suits...? because they fit him fine. Maybe that would be a better starting point.

And you can ask him not to HULK a shirt all you want. I'll be staring right at him and he'll pull his shoulders forward or over his head or pretend he has a sword... and strain the seams. (Love you, babe...) He's totally split his shirts and pants before. I've overlocked and double stitched the problem areas... I think that's about all I can do at this point.

I feel like I need to take a fitting/muslin class just for how to make stuff for Mitch because, apparently it is entirely different than making things to fit myself.
The obvious solution is for Mitch to never wear shirts, which he's totally fine with, mostly.
But what am I supposed to do when I make him a frock coat or something? OY! DON'T HULK your embroidered frockcoat, Mister!


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