Feb. 19th, 2010

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If you're a member of the LJ TA comm, you've already seen this, but I thought some of you might be interested.

Takuya Angel is having a pretty big sale right now on instock items. Sakura Sale and Special Monthly Sale. Some items are as much as 50% off, and almost everything except for new items are on sale at least some. Be careful though to make sure the item you want is actually for sale and whether it's in stock. Special order stuff is 10% off, too though. More info on the TA comm here and here

I've wanted something from Takuya Angel since I saw them on my first trip to Japan,... like 5 years ago... and I just sold a bunch of lolita stuff... so I got one of the on sale furisode bustiers and M size blue/pink butterfly wings. *shifty eyes* I really should put a couple of my dolls up for sale though and maybe do a couple commissions to assuage my guilt. hmmm, what else can I sell...

I'm going up to San Fran this weekend for my chi pao fitting (TEAL!) and various other girly activities. Wish me luck, hopefully I won't look like an idiot. <3

please see previous post to suggest fairy tales to me.
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I'm off to San Jose (in a bit) for the weekend, see you!

quick pen sketch.

another of my Marie Bracey Camellia (if you're curious, this is how the bush looks)


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