Jan. 29th, 2010


Jan. 29th, 2010 11:12 am
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TODAY'S TEA: Fortnum & Mason Earl Grey Classic

So grateful that we're making our storyboarding deadline at work. It's the first major deadline for Futurama show 610. This show has been harder than my previous ones, but it's a great show, I can't wait to see the animatic. So I have a great feeling of relief today... and besides, it's a beautiful day!

I know my sakura trees probably won't bloom this year, but I keep staring at them anyway. This one's the double pink. I've been enjoying going out everyonce in a while in the mornings to check the plants. It's really nice out lately!

I planted a decent sized pink camellia in the front yard in a shady spot and it went into shock for a while and all the buds stopped progressing. But this week it volunteered it's first flower, so I think it's feeling better! This is actually the first bloom I've seen from it at all, because it wasn't blooming when I bought it. I like the flower! It's very intense pink... but it's very cheerful. (It's Marie Bracey Camellia)

This is one of my Madame Alfred Carrieres. I've been going around to all the roses every couple days to check for aphids. (I need to buy some lady bugs). I have to look at the roses pretty close to spot the bugs... and I find myself saying hi to the roses, in particular, the MACs... as "Good morning, Madame!" I'm such a goof. The Madams are definitely larger. I'm hoping they will grow to be big giant monsters and can brave that partial shade spot.
These are two of my mystery roses. They -were- labled, but they were sent to me as mysteries... so they probably aren't what they're labeled as? I'm looking forward to seeing what they are. They seem really happy so far. Belle Storey, one of the ones I got a larger plant of, looks really happy, too. I'm glad I got a couple larger ones, hopefully they'll bloom sooner and I'll have a little more fun this year even though the garden is new. :)
~~~ One of my roses is having a little trouble... I think it's "The Prince"?... anyone know what's wrong with the leaves?

I bought a couple herbs (lemon thyme, two types of sage, chives... um... and something else) and put them in a pot. MMMM CHIVES ON BAKED POTATOES...
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My David Austin Roses came in the mail today! They're actually quite large...! Most of my other mail-order roses were really small. I'm excited to see how well they grow. I'll plant them tomorrow because I DON'T HAVE TO WORK TOMORROW... YESSSSSSS.
The roses in the box: Jude the Obscure, Mortimer Sackler, cl. James Galway, cl. Eden and William Shakespeare 2000. <3


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