Feb. 12th, 2010

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I know a lot of people who aren't into lolita fashion read my journal. Sometimes it's hard to explain the fashion... or explain why people like it (other than "it's cute, it's pretty...")

Because really it is in it's purest form an esthetic. And people can add lifestyles and meanings to it but it's about a look, first. USUALLY when mainstream media picks up something, it's just off. But this music video by Paramore really FEELS like lolita. The lead singer is may be wearing Bodyline (a knockoff brand, and I hate ankle socks) but she chose a simple elegant piece, and she looks good in it, and the combined effect of the video (the lighting, the fairytale theme,... even dark fairytale) FEELS like lolita.
Just so I'm not misunderstood... while the themes in this video definitely go with the feel of lolita... I don't think that lolita is -necessarily- an escape ("Because your real life is tragic, You built up a world of magic"), it's something different to different people. (I have nothing to escape, I'm not wearing it as a reaction to men, I'm not trying to be a princess.) Often people try to analyze why girls wear it. I'm not saying that's not interesting,... but sometimes it's just, "because I like it." Thanks to ~ Carousel of Crowns.

(from Spoon March 09)
I've been reading more about Mori Girl style (more and more ... WonderRocket, and mori books on amazon.jp) and Dolly/Antique Doll (grimoire blog (shop)). Overall the style is not something that I'd want to adopt, because bag dresses are NOT flattering on me, nor are all those layers on layers. And I'm not Hagu. But I think parts of it are inspiring. It's not dependent on brand, perfection, or being young/thin. The details and colors and feeling of the clothes as a "big picture" is charming. I could see people taking stuff from Anthropologie, Pink House or even lolita items and wearing them inspired by this style. I really want a faux fur fox stole in brown. :)

Something else I enjoyed reading was this article about COOL MOMS in Japan. Specifically:
"They tend to like costume play. That’s why they have no resistance to have individual sense of fashion. Free and unique fashion styles are created by them, because they prefer to choose fashion items for self-expression."
That's cool, man.

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