Feb. 25th, 2010

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I hope I'm not getting sick... I've been so so busy lately that it's really starting to catch up with me. My left eyeball keeps twitching... for like 3 days now. AGH. I need to take it easy after this weekend for a bit. (and then ramp up again for socal sakura season, which will probably be around March 13th or so...)

A couple years ago when I interviewed BABY I idly said how I wished that one day they'd do Beauty and the Beast (my favorite fairy tale). This morning I click over to BABY's site and find this. (more here)
(I made two of those for my wedding. (you can see it on the table behind))
Sadly they only really show pics of the black colorway. The black I think you could dress it unloli, pretty easily. And it's interesting that there's a bright blue and black version (very Moitie) and a bright red, offwhite and even a dusty pink! blah... I'm so silly. I still love some other recent BABY prints, too... but I feel like I need to try them on to know for sure. Don't know when I'll have time to go to San Fran.

BABY posted a fabulous new kinda retro dress... doesn't it look like some of the more obscure dresses Momoko wore in Kamikaze Girls? There's something classic and kinda old-school about it, and I love the bow and color.

Metamorphose posted a great classic pink coat recently... haven't seen any more info about it, though.

Angelic Pretty has been posting some really cute pastel casual coordinates lately in their blog. Lately I really like different combinations of pastels in an outfit. Like these coordinates where the blouse is blue, but the dress is pink... (via kyandi) In oldschool lolita, the blouse would always be white or black... now people mix it up more, it's fun! (model Amo is wearing one of mintymix's necklaces!)
Angelic Pretty is also doing new versions ("Special Sets") of Miracle Candy and Wonder Party. The fabric print and dress designs are slightly different from the original release and they come with other items like bows for under the price of a normal JSK, which is pretty cool. Wonder Party is one of my all-time favorite prints... I kinda want the Special Set in sax for it, even though I have a black Wonder Party skirt already (which I won't be selling!)

Forever21: Love this cropped cardigan that tian-shi had. It's totally great for wearing over dresses because it's not too long and the sleeves are perfect! This short sleeve jacket is pretty great, too.

On my personal lolita wardrobe front... I've been doing pretty well refining what I have. For instance, I got this great older Angelic Pretty black ruffled princess skirt used for a great price. What makes it doubly great is that the waist size (default!) is totally big enough for me without any uncomfort at all. Honestly, I don't know if I've EVER seen an Angelic Pretty skirt that fit so easily. Does anyone know the name of this skirt? I think if I'm feeling better next week I'm doing do a casual coordinate with it for work, because it's THAT COMFY.

~Picked up this black ruffle-trim Putumayo coat used... supposedly the sleeves and bust will fit me easily! SHOCKING!
~ FINALLY got a pink Wonder Party teacup purse used.

ANYWAY, lets all sing-a-long Japanese sugar-pop music with Boramir (via laragoth)


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