Mar. 5th, 2010

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am preparing a Gallifrey post, but I'd really love to have some video of our skit first... and I don't so...

more sakura watch updates

Feeling very mellow. Going to get some sewing done for sakura season tomorrow... and probably work in my garden a little bit. Obsessing about clematis to order for my yard... Hoping to see some friends.
A friend of mine gave me some of their chrysanthemums and so I put them in my beetle flower vase, they've stayed pretty for a whole week now. and Totoro's back on DVD, doncha know.
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I'd really like to find out more about what a dance, near the fronts, during WWII would have been like.
My grandfather apparently held one in a French club. But what would that have looked like...? I have no idea and I don't know how to find out.
Are there some good movies or books that show this sort of thing? I've tried emailing my local veterans,... but I got no response. I know most people who actually experienced this are very very old now... so I guess I can't really talk to those veterans anymore.
Points for AIRFORCE or NURSE info, or info about what the setups and clubs would have looked like in ITALY and Tunisia (or something similar). <3 I'm really interested in what they wore... like... would nurses have worn their uniforms to a club...? Would they even have had other dresses since they were at war and near the front?
I wanna know what the outside and especially the inside of the planes looked like. Apparently his friends took out the radio or something so that he could squeeze in and go to Italy to see his girlfriend. I want to now how that would have worked/looked.

- EVENING: if I want to make a regency evening gown, is there anything I should know about using Indian saree fabric for it? I've heard some people have done this...? Basically I was hoping to get that sort of white gown with embroidery or ikat look. I'd prefer to be as close to period accurate as is reasonable and still pretty. Any recommendations on where I can buy fabric (doesn't have to be saree,... but something nice for regency) or where I can get appropriate regency-esque Indian fabric and/or saree for not a fortune??

- DAY: if I go with a regency day gown, does anyone have any recs for where I can get some decent fabric for that? I wanted to make a pale green spencer jacket, I think,... for it... so then the gown fabric would need to be pale pink or white. I wanted something soft that has that gauzy weave look of regency gowns.
(SIDENOTE: Am making a Victorian and probably an Robe a l'anglaise before I do regency)

- I usually work on 8 1/2 by 11 paper with markers and pencil.,... typically with no true original since I'm compositing in photoshop. If I do some art shows... will it matter if it's just a print?
If I did a slightly larger format image with COPIC markers and pencil, is that fine for an art show....?
Or should I look into other mediums to do my work? If so, what do you recommend?
I was considering doing pretty much mostly prints because then I can make the marker image larger, and play with it in Photoshop.

- any other suggestions or sites you can hook me up with that would give me better ideas on how to choose, create and display my art for shows?


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